I think I have demons

I think I have demons.

I hear voices, or they aren't just random voices, but personalities that I can have a dialogue with.

They are purely evil and they hate Christianity. They might for example order me to hide my bible. When I am church they spout derogatory shouts, usually related to sex or feces. This is especially the case when priest blesses the Eucharist.

They are also very concerned with cleanliness, and to them its highly important that I wash my hands often for example. They call me their son, and represent themselves as my mother or father, depending on the occasion. They always active at night, and usually the dialogues are related to paranormal or occult phenomena.

I'm in contact with doctor I see regularly, I have medication I take every day. However I can't get the idea out of my head that they might be demons instead of a medical condition. If it was just my mind, why would the voices, or demons, hate Christianity so much?

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Assuming that you are being oppressed by demons, you have to remember that demons rejected God since they were born. They rejected God and hate God with every fiber of their supernatural being. Though it is ironic because even though they reject God they still end up doing His will.

You see, God is testing you and your faith by permitting this alleged demon to oppress you. God does it to make you more and more holy. Remember that as a human you will always be under threat of Spiritual Warfare from the forces of evil that prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. But just because you are under threat doesn't mean you can't fight back.

God gave us the Holy Rosary to comabt these sort of things. It brings shame to the devil and order to a chaotic mind. It has helped many of us on this board alone and many many more irl (past and present). I know it can help you too. My suggestion, as some random user here on Zig Forums, take your meds and pray the rosary everyday. If you feel an outburst comming instead pray the Our Father and the Ave Maria. You should also consider talking to a catholic priest and ask him some tips to help combat this demonic oppression you face.

Here are some sermons about spiritual warfare that I think would help you.

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And I forgot to add that, yes, I am praying for you OP. God love you
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Thank you for your prayers. The problem with the advice you gave is that I am not Catholic, but protestant, Lutheran to be exact.

I am however interested in either Catholicism or Orthodoxy, I am to convert but haven't made up my mind which is the right one yet. There is an Orthodox parish near where I live but not a Catholic one. I live in Finland so there really is not much Catholicism here. Most Lutheran priests don't take the idea of demons seriously, that is why there is no exorcism in Lutheranism for example. So there really is not a priest I could talk to.


But on a serious note. Have you ever dealt in the occult? Do you know anyone who has practiced the occult, witchcraft or whatever Wicca? Do you know anyone who would want to put a curse on you? Have you ever used an occult item or played an occult or pagan game like Ouija Board or Contacting Ghosts?

If no chances are it is not a possession.

In an odd way it is a good thing you are being attacked because it means the demons REALLY REALLY want to prevent you from being with God. Which in turns implies God has some sort of plan for you.

Go talk to a Catholic Priest though they can give you deliverance prayers specifically for your situation.

I have. Not much but I remember reading about occult literature before I these personalities entered my life.

The first time they contacted me was when I masturbated to a woman I know is into some witchcraft. I head a male voice saying "I finally got you". After that nothing happened but months after I these personalities entered my life.

At the beginning I wasn't even against them. I kind of enjoyed how they made me more confident, good things started to flow into my life etc. I wasn't really religious at that time. I am from a religious family and was still living with my parents at the time, but was more like an atheist.

I party shifted towards Christianity because the demons were constantly talking about occult and supernatural things, so I could no longer be an atheist. I started to read the bible and go to the church, and finally became a Christian. I pray everyday that these demons would leave me, but they won't.

The meds are basically useless, I do eat them because it could be that the materialists are right and its just my brain chemistry playing tricks on my mind.

Well even the Catholic Church will have you mentally examined just as precaution.

Go to a Catholic Priest ASAP and tell them what you just said at least for the peace of mind.

Memes aside

I still know you should pray the Blessed Virgin's rosary. It isn't an act of worship, just merely asking her to pray for you on your behalf, honoring her as the Queen Mother of Israel. Israelites of the Old Testament would come to the Queen to ask her to advocate on their behalf to the King.
1 Kings 2:19
>Then Bethsabee (King Solomon's mother) came to king Solomon, to speak to him for Adonias (a typical Israeli): and the king arose to meet her, and bowed to her, and sat down upon his throne: and a throne was set for the king's mother, and she sat on his right hand.
Emphasis mine. You see the King bows to no one, yet keeps God's command to honor his mother. He bows to her and honors her with her own throne at his right hand. Jesus being a Davidic King made His mother Mary the Queen we can all come to in our time and ask for her help. That is essentially what happens when we pray the rosary. Not only do we read the Gospel we give Jesus' mother the honor one would expect to give to a queen. It's the same veneration an angel that is far older and more superior than her gave her during the Annunciation.
Ask her to pray for you with sincere love so she may keep you close to her King and Son Jesus Christ.

Dangit, Kenneth. I'll pray for you, but I'm still gonna call your dad.

At this point in history (with Baphomet statues in government houses and overt satanism very nearly the religion of the day whatnot) that's basically everyone smh.

Prayer, as user said. A good, disciplined prayer practice DAILY is what will fortify you. That's the best answer, as always. Fight darkness with light. I'd also still ask that you explore more mundane explanations as well - schizophrenia is still a possibility, and it isn't mutually exclusive with demonic attack either.

