The Powerful Draw of Monasticism

So, what is it? I've seen young people time and time again, men and women alike who are still in their early 20s at best say they want to become monks/nuns. Some of them could barely tie their shoes fromm the looks of it, some converted to Christianity less than a year ago.
What's the draw behind monasticism for the contemporary younger Christian generations, and is there any weight behind that draw, will we see many young people commit to such a hard life without changing the fundementals of it to suit their needs?

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Personally, I think the younger generation see it as an escape from the struggle of real life. Considering all the degeneracy, student debt, stagnating wages, crap job market, and the Internet turning them into hikkis, the community and simpleish living of monks appeals to them. Or maybe they all have autism and the riggid schedule of the monks gives them comfort.
Who knows. Tbh, I have thought about monastic life as well after visiting and praying at a monestary before. Than I met my fiancé. I know God wants me in a vocation. The way I see it, if my future marriage somehow fails pray for me that it doesn't I'll join a monestary or seminary.

But in the mean time, I find learning about family life and serving my community with the Knights gives me the satisfaction I was looking for.

Ultimately, pray for these millennials and zoomers and beyond. Pray that they don't try to run from life but embrace it to the fullest. Pray that no matter what God wants them to do, they say "yes" to Him.

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I don't know where you are "seeing" this. There is a huge shortage of nuns, the average age of a nun is 74, very few people are entering. They used to have a cut off of age 25 for being a nun but now they are letting in women in their 40s who have had kids to make up for the shortage, it's a crisis

I think the "escape" theory has some merit to it… I'm a young convert interested in religious life and this is one attractive element to me, at least. I think that many Christians in our time come from the doomer path, and carry this "the world has nothing for me" mindset into their faith. (I am certainly guilty of this.) Part of it might also be simple reactionary thinking… it's very "boomer" to profess a serious faith and then live like anyone else, not really thinking twice about it. The search for authenticity might lead some people to go more extreme in their faith and practices, almost as it were to repair their mental image of the faith as damaged by the lukewarm. I am guilty of this too.

I'd like to think that at least some part of it is really just the will of God, though.

This. I felt the same draw, but ultimately decided against it because I want to live to the fullest and my happiness in this earthly life would be to have a family of my own so becoming a monk is a no-go for me.

I made it a goal to raise a family, living against the tide of degeneracy and live happily as a testament against all evils of this world (and also as a big middle finger to the worshippers of the devil).

We are tired of the world and its constant distractions. In this age you either find God or go nuts.

Are you a monk?

It's because we live in a world of absolute zero fulfillment, especially in the west. Nobody wants you in the labour market, nobody wants to marry because once you peel back the veneer of how high the stock market is, everyone is barely making ends meet. There is also a mental health crisis, because the last bastion of meaning in the secular west was finding meaning in your work, but nobody wants to hire. Aim too low, and an immigrant is doing it, aim for something average, and there's no-one hiring, and someone else is building a robot to do it.

So in short, the world has little to offer, also women ruined sex by cutting it off from it's spiritual significance, meanwhile the government is "empowering" women by allowing them to cry rape indiscriminately, Men know that they are targeted institutionally by feminists.

So basically, now that we've gotten through the grievance list, what exactly is holding young men in the world? What is stopping them from joining the religious life?

The answer as far as I can tell, is basically just pornography and Wi-Fi

but church attendance is dropping among the young and less people are becoming nuns and monks, not more people, less.

What is going on in this thread

what the heck guys? do you even keep up with what is actually going on?

Not yet.

All right father time it is 2019 not 1989. We know the numbers are declining this wasn't even news worthy 20 years ago.

not from what I can tell by the topic of this thread and the replies

How about some proper punctuation CIA?

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Good. Let the non-traditional orders disappear.

I argue that weak, degenerate men caused this, and women followed suit. If men had not facilitated this by having sex with every women to look their way and by not producing and consuming porn, things might be different. The women share the blame, but men caused this state of affairs.

The younger generations have experienced the full consequences of the modern world and will go to any length to escape its horrors.

Based I'm married too and I've thought for a long time that if something were to happen to my wife I'd almost certainly go to seminary. What more is there to do in life as an unwedded man? At least in the priesthood we will have more influence in trying to rectify the errors of the modern Church.

Christians have to stop pretending that women didn't enter into complete and total rebellion in the middle of the 20th century and continue to this day. It's useless and cowardly to pretend that innocent waman dindu nuffin and it's all men's fault. I was born more than 70 years after women got the vote, almost 50 years after they decided to enter the workforce and start murdering our young in the womb, and I live in the midst of women allowing an endless stream of 3rd worlders to pour into and collect handouts from the country my forefathers built. You say men are to blame? Fine then, but what you are really saying is that every Christian man in the west now has the solemn duty to end democracy at any cost, because that is what is necessary to defeat this rebellion which we are being held accountable for.

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That's exactly what's being said. It is ultimately the man's fault that women are such scumbags these days. It is men who spared them the rod and who granted them their rights. Just as we giveth, we also can taketh. But we do not taketh. When the day comes that we do women will be restored.

Can we cut the crap?
We are both scum.
Trying to solely blame women, or not blaming them, but only because your incel ass thinks they are clinically retarded, and thinks the only solution is his wannabe Saudi-tier opression fantasies is retarded.

