Hello Zig Forums I hope you all are doing well...

Hello Zig Forums I hope you all are doing well. This thread is a call to action and a /general/ thread for the Pan Amazon Synod happening in October of 2019.

Christian faithful everywhere are praying the 54 day Novena in hopes that Pope Francis either stops the Pan Amazon Synod or at least prevents it from creating heresy within Holy Mother Church. Believe what you want about Pope Francis good or bad but please help us out in the 54 day Novena. Prayer is a powerful tool that us Christians have and we all need to come together to make sure this upcomming Synod doesn't destroy Our LORD's Church from within.

The attached pdf explains everything about praying a proper novena to our Holy Queen. But here is the TL;DR but please read the PDF

The last thing we as Christians need is to go through what Ancient Israel went through during the days of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. If we want to keep the Church that Jesus gave to us here on earth, I implore…no BEGGING you all to join me and many faithful Christians starting August 15th 2019 in this 54 day Novena with the special intention to protect Holy Mother Church from the Pan Amazon Synod by getting Pope Francis to put an end to it and any heresy it may create.

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The links you provide don't mention anything about the Pan Amazon Synod. If you'd like us to pray with you, then describe what it is and why you oppose it.

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Ahh, I knew I was forgetting some links.
Also, forgive me for assuming you all knew about it already, I could have sworn there was a thread on this a while back here.

Any way, here is the rundown on the Pan Amazon Synod and why it has many christians worried about the future of the Church:
The quick and skinny of it is that German Bishops and Cardinals (on top of other modernists and NGOs) are looking to radically change Holy Mother Church within the upcomming synod. Talk has been floating around that these radical changes include:

Changes like this can lead and push many people astray and away from the Church. This is why others and I are concerned about it. Even if you think it is just paranoia, I still think it would be good to pray the 54 day Novena with us to make sure no heresy gets pushed and changes the Church.

Relevant links:

Vid related explains it better I think. That being said, it just sounds like a continuation of Vatican II, and the visions of Fatima and St Malachy make me doubt there's anything that can be done about it:

Don't underestimate the power of prayer, especially when an army of christian faithful are all petitioning with the Rosary.
If we as faithful Christians do nothing while the hierarchy destroys our LORD's Church from within, than God the Father will take away everything from us like He did to Israel during the times of Jeremiah.

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We were actually discussing holding our own 54 day Novena for better Clergy and a resurrection of Orthodoxy in the Church. In this thread and even getting the Sedes and SSPX user involved.

So far it would involve the addition saying the Oath Against Modernism on the Feast of Saint Pius X and acknowledging the Ember Days. Also several other feasts that take place in the path to day 54.

They pretty much overlap, I personally wouldn't mind seeing multiple rosaries a day for different novenas. The oath against modernism I think would also make a great addition as well.

I will pray with you, OP.

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So, is the Novena for our Nation tied to the Amazon Synod, or is it a general "let's pray for the CC" and you tied them together?

It's ok either way, but be honest.

Honestly I think we should be praying as much as possible right now so if we did two Novenas at once one for the Synod for the Holy Spirit to prevail against Heresy and One for the Reconstruction of the Church that would be more then fine. Or if they picked one or the other that is also fine since the goals are similar.

If people did this I would recommend only doing 1 Set of Mysteries a day for each Novena and not a Complete Rosary on any of them because that is TON of Rosary in one day over 54 days. If you can do it do it though.

I need to do More work and Research but I will list off some Prayers to say along with the 54 Novena on specific Feast Days asking for extra help.

September 6th First Friday Devotion
September 7th First Saturday Devotion

That is all for the moment. I know I missed some. This is not a concrete thing in anyway and missing any, several most or all of these matters but they are good to acknowledge.

We must put in the work now.

I'm going to print this out and show it to my priest and see if he has anything to add.

doesn't matter

Ask him for indulgences 100 years ago we'd get them sweet indulgences for doing this whole thing.

Kidding of course only the Pope could do that.

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Don't be silly, user. They don't just GIVE those away! :^)

We absolutely do need to put in the work. Let your preists and monsignor know and ask if you can make an announcement at the end of mass every week calling for the laity to join in the 54 day Novena.

My priest told me to talk to the secretary about putting something in the bulletin about it and told me to print up a nice looking schedule to hand out. Nice!

Leave us a PDF if you do so we can spread it. And make sure they know the extra curricular stuff posted here is optional and not necessary for the 54 day Novena.

I'll work on it, but it'll take a day or so. Any particular graphics or anything I should use?

Maybe some pictures of Saints, add some quotes by them about the Rosary, I will trust you to trust in the Holy Spirit when you make it. Thanks a ton by the way.

God bless you.

Definitely use the quote from Pope Pius IX, and maybe even this one from Saint Pope Pius X

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Jesus never told priests to be celebate, so maybe it's not a sin if they get married. Perhaps priests being able to marry would open the doors to more normal men considering priesthood as a vocation if he didn't have to to give up having a wife and children for life, maybe less people who think vowing off sex will cure them for their lust for little boys would be enticed….The Holy Mother Church has had a slight problem with this lately, but praise to Jesus and peace be upon him

I'm working on it and trying to put it together. Thank you for your prayers.


Sweetie, allowing them to marry won't suddenly change the fact that there are bad people in the clergy that will only use it as a cover to hide their deep-seed homosexuality.

On top of that even if virtuous men who are already married do end up in the clergy, then you end up having the same problem the Eastern schismatics have. Where the priest has to choose between the well-being of his family vs the spiritual well-being of Jesus' flock.
Or worse

It creates unnecessary conflict they could easily be avoided. If we allow the modernists and the communists in the clergy to change ANYTHING Priestly celibacy, women being barred from the clergy, incorporating any sort of heathenry, etc they will use it as a precedent to change even more (give leftists an inch the will ALWAYS take a mile.) It's bad enough the spirit of VatII changed so much, we don't need it changed even more for the worse.


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remember that part were St. Paul states that a married man is concerned about the world and his wife and a single man is concerned about the Lord?

What secular people and lukewarms don't understand is that, as contraception is sinful, a married priest would probably have something like 4-10 children. It would make it really hard to be both a good head of such a large family and also be a faithful priest, as this user said.

For a discussion free of Papist censorship, join:

Also that part in Akita where Our Lady said the last attack would on the Church would be the Sacrament of marriage.


Based Cardinal Muller at it again

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You do realize he denies transubstantiation and the perpetual virginity of Our Lady? The only cardinals that are worth something are Sarah and Burke.

I was not aware of that. Got any info or sources where Muller says that?