Could God have saved us another way?

Was impregnating Mary and having her child be a blood sacrifice to himself the only way humanity could be saved? What if jesus had never been killed?

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Yes. He’s made it clear that only blood can pay for sin, and it stands to reason that only the death of something infinitely perfect can pay for our infinite sins.

Does he need blood to "pay for sin" because that is a rule he is subjected to or because that is something he decided on?

You can ask God if you make it to heaven.

We don't know, it's all part of the beautiful mystery!

That is His nature, pure and simple.

not sure how pure it is to be honest, lots of people wrestle with coming to terms with god's desire for blood sacrifice in the bible

One drop of His Precious Blood would have been enough. He instead chose the most brutal torture in order to show us how much He loves us. It's tragic that the entire world is not on its knees every Good Friday thanking God Almighty.

Yes, God alluded to it all throughout the Old Testament (from the Scapegoat for Abraham to the purification laws). Jesus is the fullfillment of the law and the sacrifice to end all sacrifices.

He could have done it any way, but this was the way He deemed good, right, and best from before all ages.

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Yes, It's called Deification, atonement theories are nutty.

I'm retarded, I didn't answer your question.
The Incarnation indeed was the only way that humanity could be redeemed, through the union of the Divine and human natures in the Divine person of the Logos, the hypostatic union.
But Christ is no sacrifice unto God (watch the video on the previous post), but His sacrifice was indeed necessary so that death might be defeated and we might not rot in Hades for all eternity, research Christus Victor and the Orthodox doctrine of Theosis.

This is one part secular society gets backwards, they always have satanists doing animal sacrifice and blood sacrifice but satan never asks for that in the bible only God

Technically satan did in regards to the various false gods he was able to fool humanity into worshiping (Moloch and burning babies alive comes to mind).

when did satan tell people to worship moloch?

I just mean god directly tells people how to sacrifice animals to him to please him and curry favor in a precise and direct manner, satan never does that but satanists are always depicted as wanting to sacrifice animals for some reason

When said people were in a society worshipping moloch and he whispered "conform"
Just as he does today when people worship whatever idols are present in contemporary society.
It doesn't have to be written in scripture to be true.




As omnipotent being, God could have done anything, and as omniscient being, God knew it would work.

Lots of people are retarded and childish

I wonder how he came to the conclusion that having his son killed and a ritual of drinking his blood would work?

*Clutches pearls*

Read Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The sacrifices in the law was ment to atone for individual sins. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice to end all sacrifices. Thanks to Him we no longer have to kill sheep or doves to appease God. We just have to love Him and listen to His commandments.

I wonder why the omnipotent creator of the universe needed middle eastern people to sacrifice sheep to him. Sounds kind of weird when you think about it. I guess he had no choice and just needed the blood

We need God. It was simply a method for atonement well understood by the cultures of the time.

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