Debating hysterical individuals

Hello all, I recently had a 7v1 (against me) discussion about why same-sex marriage should be outlawed… I attempted to present evidence and tried to cite my source upon them asking (all this amid me being labelled as a "f*cking idiot" and "paedophile" because I am a Catholic)… I asked these people if they wanted me to cite my evidence for a particular claim (which was that homosexuals are much more promiscuous than heterosexuals), they said "yes" and as soon as I began, I was met with yelling and abuse - in essence, they were purposely interjecting and attempting to belittle me due to their strength in numbers. I did not yell nor swear at them once, however they behaved so savagely towards me. I then assume that one of them began to record the encounter as they were urging me to simply 'list' all of my political views. I left the server then soon after returned to see them talking about whether or not they screenshot my profile picture etc…

could I have conducted myself any better in this situation and do you think they're trying to dox me?

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I were hated by everyone on Polish site for hating faggots. Tell them that LGBTQIAPNZ+ are more likely to be pedo, and anal sex is not hygienical
If it is IRC, please tell which channel, I will talk with them
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was on a video game multiplayer server

Matthew 11:15 - He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

They neither have heard nor listened to you nor that was a debate, it was a lynch mob not unlike the crowds who cried out for the release of Barabbas and for the crucifixion of our Lord. Just take it in strides, our Lord healed the sick, raised the dead, and fed the multitudes; and people back then and even now still curse and blaspheme His name and eventually crucified Him. That is how this fallen world and some unrepentant human is.

Also a video game multiplayer server it not an exactly welcoming place for every and all conversations.

What did you use as ammo so that homosexual marriage should be banned, user?

Remember to not cast your pearls before swine.

Such intellect you must possess.

Lmao he didn’t even say that.

Yeah he totes didn't say that …

He literally didn’t say to point it in their face, he said kept on the hip. Exaggeration is a form of lying.

You accuse others of lying while pretending >>823861 this post isn't yours, despite both of you using "lmao" which I've never seen used on this board before.

We have IDs.

And clearly having ID's wasn't enough to stop you from pretending to be two different people.
People never use "lmao" on this board, search through every thread and tell me how many times it's used. For two people to use it in the same thread immediately after each other, with one of them defending the other, is very suspicious.

Go take your meds, you hysterical individual.

Deliberately wearing a gun on your hip to intimidate people from arguing with you is not a sign of intellectual prowess. Using your muscle/firearm vs words is barbaric and beneath any proper Christian. All your guns and muscles are meaningless when compared with the Word of God. But, hey, go ahead and start shooting whenever someone hurts your precious fee-fees.

Heh, I wouldn't bother. Straight away, a large number are going to be contrary just to troll you. Honestly, the best answer is to ridicule their position back if it happens & you really want it engage - countertrolling. There's a reason why historically people found this whole issue rediculous & disgusting. Laugh at them for even think that a manbutt fetish is the same as marriage or that fags aren't massive degenerates that are also into drugs and mostly the victims of pedophiles.

If they start raging about "muh pedo Catholics", I'd point out the later fact - it's an important point that there's a huge, disproportionate amount of pedos in the gay community & they basically "reproduce" via abusing children. No lie, it's disturbingly prevalent (although obviously not all are as bad as that). Assuming you've got a meme folder, just keep some of those redpill infographics about that topic around, so you can copy in some independent sources.

well, because it appeared to be a non-religious crowd, i used secular reasons – that is, the much higher relationship instability as a result of promiscuity and drug use, the outcomes of children in such parenting arrangements (higher rates of mental health issues, higher rates of being forced to engage in sexual acts before the age of 16 etc), and that normalising homosexuality would not only take us down the slippery slope of eroding our traditional morality, but that encouraging homosexuality is actually detrimental to gay people themselves… psychological studies have shown that homosexual individuals who are not out of the closet, so to speak, have notably lower rates of depression and anxiety than those who are the 'out and proud' ones who make it appear like they are not ashamed of their behaviour. It is a great topic to discuss as one need not touch on the religious reasons, which is handy when convincing atheists of the validity of your arguments.

you have assumed well

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congrats in persevering in a demonic encounter. Really all these people are just possessed there is no arguing with em at the end of the day