And yes, joining a Church (ie Ortho or Catholic) which has the full Mass with the Sacraments is important too.

How is your prayer life?

Do you have a spiritual director?

How often are you receiving the Sacraments?

Locutions are a real thing and you should not dialogue or entertain those voices (I'm not suggesting you stop seeing your doctor). Check out the book "Fire Within" if you have a chance as there's a section on Locutions in there.

Also, it may help to say Jesus Prayer or Hail Mary unceasingly in a meditative way if the voices get too loud. Similar to how you pray the Rosary so it keeps a part of your mind focused on a Hail Mary, but you're really contemplating the mysteries of the day or things of God.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 16 Always rejoice. 17 Pray without ceasing. 18 In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all.

One could argue that schizophrenia is a demonic condition. Remember in Mark 5 when Jesus restores the demon possessed man to full sanity? That man had a Legion of demons in him. A Roman Legion is 6000 people. One could argue that the man had 6000 personalities in his fractured mind. Once Jesus commanded they be gone the man's sanity was restored.

Im not saying this as an authority but, imo, it should be considered. There is almost always a spiritual solution to most physical problems.

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It's one thing to look at occult symbolism and think nothing of it (the US dollar bill comes to mind) It is another thing to seek it out, read about it, watch videos on it, and immerse yourself in it.

I have a similar experience with this, I am not sure if I have some sort of OCD or minor demonic possession. When I go to church for mass or prayer, I sometimes get intrusive blasphemous thoughts (I cannot describe), it used to be much worse or at home, thoughts randomly come into my mind about sex or porn which makes me miss out on the Eucharist on alot of sundays because I am not sure I have committed a mortal sin.
This is a unique type of hell.

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They don't do Confession before Mass?

Sadly most, if not all novus ordo parishes don't do confession before mass (even on saturdays!) in my area. I have a traditional FSSP church 2 hours away that do it but they do mass too early in the morning on sundays to get there on time.

Yes and no. The symbols themselves have very little power but Satanist like to put curses on these things and then put them out into the public which. Exorcists actually discuss this fact regularly that they will go on vacation and have to do Exorcisms of places and objects because Satanist and Occultist put curses on things.

Have you talked to a priest about this to see if it actually is considered deliberate consent? Also, to clarify in what conditions it will actually make it mortal when you're encountering those thoughts.

In order for a sin to be mortal, it must meet three conditions:

Mortal sin is a sin of grave matter
Mortal sin is committed with full knowledge of the sinner
Mortal sin is committed with deliberate consent of the sinner

Well, maybe, but best to rule out the natural first, as any exorcist will tell you. Go to a psychiatrist and see what's up. Adopt a prayer discipline for your own benefit and see if it clears up, I know one guy who was demonically oppressed who was cured by baptism. Are you baptized? If you're not, you should get baptized.

take more meds

With this level of saturation by the occult though? Bombarded by it's symbolism on all sides? Advocated openly by authority figures? At this point it's impossible to avoid it if you've got even the slightest spark of curiosity and you aren't already a Christian (or even if you are tbh). I hate sounding like an Evangelical heretic, but if this isn't the Last Days, where we're watching the equivalent of mass demonic possession take place & Satan rule openly, I just don't know what is. I can't "blame" anyone any more for looking at the actual religion of our society (protip: not Christianity) - at least he's here and asking for advice.

Good point. Not mutually exclusive at all, the spiritual affects the physical of course. I just mean that if he's got any obvious family history or a possible physical disorder that can be treated as well it's something to keep in mind. The daily prayer practice is the important thing regardless.

Here's some things that I think you should remember, user
1) the demons cannot legally harm you or torment you if you have no sin attached to you.
2) occult symbols only have meaning if you give it meaning. A total normie can pass by a hallway of occult symbolism, think nothing of it and even outright ignore it, and be completely fine. It only does you harm if you're curious enough to look up what the occult meaning of said symbol is.
As the sayings go
> once you see it you can't unsee it*
* though I must say it does delight me, as a former occultist, to know that through the power of God one can unsee things

No I'm not 100% certain on this specific portion of the teachings, but my educated guess you would have to say that if you are filled with God's grace it would be enough to protect you from said curse if you ever came into contact with the cursed object or the Holy Spirit would guide you and make you steer clear from ever being in contact with said cursed object.

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I have noticed myself included that there are a ton of former Occultists who became Christian GADOLIC and post here.

Cursed objects vary greatly. It depends entirely on how it was cursed and how sinful or into the occult the owner is.

People who have not been baptized can also be cursed. This was actually a major issue in Italy where women were cursing each other’s babys. It has to do with Original Sin.

Realistically even if you are aware of occult meanings of things if you have opened yourself up to Jesus enough and pray a ton you will rarely ever notice issues.

It's schizophrenia. Your brain constructed this theme because of your religious upbringing.

Get behind us Satan!

All psychologists do now is throw pills at problems, and claim the problem is gone because the symptoms are suppressed.
Jesus cast out evil spirits; those beings weren't metaphors.

They may be. It may be the case that all schizophrenia is actually demon possession. You never hear about schizophrenics with voices telling them to be kind and do good things for people.

Just don't do what the voices tell you and follow God to the best of your ability and ask him to show you the truth

I have