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Half of EU business leaders cut UK investment over Brexit - survey

Heathrow Airport: 'Where's Boris?' shout opposition MPs

Met Office issues heatwave alert on hottest day of year so far

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First for Based Poles on Newsnight right now

Watching C4 the US Ambassador seems to be really on Brexit and looks like he's being frustrated by his staff




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go for it tbh

First for Yorkshire 'light bites'

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Tim Martin on Newsnight


Because im a miserable cunt who cant even bring myself to flirt with girls that clearly like me

Is it Steven Woolfe's lovechild?


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Mr and Mrs Kurwa, here to save the day

English nationalism outsourced

I feel dirty for eyeing her up on at last week.

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I know, lad - we all know. It's disgusting how they condescend to us about European values, as embodied by an institution which exists beyond the reach and the interests of the European peoples. The jews seem to at least semi-believe that they are benevolent deities attempting to civilise a savage mass.


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*on qt last week.

She deserves curb stomping for this alone tbh.

is the woglet actually hers?
This needs to be confirmed tbh

Maybe she adopted.

taig name
We all know about this one
appeals to wogs
see above

As if that would make it right

Praise Mammon tbh

Good lad

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Might be a nephew or little brother or something

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I just noticed my fag packet doesn't have any details about nicotine or tar content. They are cheap shit fags. Pall Mall. Are they all like that now? Has the battle ceased to discourage smoking?


Chin up lad Ray wouldn't want to see you like this

Thankee lad

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Does it just have the words 'RACE MIX' printed on it?
Piers Morgan destroys an evil sexist

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Thot whinging about getting bashed by a bouncer on C5

I've recently bought a house with a good view of sunsets. I can't wait to move in tbh.

Lad, you're countering your own straw men tbh. The worst people tend to say is that the weather sucks, which is pretty undeniable.

Tune it to

Why would I turn over to that?

wotch the fites

Yanks out

There is nothing more interesting than the English weather.

Love the weather tbh
Scorching weeks like this wouldn't feel special if they were every single day of the year.

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Well maybe Wales is wetter than England.


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You sound like a dangerous radical lad
Let me PREVENT you

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Beautiful, lad.
Love our coastline.

Something like 40% of British men have red beards. My theory is, that the fact that Muslim's grow beards is inflating the perceived numbers of ginger Muslim converts (most are probably only red bearded).

Again - no one fucking says it's boring. Who the hell do you know that talks down the British countryside?

they're only interested in London

Just ordered Edith Hamilton - Mythology. Anyone read it?

Been watching a programme on BBC2 lads, scary how you can get charged for murder and go to prison for 15 years when the case doesn't even add up

tbh lad I grew up in London and pretty much every cunt there would slag off the countryside to no end.
Most had literally never left the M25.

You can get double time for being mean on Twitter.


Good night chaps! I want to wake up early and do my gym routine.

Did they sing the praises of Greece and Spain? City folk are just subhuman hyper-normie degenerates tbh. Anything meaningful or inspiring is beyond their ken.


night lad, good luck getting those gains

Pretty much.
To a lot of Londoners, the rest of the country is just a giant shithole, which they 'jokingly' mock, but in reality just dislike to an intense degree. The farthest they ever get beyond the city is Gatwick.

How can any Londoner look down on anything? It's a grey, depressing, foreigner-filled, crime-addled hellscape. There's literally nothing about London that inspires the human soul which isn't actually a relic of a more bigoted and evil age (when people had taste, common sense and pride). As far as I'm aware, most of the people who aspire to live in London are retarded students from the eastern bloc and native coke-fiends who fancy running a call centre, rather than just working in one. London could burn and far more would be gained than lost (certainly as far as human dignity is concerned).

I have never seen that word used like before, only as a Scots word.

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They don't know they have no clothes

didn't mean to include that embed. hate it when Zig Forums does that

The thing is, it does still attract people. They are generally cunts and morons, though as I've already said.

It just means understanding.

I thought it was just an obscure Scots word, not an actual English word.

Some give me the quick rundown of why I don't like Mandella. He's paraded around by lefties which tells me he's probably a shit.

literal terrorist


Lad, Londoners know London is a shit hole, they don't like it either

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Lad he's literally the latest incarnation of buddha, responsible for bring peace to the beautiful rainbow nation, and through his legacy eventually the world.

What did he do

I'm a brainlet help me

Anti-white, black marxist and terrorist responsible for many necklacings.

that's all well and good but lefties will say he was just fighting for his country

How do I put that argument to bed?

They're quickly becoming the new Sweden tbh.

You don't. Instead you go out for drinks with the rest of the lads from GCHQ.


Chill out Joe


All fags these days are the shit off the floor of the tobacco factories.

The best thing to do to get yourself healthier is to quit. Make that the first step.

fuck off bins

what do they do with the stuff that isn't on the floor then?

Shout at it.

I have never looked into that particular period of history in that much depth. I know vaguely that he fought against us but I don't know much about specific events.

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and look where that got South Africa, it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and both whites and blacks live in worse conditions, blacks even more so because the divide has WIDENED. Mandela like every other modern day black "leader" was a traitor to his people and a sell out to the kikes.

Marcus Garvey was the only black leader worthy of respect.

it gets used too, eventually. Most cigarettes are crammed with tar paper and poor quality goods.

I have a mate who's pretty left leaning and he's got family in SA. It's bizarre because he one the one hand tells me how much of a dump it is and how unsafe parts are but on the other hand he's a full blown civic, egalitarian.

What did he mean by this?

Fug, I misinterpreted this initially. The other was breaking down negative opinion of multiculturalism into their opinion of London. They don't have the full figures for it smh, just these shitty diagrams

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Here's hoping he gets enriched.

Dave is a good lad

He took the nip pill.

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we have 30,000 child gang members and the bbc does a documentary on bourgioise lasses wearing strapons

I think it's a comedy skit lads
I know it's hard to tell becuase it isnt funny but still

Cool lad