So anons, did you decleared war on /b/ or what?

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It has only been one dude that has been doing it for weeks.

It's God sending you a message

He’s been here for years. He gets bored after a while and goes away for months at a time.

just report and [-] it

I tried reporting but I end up having the gay sex images seared into my mind. I can still vividly remember the face of one of the guys…

It's the summer dude what did you expect

I just saw a few of them but the based mods immediately cleaned it up, where do his IPs originate from?

My guess: Vietnam

Weird, I always thought Bulgaria or something to that effect

He'll tire himself out eventually

Maybe, but I like to think Charle never got over the fact he keeps getting BTFO by us. Either he finally repented or he finally snapped and fully embraced Zeus for the sodomite that he is.

Probably some salty autist who got triggered in one of the threads. The fact the same shit happens periodically makes me wonder if it's some non-religious who wants to debate and either gets banned or destroyed and this being their only way to get justification for essentially wasting their time.

Curious. Can somebody fill me in?

It's a funny story. Charlie is a vietnamese pagan that loved to argue with us. He claimed to worship various gods and warriors, including zeus and a korean general. He believed Jesus was a middle eastern deity and that it was a kike religion and so on. He also believed that homosexuality was to be punished sternly and that we were pushovers. But here's the catch: Zeus had male lovers in his sagas, and everytime we pointed that out he always justified that saying that he was a god and could do everything he wanted. He always changed the gods he worshipped. After zeus he changed into a korean general, a character who appears on fortnite and it went like this:
I said …>This is your god ( pic related fortnite skin )
Someone screencapped this but i don't have the file anymore. He also said that everytime we said we were going to pray for him, he would say "yes, give me more power/energy!" Anyways..to completely obliterate him, we also showed him this said general also had homosexual relationships in his sagas! He didn't respond. The last time i saw him was on the notre dame thread. Hope this clears this out.

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kek, thank you for the good laugh user.


Ahh Charlie, there is a name I haven't seen in awhile.
A part of me misses Charlie, but the other part doesn't. I like to think he finally got over his LARPaganism and moved on with his life.

We have a little bit of Charlie inside all of us…


Probably 'Folk Religion'

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yep, I got banned from /b/2
But it was not me

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