Brit/pol/ #2311: A Daring Synthesis Edition

UK could be set to bask in hottest temperatures for three years as Spanish Plume brings sizzling summer

BMW joins Airbus in Brexit warning

Prince William makes historic visit to Middle East

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Mark Collett's glasses too tbf


Jolly as ever.

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Fresh gasmaskfu

post your favorite sams lads

poor lads

Creator of the EVIL and VILE baby killing AR (AUTOMATIC RACIST) 15 (15 kills per bullet fired), you should be ASHAMED for posting him.

I have no idea what she is saying but I watch all her videos for some reason.

abnay , 'asidu alfurat yabtasim lak min aljana. 'alf alnaeam ealayk waealaa musharakatik

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Saddam go home you're dead

he's not the only dead one itt

Because you have yellow fever.

We need to send the sun back, tbh lads.

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mist is quintisentially Brythonic

I thought we could just lift anchor and sail south.

That is true tbh, but I'm not attracted to her.

Did Hyde finally off himself?


not to my knowledge

best cheese coming through

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No I think he's back to doing what he loves with the new crush5000 stuff.

liked the last one tbh

Here's the video for that lad

Yeah I like Babybels too

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Shukran katheeran jayid, Alhamdulillaah

there is nothing good I can do with this information



Use it on others to incapacitate them.

already know how to do a choke hold, this takes longer but you can do it to yourself

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22st's dating profile

What's wrong with Babybels?



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Japanese qts getting BLACKED

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Big brained

Senegal is like watching a team of unlockable characters.

water bridge

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my great great grandfather drown in these when he was visiting his old tugboat lads and got sucked under a frieghter

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Japan 1 - Wakanda 1

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Best edition we have had in a long time lad.

Who /nopoo/ here?

Fuggin ell. Bet that was satisfying though.

Fuck, how long must that have taken?

Depends on how big his arsehole is, obviously.

Pinprick small, like the tight setting of the garden hose nozzle.

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A long time then. Whereas on the other end of the spectrum, SA, it would take perhaps a single second.

that's some high velocity shit

A brown laser capable of cutting through granite

Super soaker bowels.

I imagine he keeps a plug in, not for any sexual gratification, but because otherwise it would just fall straight out.

Imagine calling the gaffer and explaining to him why he isn't coming to work.
"Just had an epic shite tbh and can't make it in for two weeks. Nearly died"

I try not to imagine him at all tbqh mate.

They probably think it irks a man's ego. The last time a woman told me that, I didn't give a shit, and I ended up in the sack with her that night too.
I didn't return her calls after. I wasn't standing for that lippy nonsense.


That's the feeling after using a squatty potty for the first time.

Hmm, maybe nopoo is worth it


another net benefit

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daily reminder that the jewish porn industry is evil

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Opinion invalidated.

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Not sure if it was posted already, but she is right about getting rid of the EU.

2:1 for Senegal

you lads watch the match earlier? fucking get in there raheem

unironically yes

would unironically let the whole team have a go on my missus if they kept this up

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Nippon strikes back

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Let me guess, you ain't got a missus?

2 - 2

Based Honda sticking it in the chimps.

mfw after Panama game

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1st pic will be shown in political science textbooks in 50 years time

one more please!

How's the family life now?

I would love to see what children 100 years from now are taught about this century.


Is Paul Nuttall even alive?


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That's the oldest halfchan filename i think i've ever seen lad

what happened?

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Bush Poster is older than the internet itself.

not much of an achievement lad


not killing yourself at age 30 seems like an achievement for me lad