Is there a way to have a girl tested by a doctor to ensure she is a virgin? I am staunch about marrying a virgin and I don't want lying to factor in.

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There is no medical test for virginity.

dude, stop.

this is donatism

not exactly true, you cannot prove any girl is a virgin but if she has an intact hymen with only a small opening virginity can be confirmed in those cases.

Also you can test her for the full range of hpv most non virgins have at least one strain

If you can't trust her word, is she really marriage worthy?

Not that I know of, OP. You can expect most Christian women to lie about their partner counts. Anyway, I'd encourage you to spend less time getting blackpilled on Zig Forums and just start dating women in your church community. With any luck, you'll meet a decent lady. That's what I should do tbh, but I keep putting any single Catholic woman my age on a pedestal since I struggle with porn addiction (plus, I only ever see them at Mass, which seems like an inappropriate place to ask someone out).

That's a pretty big "if". For most girls, the hymen is long gone before puberty. Having a hymen or not has nothing to do with sex. A virgin can have no hymen while a "butt slut" can have one fully intact.

What OP needs to do is learn how to actually trust someone. Trust is absolutely essential to sharing a home and raising children together.

Anyone who has masturbated is not a virgin, stop expecting others to have what you dont.

Unchaste =/= non-virgin. Stop being wrong.

what amazingly stupid times in which we live


not how that works
that's not how that works

The hymen is quite fragile enough to break if she bumps on the bike.

A woman who lies about being a virgin is worse than a repented harlot.

My biggest fear is my future wife lying about her virginity.

You have to tread very carefully, for the world is against you. Pic related.

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me too, nothing would be worse

Lol, so untrue about average girl with hymen. My wife was 25 when we married, both virgins. She bled a bit (foreplay helps but nerves sort of undo it), she winced something fierce our first night. My dick is average at best (but its big to her since its the only one shes ever had). Total turnoff seeing her in pain, but i definitely knew she was a virgin (not that i ever doubted, i believed the no hymen-myth thing before that and assumed at 25 she wouldn't have it). After two days she was fine from then on.

Hymens are real. Unless shes a gymnast or some kind of athlete, if she doesn't have one, shes a liar.

Maybe a bike with the seat removed.

I lol'd.

Seriously? That is the worst thing you can think of to happen to you?

Your anecdote is not data.

You're right. Since its a single instance, it datum. However, it comports with a vast common sense belief stretching millenia which billions of humans have found to be true against this new liberal idea of "hurr durr hymens prove nothing because athletes break them sometimes"

Look, if the girls an olympic gymnast or a pro, sure, give her a pass. My wife was way into high school sports, but that wasnt enough to mess up her hymen.


Finding a wife and making a life with her and having and raising children is the most important thing you do on this earth.

Having that be based on a lie by a woman who says she is a virgin but has defied God and then lied about it to trick someone who follows Jesus Christ's rules, then finding out years later what she had done is among the worst things that could happen to a man. I would literally rather lose a limb in a car accident than have that happen