I really, really dislike this guy and what he's done. I can't pray for him right now. What do

I really, really dislike this guy and what he's done. I can't pray for him right now. What do

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Want me to do it for you?

Pray for the women and girls who have suffered abuse. Pray that due justice is served although knowing the US justice system he's going to the Federal prison in Otisville All I can really tell you

Start by praying for his victims

I've read some allegations that he had torture stations on that island, along with pagan/satanic rituals, it wasn't just a diddling place.

Rich people tend to have occult statues, not always because they believe/practice the occult but because it's artsy and expensive and exotic. Though this guy has ties between cia and møssåd so it would not surprise me if he did practice, but ultimately we don't know.


here's two pictures of a temple on one of the islands, with a state of the pagan god Neptune in front, holding a trident

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There were new pictures showing the inside by peeping through the glass door. There was some sort of scaffolding/ladder and what looked like a mattress on the floor. Hardly a temple aside from it looking like one on the outside. Definitely designed for the sake of symbolism rather than utility. The question is if there's an underground portion to this structure, which I believe there is because there's a door on the side of the hill it's on.

user, understand that this sick bastard has done unspeakable evils because he has allowed himself to fall for the devil's temptations and traps. This is characteristically Jewish, but we must understand that if you've ever committed a mortal sin you know you could be just as evil as he is if you just gave in. That is how you can pray for him, imagine being as wicked and tormented as he. It must be a insight to an eternity in hell.

He also had a dentists chair there at one point.

Appearantly children's teeth contain important stem cells that rich people can use to live a very long life.

he was only going for CIS women, no traps

How old was Mary when she had Jesus? I have always heard mid teens

14-16 probably according to biblical scholars

She was going to get married, so… 16? Probably around that age, that's when women naturally come of age and the age they've gotten married throughout History and across all cultures.
How does this relate to OP's topic?

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le epic troll

Why does it say in the bible rapists have to marry their rape victims? Should he have married the girl?

Read Luke 1:26-38

So the rapist takes responsibility of his actions and provides for the girl and the child in a society where, otherwise, they'd been abandoned.

It says right there the angel just told her she was going to have a baby, nobody asked her permission

I know, he is a terrible person, but he needs your prayers. Pray that God protects him, at least enough so Epstein can spill the beans on his evil child sex trafficking ring. Remember, it takes far more courage to forgive someone than it is to take revenge on them. Think of it as an act of charity on a most undeserving scumbag.

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Simple: you break it you buy it.

affirmative consent btfo

You forgot to read the last line.

Who is this guy?

Ronald Blumpf

Jewstein Goldberg

God just says so, don't ask why

Pray for the grace to be able to pray for him

Whos this guy and what did he do?

If you don't know, don't worry about it. Enjoy your bubble.

Catholic pedo priest?

Not even close. Probable Israeli operative (he's a Jew if it wasn't staggeringly obvious). Engaged in trafficking of children to bribe U.S. politicians into doing what he wanted, such as doing Israel's whim.

Devon Stack (vid related) has a pretty good take on it.

Why would you need to pray for him OP? Do you just sit around praying for everyone you see in the news or is charged with a crime?

must take up a lot of time

Pray without ceasing.

You mean you wouldn't pray for justice? You wouldn't pray that an abhorrent person find a conscious and spill the beans on his fellow sex traffickers?

Come on man

"He who harms a single hair on one of my little ones, it would be best if a millstone was hung about his neck and he was dropped into the sea, yea, it would be better if he had never been born."

no mercy and no prayers for pedophile jews

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You have me convinced that atheists all suffer from dyslexia or dysgraphia.

She was 15, children cannot consent you pervert.

"It's ok officer the child said she wanted it"