The entire modern society is messed up, and needs to be recentered from the ground up, not blaming each other for who bit the apple.

Stop using the enemy's buzzwords.

You're using an ad hominem straight out of feminist rhetoric 101 against your fellow Christian. Not that it's relevant to the discussion at hand, but I'm engaged and far from a virgin.
The gender-based customs of traditional Christian societies were far closer to Saudi Arabia today than they were to secular liberal egalitarianism. Stop using the rhetoric of people who hate you.
Agreed, but among the things which need to be discarded is egalitarianism. Egalitarianism is evil, feminism is not Christian, never was, none of it.

Kek, so stereotypical
Incel was a term invented by their community itself.

And yes, i'm gonna call you an incel, as long as you continue to act like a shrieking feminist, except with the other gender.

Lol, no.
We were patriarchal, without being full retard, like the arabs.

And if you believe the only 2 options in which you can interact with women is limp-wristed soyboy feminist or wahhabi autism, and the second option is the only way you are gonna get some respect, you are a moron.

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12 The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit from the tree, and I ate.”

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rt its bad logos to use enemy rhetoric to insult fellow Christians, even if you are correct in your assessment

i prefer cuck, since celibacy is a good thing even if involuntary, whereas there is no defense for letting another man defile your wife

It's what?
Are you using EMJ's rhetoric again?
Even if you are, you are using the term wrongly, even in the way Jones uses it..

It's not "enemy rhetoric", it's a fair way of viewing things.
And yes, it's supposed to be biting, so people will get their heads out of their asses.

That term has it's own meaning, and certain parts of the Internet turning it into a general term for "loser" has stripped it of any constructive use.

Celibacy is not virtuous if it turns into pure bile for the other sex, just as poverty or meekness isn't worth anything, if you use it as an excuse to sin.

The entire discussion is just arguing over semantics.
Incel, bitter virgin, MRA, MGTOW, you can call it whatever you want, you are still "that guy".

For a discussion free of Papist censorship, join:

No one in this thread is spewing bile towards women, you pounced onto a civil discussion about gender roles in society and started spewing ad hominems and claiming that opposition to egalitarianism is "bile". It's obvious what you are doing. Opposition to feminism is not a sin. Feminism is sin, Christianity is patriarchy. Citing data about the empirical effects of feminism on society is not "spewing bile".
It isn't a fair way of viewing things to state that Christians arguing for a return to the traditional order of gender relations "incels spewing bile with their heads up their asses". It is abundantly clear to any onlooker here which of us is the bad faith actor.

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It was a discussion about monasticism, then this faggot went on a decent explanation on modern society alienates people, only to turn halfway through in a rant on how women are all out to get men.

Then as if clockwork, it turned into some dumb debate on if 100% women's fault for ruining everything forever, only to be countered by poster#2 who thinks it's actually all men's fault, because we don't control women like we live in Gor, again.

And just like it happens every single time, it will turn into a massive circlejerk, you will have the exact same MGTOW arguments repeated every time(the fringe graphs already got pulled out), no one will learn or progress with anything, some well-meaning anons will tell them to chill out, since not all women are the same, the reply will inevitably be "i just want women to stop being whores", and a couple of other dumb things.

It won't be a civil discussion, it will become a thread that turns into a dumpster fire, with the same identical monologues, and be on the front page for 2 weeks, just like it happens every time women somehow get brought up on this board.

i mean, i get what you're saying, but i wish i could find a woman that had the same values as me. Don't get me wrong, i think most men and women have the same secular values, but it's hard seeing even "christian" women yak about feminism and wymyn's liberation and so on. And i'm getting depressed because i don't know any catholic women and don't have any catholic friends. It's all so tiresome.
Do you know a place where i could find like-minded people? church would be the best place right?

This 100%

People realise that modern society is completely devoid of anything good and they seek to escape such things, it does sound comfy to just escape from normies and their culture and live in the mountains somewhere

what are you talking about see:

OP asked about the draw to monasticism, not people actually going into it

Join the Knights of Columbus in your Parish. A lot of men who become knights are already fathers with kids. Stick with the fraternity and impress your brother Knights and I'm sure one of them will let you Court their daughter or granddaughter.

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This literally made no sense, it's just an arrogant virtue-signal that tries to say that you're not at fault for the board's culture, even though you post here, thanks for calling me a faggot though.

God I hope so, please let us end the age of Voltaire.

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For discussion free from Papist censorship, visit:

Please, more buzzwords.

Why do you think i'm calling it out?
So this /r9k/ism won't become embedded in the board's culture.

Something i've found works well for guys like us, both from personal experience, and from a confidence vid i saw, is finding a group that focuses on an helpful activity, for them or others(charity, public speaking, reading, art, etc.), more than on themselves.
Tends to draw more kind and introverted people there(but also a couple of SJW's), and allows you to strike a chat easier.
I actually met a cute, awesome girl in one of those things(a bit shy and geeky, a really sensible soul, loves books and music, super smart, hates what i like to call Instagram culture, and a bit crazy in a good way).
Didn't manage to get into a relationship with her, since she refused, but the whole process was helpful for me, im more confident, find it easier to speak with people, i still talk with her, and the conversations are a joy.