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They have worked things out so gays are in schools now. They cannot ban homosexual teachers or students from any school. I have two boys and I don't want them being taught by men who defy the Lord's direct orders and are destined for Hell.

what can I even do anymore to stop this?

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Is homeschooling an option for you? possible getting a tutor that shares the same values

Do homeschooling

Just because you have a homosexual teaching your children doesn’t mean you’re oppressed. Seriously man

user I see where your pain is coming from. I suggest you switch schools and/or try to show them quality content. However, you should remember this from the scripture.
"You are not a judge of the law but a doer".
Don't let it get to your head which'll let Satan in. It's understandable that you hate the act they're committing(which I do as well), but if you let the hate come to where you hate they, you'll lose sight of yourself and let it cloud your head. Just don't let the hatred fill you and cloud your head, and you'll be able to think with a clear and understanding head and the answer shall reveal itself.

Why are they in school in the first place? They should be homeschooled full stop. Please don't tell me you sent them to daycare.

3% of men are homosexual/bisexual. 99% of pedophiles are men. 25-33% of pedophilia victims are male. If you understand the data and you aren't a blithering retard you wouldn't want children anywhere near homosexuals, ever.

But no, upsetting homosexuals is too high of a price to pay for the meager reward of sparing children from being raped. What an enlightened age we live in.

What YOU can do is homeschool, what we can do is wake Christians up to the fact that the state is evil and it would be great if there were something to replace it with.

There was this one case in Christian school that a homosexual teacher teaches young boy (read: grade 1) on how to bugger. I think OP is concerned because even Christian schools cannot even have the rights to choose who should be their teacher for their belief.

Even with those odds, it’s a pretty low chance that those boys would be sexually assaulted, and that gets lowered when you take into consideration the background checks that can potentially lower the odds of a pedophile getting hired. Besides, it’s statistically more likely that op’s kids would be abused by a priest more than by a teacher

If you want I’ll add the numbers in for you

It's fine that they hate the sin which is understandably so. If they start to hate the sinner though(does not mean you cannot call them out for what their being, you can), it would be a block in their mind and stop them from making the most wise decision for their child. Think of back to when you hated somebody(if you did), how did you feel and what were the actions you wanted to take?

not everyone can take 12 years off work to do that

nobody said anything about hating the sinner, would you want a practicing bank robber teaching your kids every day knowing he robs banks on the weekends?

I don't think divorced and remarried women should be allowed to teach either

I assume he is still married to his wife.

The opposite.

Those numbers are a bit old; your numbers stop at 2004, mine begin that year. Although it’s from cbs, they went off of church records:

The majority of the sex abuse victims of wicked priests are boys. So you're really just making my point for me, homosexuals should not be allowed around children, should not be allowed into the priesthood. (They already aren't allowed into the priesthood, but the enforcement of that rule has more or less been abandoned)

I should clarify: The overwhelming majority of the sex abuse victims are boys and teenage males. Between 70-85%.

I was advising op not to based on them judging them on where they will go. Though, I've may have been too hasty in my judgement. Apologies. In their current status then no. If they repent and change their ways, i'd be more open to it. So op should find someone else as things stand. If the man/the school changes then op should consider looking back.
But I agree with you.

It only says they cannot "lie with a man as with a woman" so a lot of the stuff priests do to kids is not actually against the rules of the bible

And thus the mask of the sophist falls away; revealing only smooth formlessness where the human conscience should reside.
Just admit that you're wrong and that society is wrong to prioritize coddling the emotions of homos over protecting our young or go back to reddit where you can find many other like-minded people to pat you on your back for your progress on the road to hell.

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Child molestation is worse than homosexuality. You lay down with a boy and torture his innocence for self gain.

Not according to the bible, i go by the Bible not some guy's feelings. Child molestation is not talked about in the bible at all, homosexuality is and the penalty by God is death

I agree with you on homosexuals not becoming priests, but you shouldn’t completely restrict your kids from homosexuals, just be careful as you should if they were around straight people. And obviously if the gay people start acting inappropriately, get them out of there

Just because something isn’t in the Bible doesn’t mean it’s okay

I wouldn't trust a faggot teaching my kid but I wouldn't call us oppressed.

Matthew 18:6 - But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Mark 9:42 - And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea

Deuteronomy 22:25-27
25 But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. 26 Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor, 27 for the man found the young woman out in the country, and though the betrothed woman screamed, there was no one to rescue her.

Leviticus 18:8-18
8 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s wife; that would dishonor your father.
9 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your sister, either your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, whether she was born in the same home or elsewhere.
10 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter; that would dishonor you.
11 “‘Do not have sexual relations with the daughter of your father’s wife, born to your father; she is your sister.
12 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister; she is your father’s close relative.
13 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, because she is your mother’s close relative.
14 “‘Do not dishonor your father’s brother by approaching his wife to have sexual relations; she is your aunt.
15 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law. She is your son’s wife; do not have relations with her.
16 “‘Do not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife; that would dishonor your brother.
17 “‘Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. Do not have sexual relations with either her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; they are her close relatives. That is wickedness.
18 “‘Do not take your wife’s sister as a rival wife and have sexual relations with her while your wife is living.

Use some common sense user

the first two are about converting a child to another religion, none of the others are about age of consent or age at all. be honest

then what is oppression?

Which believe in me
That believe in me.
They are not about referring to their conversion but about their status and what'll happen to those that offend them so you should put that into consideration.
Don't deny the truth user. Don't deflect it or you'll become a monster.

Why was my post edited to include the first two lines? I appreciate the sentiment, but it shouldn't be done without an edit notice by a mod.

Sorry. Should have thought about putting up a polite sage first.

I don't think you know anything about the community if you're saying this. The non-inappropriate homosexuals wouldn't try to force themselves into holding positions of power in a Catholic school to begin with. Th

Do your kids have a choice between picking the homosexual and non-homosexual ones?

it is oppressive because the majority of them are vindictive activsts who sic their cronies onto others.

Any person teaching children should have their sexual history vetted by a professional body

Op said nothing about his kids going to a Catholic school. And nowadays, with the pope saying about how it’s okay to be gay, I wouldn’t be surprised if a non pedophile gay priest tried to get into a school like that

I’ve been on this board for almost a year now. I know how things work and how people think; I just go against the current of I disagree with it

Having homosexual temptations isn't any more sinful than having any other temptations, but doing what they are tempted to do is indeed a sin, and Francis never said otherwise.

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Any woman who is not a virgin and not married or is divorced should be barred from teaching the young. Schools should get a full sexual history before hiring


Heh. Vetted by a professional body

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