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Are there any major denominations of Christian churches that let women have abortions?

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Most big protestant denominations have a schism in which one branch defends abortion, homosexuality, female priests and the other branch doesn't.

My gf had an abortion and we are catholic, she just had to confess and say she was sorry and do some penance and we are all good now.



It's VERY rude to call someone a liar here user. You don't think the church can forgive?

Procuring or abetting an abortion is an act that automatically excommunicates a Catholic, the lackadaisical tone of your post is strong evidence that no such thing happened, what is far more likely is that you are attempting to smear Catholics.

why are you lying?

If you have not already done so, give yourselves over with humility and trust to repentance. The Father of mercies is ready to give you his forgiveness and his peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. - The Gospel of Life, 99

Obvious false flag is obvious.

To expand on this

Presbyterian Church of the USA:

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The Episcopal Church in America

United Methodist Church

United Church of Christ (pic related)
>Made up of Protestant ministers, Jewish rabbis, and (((dissident))) "Catholic" nuns and priests, the Clergy Consultation Service announced their services on May 22, 1967, in an article published on the front page of The New York Times. The group of almost 2,000 religious leaders eventually lobbied for the repeal of abortion laws, challenged Catholic anti-abortion activists, and helped women obtain safe abortions in the United States and abroad.

So yes, OP. Unfortunately there are lots of self professed "Christian" denominations that preach abortion.

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Had an abortion? The Church is here for you.

You cannot be forgiven when you do not show repentance and mock the Sacraments, as the falseflagger did.

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You think expressing sorrow and doing penance is mockery? are you high?

Why are you shifting IDs? Anyways, the post didn't even say that the supposed woman who supposedly had an abortion was sorry, only that she "said she was sorry". It didn't even imply repentance.

You don't know what was in her heart, it's not for you to judge

I'm not judging the woman who probably does not exist, I am judging the tone of your post.

you are judging her not to exist and my only tone is forgiveness through Chirst Jesus and the Catholic Church through pennance

Maybe some heretical prot churchs, because their arrogance allows them to murder babies. good thing prots aren't christian, and neither are you OP. Stop wanting to murder babies.

Christ and the Church will always forgive user, don't be judgmental it's not your place

As this user said:
If you want to be a degenerate you can always become a prottie. Methodism comes to mind.

Unless they come home to Rome and never do it again, sure. But if you keep doing it AND encourage others to do it, you are an unrepentant murderer.

they don't have to go to rome user

If they want to have their sins absolved they do.

not how that works

Actually, it is.

God forgives if one repents.

except no

Except, yes

They forgive people who have abortions all the time without a plane ticket user

One exception doesn't equal prescedent. On top of that, just because a conference of bishops refused to do their job in excommunicating them doesn't mean they didn't perform a sin.

they do it all the time bro, go have an abortion and ask for forgiveness, you don't have to go to rome