How do you cope with the fact that you really are to expect no comfort in this life as a christian...

How do you cope with the fact that you really are to expect no comfort in this life as a christian? The bible states multiple times that if you are not being dragged through a ditch by society and completely broken then you are not living as jesus would have wanted. Your reward is in heaven, not here.

How do you cope with a hellish life and are ignored when you call out for help, even though you know it makes no sense to do so but you are so utterly broken it is a reflex. How do you cope when prayer does not console you, nor does the idea of your reward being in heaven, yet you still go through the motions as best you can to be good even though you are devastated on the inside. You do it because it is right, but you are still miserable. How do you cope? thanks.

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Because that's not my experience at all. Adversity is there to be overcome - look at the Saints that died with a smile amidst the worst tortures. God might not necessarily relieve all the physical issues of this world right now, but they're not particularly important anyway. Faith, Hope & Charity will overcome all. I know it's trite - but pray more & hang in there user.

why is your personal happiness related? there are many happy christians, im merely saying that the bible does not tell you you deserve happiness in this life, if anything it tells you that it is a sign you are too fond of satans temptations.

Read Matthew 6:25-34

You can dwell on your suffering, and the evil in the world, but it won't add a single cubit to your height.
Distract yourself from these things and focus on the mission.

how can you possibly both not pay attention to evil, as well as denounce it?

Learn the laws of nature, user. Death is unavoidable, which makes life a constant struggle. How to deal with this? Constant adaptation to ever changing circumstances to sustain your survival for as long as possible. Remember; life is the most precious gift with endless possibilities to be a creator in a sandbox filled with wonders. Your mission is not to overcome death, but to maintain this ecosystem, so that you can gift it to your offspring.

ok this has nothing to do with what i asked. i am aware of the things you stated.

also everything you said kind of smells like pantheism, i dont consider myself a "creator"

So you gonna swipe procreation under the table? Also, I had no intention to bring any -isms into this, just plain old natural laws.

not sure you even understand what i meant by that, thats ok. if you dont have a basic understand of pantheism vs Christianity thats not something i can really convey in a post.

reproduction is merely a tool for gods creations to deliver further gods creations.

Nah.This ecosystem is self sustaining and everyone capable to create inside it is guilty of the consequences of their actions. No 3rd party involvement necessary, no blame or accomplishments to share.

{1:5} Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations.
God most definitely plays a part in the procreation process.

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just cope

It's not something that's worth thinking about. There is no salvation outside The Church so live that way or we will burn in hell when we die. There is no point in thinking of living some other way. Every day when I receive blessed mass of jesus (peace be upon him) I am thankful for his sacrifice for my sins and the life I GET to live!

OP post relates to me in a personal level. What's the point of suffering for Christ when absolutely nothing changes? You just become a doormat for persecution and get zero retribution and vindication. You pray but the living God is silent and invisible.

Christ sacrifice should be the ultimate triumph over evil but evil is still around is it not? Did people change really? It's still the same thing happening oppression, hate, lies, deceit.

That passage is specifically referring to Jeremiah and Jeremiah alone though.

{1:28} “Be fruitful, and multiply”
That's a demand to do it yourself. So I'm thankful for the tools, but since I have to deal with the consequences of my actions, I'm also not inclined to let someone tailgating on my accomplishments. He did his part now I do mine or how the German saying goes "Ehre wem Ehre gebührt".

right, well i assume nothing will change until the return, in the meantime we are supposed to help spread the word and show people how to save their souls. but still, i am having a hard time coping with the suffering.. mine and others. its too much to bear at times and there is no help in this world it seems.

god sent an angel multiple times to people, and even told of john being born as god commanded it. god is the spark of all creation, he created and creates and will create everything.

honestly i am surprised for a christian board, how many people are fundamentally misunderstanding the most basic concept of the father being the creator of all things…

Those people are new.

Knowing these. First off, anything that this world can throw at you will seem like a holiday at a 5-stars resort on a mountain or a beach compared to hell. Second, God watches over us all, He know which trials we can or cannot endure and He will give us which He know we can endure; and also we have our guardian angels with us to shoulder us when we fell and our Lord carries us when we cannot go on anymore.

Just pretty much grin and take it in burning stride. I have been there, I teetered on the brink of insanity, suicide, etc. I have seen horrible shit and I can still remember the fear and suffering in the eyes of the innocents being hurt; it still haunts me to this day and that is what keep me going, hating and spiting evils of this world. Hate the sin and the temptations that drive people to do horrible shit with passion.

We will all be judged and our Lord have have His retribution which is infinitely far more terrible than what we can imagine. Do not take from Him what is His.

