Brit/pol/ #2313: Lads On Tour Edition

Brexit News for Monday 25 June
Leadsom attacks May's 'unwieldy' and 'impractical' customs plan | Hunt hits back at Airbus

FIFA could punish the FA if England fans sing about Brexit

Beeb can't count


French politician: Our country is being religiously colonised by migrants

Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists In Syria In Bombshell Interview

Saudi Moves Forward With Plan to Turn Qatar Into Island

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how is that fucking possible from even their warped perspective, two year olds like dogs and cats and fire engines and airplanes

Remember when social services tried taking the kids away from that couple that voted for UKIP worked well for getting UKIP a lot of attention why the fuck are they not taking children away from these nonces

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The perils of waifufagism.

another suicide statistic waiting to happen

Eastern Europe is so blessed. They have kept their relatively sane societies while Western Europe slipped into the bottomless pit. Now the conservatives there can point to the slippery slope in the West and the Left won't be able to refute them.

yeah but they've already had to suffer communism

He already looks like he has aids

communism rots the body, liberalism the spirit

cant wait for the civil wars tbh

I dont think liberalism rots the spirit
its just in the liberalist setting its common for the unkindled soul to dissipate into the ether

Communism rots both


People need to start looking it as the "tip of the iceberg" instead of the slipperly slope.

jews are surreal

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Port Posting

Note the Williams.

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they are basically forcing us to be nazis

well hey if that's how they want to play :^)

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They're pushing moderate normies into daftyism.

oh what a shame

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They were henotheists at that point, they still acknowledged the existence of other gods


the madman's done it again

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It destroyed the outward and concrete manifestations of religion but the urge remained fossilized under the surface, ready to be exhumed when the time came.

Liberalism drowns the organic components of religion in irrelevance and gives space only to the liberal tendencies. Before long the church becomes a glorified social club for empty sentimentalism.

cf. Yank born-again Christianity or our own church of the Grenfell Martyrs.

what do gay priests say when you ask them about gayism?

They ask you to stop being so hateful.

I don't know, waht do gay priests say when you ask them about gayism?

They ask if you want to be top or bottom.

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Where are the Skripals?

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I find that Martin SJ a bit sus. Is he for real or is it another HarrysLastStand?

so what went wrong with the Church? how did it get like this?

jewish infiltration

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Harshness, harshness everywhere

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Smh fucking cunts

There won't be any Jews in Britain by 2031.

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URU 1 - 0 RUS

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Here, MSNBC host (((Rob Reiner))) and his missus


when will this fad of "muh wimmun" fucking die

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When do England get to play against a proper team then?

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They say that the New Testament passages have either been "misinterpreted" or weren't divinely inspired in the first place.

belgium, thursday

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If it's anything like 80%+ vodka, it will taste like very sweet almonds.

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no fuck i've got the wrong one,disregard

Very nice.

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The Muslims will do it for us tbh.

URU 2 - 0 RUS

if they're gonna use this bollocks terminology why can't they just use "fellow organism" as a catch all or some shit

Sunni Islam really doesn't have a problem with Jevvs

he said proper team

Muslims and Jews work together to exterminate us.



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The Roman Church has been in decline since Pope Gregory I, called "last bishop of Rome” by Calvin. The decadent Renaissance popes were also quite slack in doctrinal matters too. Pope Sixtus IV allowed anti-Christian Taldmudic writings to be translated from Hebrew into Latin and published in Rome. The Borgias were also quite liberal with regards to the Jews:


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Takes you back don't it?

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theres that conspiracy though that Pope Alexander helped the jews in Italy because they sabotaged the turkish navy in port in Constantinople before one of the turks attempts at naval invasion again


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the sun needs to fuck off back to africa tbh

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ahh a time when dumb whores lay around all day despite making 40k a year in skimpy whore outfits yet still have the boring personality of a prudish spoiled princess

True. Jews were the middlemen for the Muslims during the Islamic conquest of Iberia.

what did they mean by this

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Solstice is passed lad, soon be getting colder

What about my tan lad? The ladies love it!

Orthodox Christians are part of muh evil Russia and they're the most conservative major denomination. If they can get people hating Orthodoxy that will heighten anti-Russian sentiment.

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have you trained your jaw today

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That's what I was thinking tbh, the logo makes fuck-all sense.


You would shit yourself to death tbh.

they're probably just running out of common symbols

Just rewatched Master and Commander
comfy af film tbh

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There has also been a record number of American evangelicals quitting the megachurches and converting to Orthodoxy which is deeply concerning to the usual suspects.

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how hard is it to draw fucking symbols, I could open paint and make a dozen within a minute

just like God intended

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the people with the very least imagination on this planet are corporate executives

this also the west is currently selecting for total conformity and not creativity in its personnel

it's that time again

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Rewatched that the other day, started rewatching Hornblower today want the magnet link?

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