Is burning anything that has God's name on it a sin? Even if what you are burning contains blasphemy

If I were to burn the Talmud or any other blasphemous book would it still be sinful because it contains God's name?

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It's existence offends God, and spreads lies about Him to others, so no.

Nope in fact you are encouraged to for extremely blasphemous or evil books. Also make sure to dump the ashes in a river some of them carry curses.

Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a Talmud just to burn it? If you steal someone else's to burn it, then that's your sin of theft.

Summer is in full swing boys.

Where can someone obtain a talmud? I would assume the ones they sell in book stores are not the ones jewish leaders actually reference.

I was not actually going to buy one, I was just curious

Semi-related question,
I despise the Talmud as Judaism despises the name of Christ. I would buy a Talmud only if I knew it contained the verses which blaspheme Jesus and Mary and advocate for violence and slavery, just so I could have definitive proof for myself and to show others. Would buying a Talmud in such an instance be sinful?

Even if Zig Forums is popular enough to get the summer crowd why would Zig Forums get it out of all boards? It's just retards being retards as usual.

It's got to be online for free somewhere, it's slightly out of copyright. i would be interested in reading some of it just to see what was going on, i am not reading the whole thing though winnie the pooh that

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And unfortunately, Zig Forums is well know enough to have summer crowds. People come to find this super edgy hidden place that's so obscure it doesn't appear in Google search!!!1

Curb your pyromania. If you want to go on a burning rampage, Zig Forums is the place, not Zig Forums. Understand why that book is evil, debunk it's ideas, engage in friendly conversation so other people may come to understand the evil that comes from the Talmud. That's how you may get to "burn" the book in any effective way, instead of just burning physical copies of it.

cringe and bluepilled

Burn the Jewish lies OP

If you want a physical copy, then you can get one on Amazon. If you just want to read it, there are several websites that you can Google. However, if you're going to think anything non-Jews can purchase/download is "muh joo lies", then don't bother ever reading anything ever. It could, after all, be a conspiracy against you.

No, but it would be a tremendous waste of money. Besides, you'd just be giving thousands of dollars to the people you claim to hate so much, which will allow them to print more of the books you hate so much.

How do you know those verses are actually in there and not made up by anti-semites? Do you blindly believe whatever anyone says about Jews if it fits your personal narrative?

If it cost hundreds or thousands of dollars I wouldn't buy it then, and that is a very valid point
There are some proper citations I've seen online, I have reason to believe as such. Also, I am an anti-semite, doesn't mean I'm wrong. And I don't simply blindly believe anything about Jews. Whatever I believe I believe for good reason.

Because we've read them for ourselves, and because nearly all Talmudists acknowledge said verses (yet claim they have nothing to do with Mary or Jesus, but nevertheless acknowledge them). Naturally, you're outraged by this, as we goyim aren't meant to read or even know about your perverted commentaries.
Discussing Judaism is anti-semitic now?
So Evangelicals blindly supporting Israel and Talmudist interests is fine, since it benefits you, but a handful of Christians discussing what they've read in the Talmud on an obscure Catholic rosary-making board is a big no-no? Please stop trying to subvert our board with lies and slander.

The funny thing about snowflakes is they never realize they're a snowflake.

Imagine adhering to a religion that directly opposes the order of the universe. It sounds like you live a very bitter existence. I'd encourage you to repent.

It must be difficult going through life having been educated by Zig Forums.

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begone with you

Come on, really?

I didn't call you a Jew. I implied you're part of a religion that opposes the order of the universe, and you just so happened to assume I meant Judaism. That's awfully anti-semitic of you.

le epic strawman