Vain repetitions?

What does "vain repetitions" mean in Matthew 6:7? Some protestants said we shouldn't pray the rosary because of that, but I don't think 'Ave Maria' and 'Pater Noster' are vain repetitions.

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Vain repetitions are prayers said while either a. Not thinking/meditating on spiritual things b. Saying the prayers so others believe you’re pious

The highest of the nine choirs of Angels (Seraphim) adore God with the prayer "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts"–continuously. The original Greek sheds some light as to what it actually means.

The greek word is an onamonapia which is synonymous with the english blah blah blah. St. Paul was talking about literal non-sense words that the heathens would spout when they took their drugs and tripped out.

You wanna know actual "vain repititions"? see pic related and my link related

Yes, the prots got the translation wrong color me suprised

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That meme pic is missing the Star of David present in many prottie churches. Other than that, spot on. The only true Church is the Catholic Church.

I knew I was forgetting something when smithing this meme.

Vain repetition indeed.

Also, OP. Never listen to prots. They don't know what they are talking about. A goldfish can give you more wisdom than a prot.

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This question has already been answered quite well, but I'd like to contribute my own argument. It's very clear that by "vain repetitions" is not meant the repetition of certain memorized prayers, which is taught elsewhere (cf. Matt. 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4, 1 Thess. 5:17), but what describes, since while the Jews themselves have always used memorized prayers, the words in Matt. 6:7 aren't directed against them but against the pagans. Also, Christ himself repeated prayers (cf. Matt. 26:44), so this obviously has nothing to do with things like the Rosary.

This I know Prots are good people at heart but their arguments are always the weakest and are either an misinterpreted peace of scripture, some weird tinfoil hat theory that is not backed up by history or in most cases a combination of both.

Prots forget that their own denomination is usually a schism of a schism of a schism. While the Catholic Church has been the same Church that Peter established in Jerusalem and then relocated to Rome for nearly 2000 years.

We know we are correct because of the grace given to us by God as his faithful who never abandoned his church on earth. Those who teach against her, blasphemy her, and slander her will be cast out.

I'm in complete agreement with everybody in this thread. Though I believe we shouldn't be as harsh to our protestant brothers. Typically people cling tighter to beliefs if criticized than if you were to explain it without the critical tone.

I realize we're all sick and frustrated having to explain the same thing repeatedly.

I have a question, user, that's related to OP's question. Let's say I want to pray the rosary, but it's nighttime and I'm tired. I still pray the rosary, however I don't meditate on the mysteries a whole lot and on the words I'm saying (hail Mary, Our Father). Is that considered vain repitition? Would it have been better if I didn't pray it at all, or was it actually better since I "pushed" through the tiredness and still prayed even though my brain was telling me not to?

Why do Americans ruin everything?

Hi user, I work 3rd shift security and I pray the rosary in my little shack when O have alone time. I get tired when praying the rosary and get pretty big yawns most of the time. The way I see it, it is the devil sending a spirit of sloth to fool you into thinking you are too tired to pray. Powering through it is better than quitting mid rosary or not doing it at all
For the mysteries, read the associated scripture after the Gloria and before the Pater Noster that should help keep it fresh in your mind. During the Ave Marias imagine you are one of the people in the scene and imagine what it would be like to be them at the moment (for example Mary hearing the news from the Angel, or Pontius Pilate during the Scourging, or the Apostles during Pentecost, etc)
As for the prayers, pray them slower, conversation speed. Say them too fast you may end up droning on.

I hope this helps. God love you.

Are you reading the heretical King James Bible?

The words "vain repetitions" is found nowhere in the original Greek. It was explicitly put there to undermine the Catholic tradition.

Pic related is what it actually says. There's no point in asking God for this or for that. God knows what you want, just pray the Lord's prayer and be mindful of the words coming out of your mouth. Speak word by word, sentence by sentence until you incorporate them.

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Yes, user, that's my point. Whenever I try to say the prayers in conversation speed and whenever I try to listen (not hear) to every word coming out of my mouth, I sometimes get sleepy. It's frustrating my dude.


One thing I do when I start to yawn is exhale fast to get it out of the way.

Also, maybe say the rosary in the middle of the day and not the end of the day. That way you have more energy to say it.

“Vain repetitions” in this contex refers to 1 Kings 18 when Elijah debates the pagans who chant the name of Baal for 12 hours straight.

Some prots take this out of context and use it to attack the prayers of the liturgy, not understanding that communal prayer is all over the psalms

They learned it from the Germans

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The greek word rendered "vain repetitions" can be understood to mean "babbling". Something the paganists of the time did (not to mention modern day pentecostals/charismatics) do is speak in nonsense babbling.

1. Repeating isn't necessarily vain. Jesus himself did it, as do the seraphim.

2. Don't get hung up on the "repetitions", when there's a perfectly good "vain" there. Repeating prayers are not vain.

I've taken to praying the rosary every morning, and the yawns don't stop. It's not a boredom thing, I think it a physical reaction because I'm kinda whispering the words

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Play it louder like you're having an actual conversation. It took me a couple weeks to get the yawning to stop and my little Shack, just don't give up hope.

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