I have some question about your religion that I bet you can't answer me. and it will destroy all of your faith.
Do you dare enough to discuss with me ?

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Hit us edgelord

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first …Between Light and darkness why you christian like light so much ? and why you hate darkness ?

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You mean literally? Pls elaborate.

you guys keep saying " jesus is light of my life / of the world" god create the world by light etc.

why you always compare yourself with light ?

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This is so beneath contempt and beneath the dignity of any human to answer

No answer ?
then discuss end
I just know you guys have taboo question

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light or dark? tiggers are dark and whites are light

see? WHY you always love to compare yourself with light ?

The world was ignorant before the coming of Christ, they lived in darkness (sin) and the revelation of Jesus is the light that dispersed it. The light is the truth of God, the darkness is ignorance of God and slavery to sin, that's why Jesus says
Light = virtue, truth, godliness
Dark = degeneracy, ignorance, ungodliness, sin
You attain eternal life by following the true way of life, if you live in darkness you are subordinate to sin and are ignorant of the truth.

1 John 1:5-6

but did you really understand the nature of light?
it's law of nature/ of your god
nature of light is it happen from hot energy / friction / the hit between 2 things to create fire / light
you cut woods to burn it / destroy nature to make light / electric / hot air

did you know that ? but darkness never hurt anything like that. Darkness lead to silence
Light lead to the chaos

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This is the edgiest post I've seen on here in years.
Sage for pic related.

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[-] und report

Did you guys know that Star of Bethlehem was a supernova or hypernova occurring in the nearby Andromeda Galaxy

and supernova kill everythings in solar system both good and evil in the same time ?

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Darkness leads to blindness
Luke 6:39
Light is not exclusively caused by chaos. Light comes from the Sun, the Moon, the stars in the sky, candles, and lamps. Jesus can be compared to the light from a candle/lamp,
Mark 4:21

There is no life outside earth, planets and stars are not living creatures.

live in darkness will not make you blind
except you will evolution in to the mole
but shinning light from that sun that can make you blind

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they saw evidence of life on Mars

with same laws around the universe
it's must be life out there fir sure

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Isolation in the dark leads to insanity
You won't "evolve" and adapt to the dark.
Replace darkness with sin and put it in the context of Christianity.

What evidence?

PSA: This is why you don't get yourself into the occult. Not only do you turn into a mindless edgelord, you fry your brain. Pray for OP, maybe someday he will stop acting this way.

said from religion that lead europe into dark age

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This is what it says. Where did you see evidence for life?

Dark Ages happened as a result of the collapse of the Roman Empire, in fact Christianity was the only thing keeping Europe together. The Dark Ages were called so because of the loss of the Roman Empire, Europe was directionless and hopeless without it, the only light in the Darkness was Christianity and it was possibly the only reason the Europeans didn't go back to tribal life like savages.


Nope it's call dark age because if you question about anything you will be kill
and all knowledge from greek are lost

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now stfu

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nice meme
Who is Augustine?

I thought you were supposed to ask a hard question? Isn't that the point of this thread? It seems we have gone off topic.

Who is Augustine?
a neet who learn from greek philosophy and mix it with bible and blame greek for " not my taste"

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Also pls give a source for that pic and tell me what is shown there.

So Greek philosophy was not lost and some was carried on by Augustine. Thomas Aquinas also brought Aristotle to the west.

Follow my post
you will see that light is not great like you think
and more over it's worse than darkness
it's root of chaos and destruction
Fire / explosion / lighting / electric / radiation

yeah by cut only what you like
and say it's the best.
good luck with things that still remain
the enlightenment age can happen from greek relic

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And most greek philosophy was save by muslim

I warn you that this will lead to destruction of your faith
don't blame me ok?

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I have faith the creator of the universe impregnated a teenage middle eastern girl so her child could be blood sacrificed to himself because a lady was told by a snake to eat an apple. The logic is ironclad and nothing you can say will lead me from the TRUTH

Already went over this tho
He combined it with Christianity, why would he emphasise the Greek philosophy over the Christian part? They work together.
Created Freemasonry and led to the current state of our world. New philosophy was created, not necessarily based on Greek thought.

