Brit/pol/ #2312: Hope and Salvation Edition

UK could be set to bask in hottest temperatures for three years as Spanish Plume brings sizzling summer

BMW joins Airbus in Brexit warning

Prince William makes historic visit to Middle East

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1st for Nietzsche's "The Last Man"
*nihilism intensifies*

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(Reposting from last thread because I doubt anyone read it)

But even if that does happen, male dignity will be taking a gigantic blow. It's the paradox of the age - should the strong emulate the weak in order to restore balance - and is that even possible? I personally think not, which is why I cringe at a lot of the 'white genocide' stuff (for example); because the very act of framing ourselves as our inferiors frame themselves diminishes us. Ultimately I think the strong (let's face facts - I mean white men) should pull the rug out from all others completely unapologetically, and march to our own rhythm - unconcerned with the affirmation (which we'll never receive anyway) or condemnation (which will never cease anyway) of outsiders.

What is there left to protect?

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Who started this fucking open mouth memi? Normies weren't doing this en masse until about a year ago were they?

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wat tyler is leading the revolt down a dead end road to nowhere, okaythankyou.

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The muskellunge is an awesome predator

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imagine a 14th century joe

tbh it was a dead end road in the end, he fell for the establishments lies and was entrapped by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

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I saw it in photos and did it myself sometimes back in 2010 or so

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Thanks lad

This but unironically

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Who are these people? I definitely recognise the one in the back on the far left. (I feel like a recognise all of them to some extent obviously)

It's been around since 2015 but has definitely become more prolific since then.

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wonder which would win a barracuda or a muskellunge

10 members of extreme right arrested on suspicion of preparing attacks against muslims
The targets of these plans were: radical imams, islamist detainees newly released from prison or veiled women chosen randomly in the street

The search was "Sam Hyde" lmao

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Barracuda I reckon. The ocean is a much tougher place than a lake

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I'm thirty and can't stand boomer anything. Nothing I said smacks of complacency or a misreading of reality. All I'm saying is that people who think white men can start acting like special interest groups and that this will have any positive effect, and that it won't actually have a negative effect are deluding themselves.

yeah muskies are the biggest lads around barracudas have to be around sharks

Seems like a bit of a leap in terms of preferred targets there.

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What do you think lads?

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You pull a soy gun on this cowboy, you better be prepared to use it.

Wait for the French media to only report on the last one.

disgusting, I hate colored women and especially when they paint themselves up, a nice tanned med lass is as dark as I'd like

She's probably like one molecule away from being med.

spicfag fuck off tbh

black pill pigeon

it's not fresh, I just watched it and now I feel depressed

just sharing my misery tbh

The virgin Wat Tyler is nothing compared to the chad Simon de Montfort.

If I were a pirate sailing around the Med capturing wenches to put in my harem, I'd certainly give her plenty of rogerings.

Same shite different video. Honestly prefer even Molyjew to bps now tbh.

There is little hope. Agreed tbh. Still, seriousfag posting can be an interesting break from retardposting.

Put the flag on, Essex.

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bpd specialises in well produced, highly polished doom and gloom


i never actually figured out who spicposter is

Wtf? Does he make videogames or something? He seems sleazy to me, regardless.


Sure the editing's great but as for a "doom and gloom" message, not really anymore. Molyjew churns out more blackpills nowadays which says a lot. Probably bps had to cater to his normalfag audience and hold off on the accelerationism because they couldn't handle it.

Isn't the blonde guy at the back right the literal soyboy who BTFO'd PJW?

Also that bird next to him, I would * inb4 it turns out to be a tranny *

I really didn't enjoy that.

He was alright for a Norman tbh

no more nonsense

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it's just steiner talking to himself

What's with all of these >(1)s

he doesn't really talk about any solutions, he's very fatalistic about it all


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I never figured out who steiner is either

what a hideous little goblin

Who is that old whore?

who are you?

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rioting today

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me, of course

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are you steiner?

Except he does, he almost always includes a hopeful message at the end of his videos.

State lies

She was on QT last week and some lads got to like her milkers

Anyone have Steiner's pig dancing to the LARPagan music?

oh does he? what are his solutions?


is that the fat ginger thot from QT?

oh ok

who are steiner and spic and why are they called these things?

HAHAHAHA ELLAFAGS BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this actually her son kek?

A reversal of the policies that led to the current state of "the West" generally speaking. Can't keep paypigs hooked if you go full accelerationist tbh.

They both look kinda odd. She has slightly weird skin.


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She's a ginger taig

American white women>British white women tbh

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I suppose so. Who else?

Ginger and black is the worst combination.

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I've concluded that there is no such person as spicposter or steiner, and they are just memmies used to confuse the many spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) that read this board

clever thinking lads

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I'm not sure about that

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I met that mutt on Bongo Bongo Land and flew to America to fuck her. It was worth it.


no you didn't you liar

Look at the bottom pic but cover her eyes. Looks like a man with lipstick on

How jubbly are her milkers?

You flew to America to fuck a man?

I met her on club penguin and anal'd her

wait, who is ella?

not that woman that used to do speech coaching or some shit, and dated a turk?

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You anal there tbh m8


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Pro-Brexit lass on a recent QT

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Steiner and pike lad have the right idea
only waifu lasses that are long dead