'Allowed' to be around, living on borrowed time. Every seconds that passes draw us closer to the end; the enemy knows this and the people who willingly consort with it know that their ass is grass that is why they are doing overtime just to bring as much down with them just to spite God because misery loves company and they are a miserable bunch. Do not ever them the satisfaction by spreading the Word and save whatever and whoever you can. That is the biggest winnie the pooh you you can give to them.

sorry this makes no sense according to free will, there is no point in free will if he is going to cater a path for us in advance, also people definitely kill themselves because they cant endure sometimes.

i try to

hate is an emotion that has only made things infinitely worse in my experience

It makes sense from a free will perspective. We are still free to act, in fact we are even free to doubt ourselves and believe ourselves incapable of facing our trials, even when it flies directly in the face of God who knows that deep down we're entirely capable of overcoming it. The difficulty is that from our perspective it's hard to see that, life has a way of putting a smokescreen over our senses and detracting our judgement; for this reason it is best to surrender ourselves to God's will and have faith in the face of difficulty, no matter how heinous.

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ok, this has really nothing to do with the thread topic btw.

Depending on what you hate and how. There is a thing called righteous wrath. When you hate sin so much you are wont to suffer it and will talk to anyone, lead by example, anything so that the thing you hate is out of your life (as for the sin itself, we are all fallen human so yes we would still sin despite our best, but it will be kept to very minimum and for every sin we committed we will repent and atone).

Pray for them to be spared hell and pray that any suicidals you will come across in your life, you will have the ability to save them and save them you will. This may be very heretical thought, but I think of people committing suicide, murdered either by daemons and/or human forcing the circumstance. Daemons trick us into believing that everything will be better (for friends, family, etc.) if we spit on Gods greatest gift, life; when all it will do is cause trauma, sadness, another hotbed to beget sins, etc.

Like I said in the earlier post, I have been there and suffered as we all do. Daemons keep telling me even now that I should off myself when I was 12 just to spite everything around me and make the tormentors pay. In reality, the little sociopaths would not give a winnie the pooh and the only devastated party would be my friends and family. I hanged on and so many years later the retribution visited upon them and that place was of an epic proportions. Long story short, a prestigious Christian school gone horribly wrong back then, corruption, drugs, 'extreme bullying' (stabbing, assault and battery, theft, rape, etc.) and everything was swept under the radar and any students calling out on it would get what I got. Years later, shit is exposed and the 'purge' of staffs and boards and the fallout on the perpetrators that followed was a retribution returned seventy-seven fold and so much more.

Yes, sometimes it seem like the bad guys do not just get just desserts, but believe me on this. They living a life that has to be paranoid of anyone because everyone around them is aiming for their chairs, money, etc. It is a punishment in its own right, all the money will not save him. The sociopath that I know is working for UN that is leading an extreme debauchery lifestyle? When all the misdeeds are exposed it will come crushing down like a hammer from heaven on him unless he repent (but afaik, pride and worldly matters which he is obsessed with keeps him from that). I pity his lifestyle and dread the day of reckoning should he not repent, he would become a figurative corpse for the other vultures of a company he keep to feed upon.

It is tough

But the best and only way is to be in constant prayer with God, I think it would also help enormously to have a best friend who is also completely devoted to God "where two or three are gathered in my name so I am there with you"

St. Paul and Silas sang when the were beaten and thrown in jail by the Romans, if they can do this then surely we can too - wageslaving and modern life are shit but probably not much compared to what the early christians went through.

Nah, all this being broken stuff I just don't find to be that way. If people treat you badly after you've converted, then in my experience it means that they were treating you badly all along, and you just didn't realize that they were merely screwing you over and softly manipulating you as far as their own objectives carried them.

The fact that they are then openly hostile after learning of your religion is just simply their admission that they feel as though they lost the control over you that they crave because everyone has issues.

So is it really like this big awful punishment to find yourself getting crucified, dragged through the ditch, and treated like scum? Most people it turns out are a lot nicer than that, yet for the one's that aren't, you really are better off under that cross than being under their gaslight.

Well, just because you don't deserve happiness doesn't mean you won't be happy, happiness comes and goes. And no, succumbing to temptation typically doesn't typically result in happiness, even for those who don't believe in God. Usually it results in feelings of stupidity and depression.

Easily. One must simply always concentrate on the good things. Do you need to have your head constantly swirling with knives and bloody crime scenes to denounce murder? No, nobody broods over unpleasant thoughts that won't help anybody. Imagining killing other people, or being killed isn't going to bring the victim back to life.

The only reason it doesn't change is because people choose not to make it so. God has already pardoned them all if they accept it, but God has nothing to do with people behaving badly.