Saving someone from another religion

I have a friend who is from India. What is the best way to tell them about Jesus so they won't wind up excluded in the afterlife?

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Historically, it's been done mainly two ways:
-First, make them see they're already Christian. Show them that they already praise God. If they are religious, "spiritual" or whatever, they are more than likely to be already following God in some misguided way. Find out what virtues they exalt in their religion, and see how those same virtues appear in Christianity, either in Jesus or in some saints. That way they can distill the values they find important and live them in a Christian way.
-Secondly, make them see they're adoring idols and that's an obstacle between them and divinity. Again, try to understand how they live their religion, and figure out where their beliefs hold them away from God. Remember that you're not bringing them to your religion, but bringing them to religion. There's only one God. You're helping them improve their relationship with Him, not making them forget their old gods and substitute them for a new one.
For this you'll need a deep, firm understanding of Christianity, both spiritually and intellectually. You'll need quite a decent grasp of philosophy and know about your friend's beliefs and religion. Remember that you're not there to win an argument, nor to score conversion points. You're there to explore, together with your friend, how to get closer to God.
And pray God, pray a lot so he may deliver you from arrogance. Evangelizes often come out as arrogant, people who, in pristine white clothing, come down to the mud where the plebs dwell so they might enlight the rest of humanity with their grace and perfection. It's a big fat trap, and it's really easy to fall into it to some extent.

Lastly, and most importantly, preach by example.

This is what happens when hundreds of years pass and Christendom collectively forgets its minority origins in a multicultural milieu.






someone put a flag on this guy so i can know exactly which kinda heretic he is

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Scientology > Judaism > Hinduism > Islam > Atheism > Whatever I Forgot > Christianity.

Writes with Reddit spacing and, apparently, the dog ate the Shift key of his keyboard

I get the feeling you don't fully understand the religion you claim to profess.

i get the feeling that asking direct answers of you will be like trying to pin down a sky dancer since you've already attempted to deflect my questions with the reddit-spacing meme, but assuming you see your bullet-point responses to my query of 'wat' as sufficient grounding for your claims, i would like to take a closer look at them

< First, make them see they're already Christian.

bearing in mind that you said the historical approach to sharing the Christian faith followed the model you laid out, can you provide examples of when the Apostles or Early Church Fathers addressed unbelievers as if they were already Christian, basing their presupposition on the fact that there are no other gods apart from God

< Show them that they already praise God.

do you have examples of when God accepted worship given to idols as legitimate spirituality?

< If they are religious, "spiritual" or whatever, they are more than likely to be already following God in some misguided way.

this is an interesting one given that you seem to hold that religious sensibility in any form is prompted by the Holy Spirit, how would you characterize a false religion?

< Find out what virtues they exalt in their religion, and see how those same virtues appear in Christianity, either in Jesus or in some saints.

if a religion sees it as a virtue to eat the brains of their enemies so as to gain their spiritual power, in an effort to satiate that universal need for God you speak of, where could we see that more properly modelled for us by Jesus or the saints?

< That way they can distill the values they find important and live them in a Christian way.

not to labor the point, but if i held the practice of cannibalism as one of my most important religious values, how would i go about eating the brains of my enemies in a more Christian way?

is it instead possible that what man might hold as a virtue, may not in fact emanate from God, so allowing a sinful man to pick and choose his mores thence to stamp a facade of Christianity upon them, might not be the best approach if one wants to guide him into the rightful worship done in spirit and truth?

and again, i'd really like to know which branch of christianity you hail from

interesting, care to have a crack at answering any of my questions?

also; which branch of christianity do you adhere to?

you've got your 'greater thans' pointing the wrong way m8

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If the similarity with vid related is anything to go by, Imma guess Catholic.

not slighting you as a phone-poster, but you've got a new unique ID there, user; so i'm not sure which of my two new BFFs i'm speaking with

I don't claim to be either of them, just pointing out that what they're saying sounds oddly familiar to stuff I've heard before.


Also, apologies for the lack of clarity, I can see how my original post is worded ambiguously. I've just been interested in the development of this "hindu-flavored christianity" phenomenon ever since reading pic related.

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Your points would be valid questions if you didn't misunderstand the original post, so I will just expand on what he said ( or at least how I interpreted it )
Natural law is written in the hearts of every man. Someone seeking a higher moral truth (I.e. someone spiritual) already believes in the good God, but does not know His name or know for sure that it is Jesus Christ. We are not talking about occultists, saturn worshippers, etc. What I gathered from the post I agreed with is we are talking about someone who seeks goodness and seeks a relationship with the divine. It's important this person understands there is a God, who is love, and you can have a personal relationship with him. They may not be "Christian" but God created them to have communion with Him. Until you share the gospel with people who are open enough to believe in spirituality, they will continue to worship idols which they think is God. To say otherwise would suggest christianity is alien to mankind. I obviously don't think they should partake in communion or call themselves christians without going through the sacraments, and I would never suggest that.

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Is nobody going to talk about how contra 'extra Ecclesiam nulla salus' this video from a self described catholic is?

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Become educated about their religion. Try to breach their heart using their padagrim. Slowly christpill them and then offer up apologetics. They will see the wrong of their religion themselves. Don't attack their religion directly as an opening, because it just opens up defenses that will be hard to tear down. Let them see themselves why they are wrong once they've come to accept logical parameters borne out of knowing Christ.

Read Acts for a good example. I forgot the exact chapter, but Paul comes to Greeks who have so many gods that they made an altar to the "unknown" god. Paul uses this as an entryway to preaching the one true God, appealing to their existing padagrim of thought.

reminder hindus are not saved

based and Christpilled

this is why religion bothers me. i couldn't give less winnie the poohs about what you personally believe in, but for some reason, they can't keep to themselves. here's a tip: if your friend is already religious, he most likely couldn't care winnie the pooh less about yours. the same goes for anyone. literally anyone. how would you feel if he attempted to convert you to Hinduism? would you feel that you needed to be saved from your current beliefs? no? i'm preaching to the choir here, but still. please be considerate about those around you. thanks.

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also gotta say, the winnie the pooh thing actually got a chuckle out of me. dunno if this is site-wide, but thanks to the implementer

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Lol christiancuck you area so foolish hindis can believe in the ways of jesus and stay hindi. I'm a sikh who converted from catholicisim and jesus spread reverence to Waheguru more than any of our gurus or muhammed or any yogi could ever have.

What you should worry about more is them being atheist. Hindis are notorious for lying about their faith because there are no ramifications and that hindu seems to ridiculous in modern times. Have them respect Waheguru because we're a slave to Him and each slave should know their master especially one who is as great as He.

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I have family members who were not catholic at the times of their deaths but I was too young to save them. It pains me greatly to know they are suffering in hell for all eternity but I have faith in Jesus that they must deserve it

They can be saved by your love. God is love, literally. By loving them sincerely, even when they've left this world, you can bring them a bit closer to God. Pray for their souls, user.

There is no basis in any mainstream branch of Christianity that damned non believers in hell can be 'loved sincerely" out of hell by living people what are you talking about

no salvation required. your friend will come back again after death.

He said they were already in Hell user

what if ur the one who's wrong