Also, sunlight is a disinfectant while darkness breeds mold and disease. Light always destroys darkness because light is superior. Darkness only prevails in absence of light.
Fire (light) can be used to cook delicious food while dark can cook nothing but breed mold and food related illnesses.

Take all these physical world applications and apply them to the spiritual world and the same applys. Infected with a spiritual disease? Expose your self to the disinfecting light of Jesus Christ and take the breadpill.

In darkness we are lost and blind, unable to know where we are going, but in the light we can see everything and decern where to go. Jesus is the light which allows us to see the dark world for what it truly is and guide us twords the kingdom of heaven.

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lets hear it then lad, does it have something to do with final fantasy?

lol nope
what make you think so ?

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the character your avatarfagging with looks like a final fantasy character is all

Why are you still embarrassing yourself with these childish questions and cringy pictures? Everything you've asked is what a 13 year old would come up with on a boring wednesday afternoon.
How deluded are you if you believe you are the person that's going to destroy 2000 years worth of Christian Apologetics?

it's from Kingdom Hearts series
and here is my confess
I got the ideas of this light and darkness from sci fi novel of Arthur C. Clarke name " The star "

I win debate but I don't feel good at all because I know you guys are good person

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Where? Your question was answered, you have not responded to my last post. What makes you think this?

All hail the High Cringelord OP

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The ALH84001 meteorite, found in Antarctica.
"This rock is considered to be one of the oldest Martian meteorites, proposed to have crystallized from molten rock 4.091 billion years ago.[4] Based on chemical analyses, it is thought to have originated on Mars[5][6] from a period when liquid water existed on the now arid planet's surface.[7][8]"
Analyses of the supposed microfossils shown in the image are controversial.
"Magnetic minerals in Martian meteorite ALH 84001 formed as a result of impact heating and decomposition of carbonate; they were never used as compasses by Martian microorganisms. …
Our studies reveal that the planes of atoms in the Martian magnetites are aligned with atomic planes in the carbonate in which the magnetites are embedded. This shows that the magnetites formed in the rock and not inside microorganisms. …
We think that there is now abundant evidence that most and probably all of the magnetites in ALH 84001 formed because of shock heating of carbonate. Faceted magnetites resembling the supposedly biogenic magnetites are crystallographically oriented in the carbonate lattice and could not have formed inside bacteria. We infer that ALH 84001 magnetites differ from abiogenic terrestrial magnetites because terrestrial carbonates never experienced the unique impact history of ALH 84001. …"

I want to provide my own answer here, one I did not see elsewhere in this thread.

Between light and darkness, light is the only thing that exists. Light is the only thing with an existence that can be positively affirmed. Darkness then is merely a distance from light. Something that's darker than something else is simply more lacking in light. The nature of darkness then is that it is dependent on light unlike light that is a thing unto itself. God compares himself to light all the time and it can be seen that evil doesn't exist, it's just a distance from good. Good can be positively affirmed because God can be positively affirmed as God's nature is that he good and that he is. He just is. There's no such thing as existence without God. To separate the two is to separate water from its wetness.

Why do Christians "obsess" over light so much? Loaded question. Light is all there is.


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Light and darkness are simply metaphorical ways of saying good and bad in the Bible

I also want to say that you yourself OP have confessed that your inspiration for this question came from Kingdom Hearts. You should know that the Kingdom Hearts games are made by Japanese people and the predominant belief in Japan is that of Shinto Buddhism. The Japanese don't believe in an absolute good and evil. They believe that everything has a natural balance. You see this in their most recent game, Kingdom Hearts 3, where the bad guy (I don't know his name, I don't follow the series) is revealed to have actually had good intentions. Always, always, always, the Japanese push for a blurring of the lines between good and evil.

Again though, we Christians believe that God and thus goodness can be positively affirmed. Sin and evil are merely a distance from this absolute good that is God.