Hi. I have never posted here before and just wanted to ask something really quick...

Hi. I have never posted here before and just wanted to ask something really quick. I'm 20 years old and I want to become a nun, but I worry because most of modern nuns seem very liberal. There's even an Italian nun that became like a popstar singer and people think that this is cool, but I find it very sickening. So I want to be a nun in the strictest and more traditional nun order or monastery in the united states, do you guys know some? I can travel, so distance is not a problem. Also, do I need something else to be a nun, or do I just go there? Any help is appreciated.

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Trappists are one of the stricter orders. I'm not sure about in the US but up here New Brunswick and Quebec have both a monastery and convent each for that order. I assume you mean an actual nun or are you also considering being a religious sister? Many people don't differentiate and call both nuns.

God bless you for being brave and wanting to devote your entire being to the LORD. I don't know much about Nun orders, but the Poor Clares in my area are good women that dont do ridiculous stuff like you are worried about in your OP. When I was inducted into the Knights one of the Poor Clares was kind enough to drop off miraculous medals for us 1st degree knights.

Check them out, you might like them:

But no matter which monestary you decide to join, may God always love and be with you, sister.

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That's wonderful, user!
I've never met a nun before to be honest (recent convert to Catholicism), so I can't speak for that. However, religious sisters in my experience are liberal-leaning and care little for tradition.
I really don't know, but hopefully someone else here can be of more help (there's not many women on this board). I'm just happy to see a traditional young woman pursue that vocation. God bless you on your journey!

ICKSP announced first Sisters Adorers house in Wausau, Wisconsin on May 20th.


I also know of Discalced Carmelite Cloister in Alhambra,CA

I would try to find information on their 'vocations' section. You usually can just go from there and get in contact with the vocations director to find out more info. God bless you in your journey and thank you for your prayers!

Good that you're avoiding the "pantsuit" nun crowd. They're spinsters who are basically social workers. I'd recommend what

Suggested (ICKSP)
I believe the SSPX will be reconciled soon (so it seems) so you may want to try their convents as well.
I hope you become a bride of Christ!

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In that case, you should try looking eastward…

Really it down and discern that this is what God wants from you.

FSSP is the most traditional group in full communion they have a Caramelite order.

SSPX is older and might have a few orders but they are sort of in a weird Gray area. with prayers and fasting perhaps one day they will be allowed full communion and the Vatican will be purged of modernist filth.

Stay away from Sedes.

Do I have to be a virgin to be a non or can i just stop having sex?

Thank you very much for the information and the encouragement! God bless you too.

Talking about vocation, I admit I don't have things 100% clear in my head. I came here 5 years ago (my family is from Eastern Europe), and I feel increasingly alienated from everything… I just don't look forward at all in living in this consumerist society, just finding a job that I don't care about to buy things until I get old. Reading about how nuns live, about how they take vows and live humble lives of prayer and manual labor, it seems like such a wonderful life, it fills me with excitement. In the middle age many women became nuns, so I feel like religious vocation is not something for only very specific people, I think God can make it work even for someone like me, that is very naive and have many flaws. I know it can be hard to give up so many things, but I feel like I have to do it.

I'm Roman Catholic.

Hum, I myself am a virgin, but I'm almost 100% sure you don't need to be one.

Try to explore the different orders to see what calls out to you. I believe Benedictines have more of an emphasis on manual labor and self-sufficiency. Check out the Benedictines of Mary, they sing very well and celebrate in the Extraordinary Form every day. Also Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist


Those two both have great albums out, they sound like angels (really wish I could be around that everyday lol)

Monasteries and convents have the duty of hospitality. This means you can go and stay for a week or so (you should make a donation, though, at least enough to cover your expenses). Contact them by email or phone and ask. Staying a bit in one or two different places before making your commitment to one may help you find out what you're seeking the most, and find an order that focuses on that.

Other than that, I've nothing to say, apart for expressing a deep admiration for you, user. May God bless you.

Not just one of the most trad but one of the tastiest too!

I am a single mother with 2 half black kids, can I be a nun? do they have daycare?

You need to examine your life before you start condemning a nun for singing pop songs.

Terrible post. By that reasoning you should yourself abstain from using the internet.

as long as they are not current dependents you can be a catholic nun

I'm not claiming to be a super-conservative holier-than-thou megatrad.

why not? :)

Everyone should abstain from pornography, not only super-conservative holier-than-thou megatrads.

Ignore those posters sister. I don't think you'll get much more out of this thread. Take what the helpful anons have given you, do some research and discernment and speak to your priest, and maybe a visit or retreat to a convent if possible. There is usually a "trial period" with any order where you take Temporary Vows after which you can leave without breaking any commitment if you find it's not the lifestyle you were looking for.

Also, God's peace be with you, OP.

Thanks again, I think that's all the advice I needed to start, I'll just do my own research now. Hopefully I can start the process before the end of the year.

I will probably stop using the internet and watching tv once I start.

Baby steps, but give your self a good head start and replace time you waste on the internet or in front of a TV and substitute it with praying the rosary or other chaplets.

Yes, great idea. I pray the rosary daily, but I'll pray more.

Listen to this, salvation is very easy:

Also, women should bear children, this "vow of chastity" thing is invented

Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect.
1 Corinthians 7
Mat 19:11-12
Jesus Christ was chaste and celibate. They imitate the King, and His mother + foster father.

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This verse has nothing to do with salvation

Mary wasn't chaste. Also Jesus had limited time on earth and had a very important mission, that's why he didn't marry. Of course people could not marry if they don't want to, but God recommended for us in Genesis to multiply and fill the earth.

The problem is that OP thinks she is closer to God just because she will be poor and chaste and obey the roman church, but the truth is she is believing in good works for salvation, not faith alone, and that's a very serious mistake

First off prove it you can't
Second off how dare you

She had sex with Joseph and had more children, you dumb.


um his brother was james, mary birthed james from Josephs semen

No, his "brethren" included James. Brother from another mother, yo.

You do realize St. Joseph had kids long before he was betrothed to Mary, right?

Yes, James was Jesus' brother, but only via marriage as this user (checked) already pointed out. You prots get sadder and sadder every day

Considering you claim to be a Catholic, it’s pretty funny how you don’t know that the Catholic Church teaches that St. Joseph was a virgin. Stop false-flagging.

prot reverse false flagging



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Self own.

Still far more authority than whatever prot nonsense prots spout.

Besides, none of that changes anything in regards to Mary being a perpetual virgin.

Joseph obviously had sex with Mary and had children too, it's not difficult to understand. I don't know why catholics have to complicate everything so much. Mary didn't die a virgin, so it makes the whole nun thing even stranger

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions,: as the heathen do: for they think that they: shall be heard for their much speaking
Matthew 6:7

You have to read the Bible more.


Maybe you should find a husband if you can user, there are a lot of good men who hate the same things that you do about modern society. Of course if you feel that earthly companionship isn’t as important as total submission to the Trinity then I wish you Gods blessing.

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