Catholic Charities

Does anyone have a list of Catholic charities that are of traditionalist virtue( E.g. NOT Pro LGBT/modernist) I would like to give more to charity, but don't want to support "charities" that go against the values of Christianity. Can you help a brother out?

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You could just give money to the Roman Catholic Church, that would help save the most souls tbh and do the most good. There is no salvation outside the Church and they are hurting for money

i'm afraid they will go to the LGBT garbage. It terrifies me the idea of supporting sin. How can I guarantee my money won't go on to support heresy


what makes you think your donation to the RCC is going to go to lgbt stuff? you have been watching too much tv user

jesuits are pretty liberal, right? I heard that but not sure if true. Is it? If I'm mistaken tell me so. If they are do they get money from Vatican?

support a local traditionalist parish, this way you know where your money is going

I will do so : D

What a strange post. Do you refuse to put money in the collection?

This is more confusing, the money is still going to the Church either way.

I haven't become catholic yet and I want to know what I should do. I also want to be baptized and go through RCIA. I want to go through some hurdles before i commit. I'm very knowledgeable on this aspect of catholic life. (I'm new to this) please give me respite as I find my bearings

I want to support TLM but the nearest is a few towns away and I wish to serve. I called my local church but they have yet to respond. I know my local churches have someā€¦ repute in my area, and not the good kind

So, basically, you don't want to join the Church. You want to join a church that fits your personal needs. May as well be protestant.

I think the first thing you should do is visit a few different Catholic Churches in your area, I'm sure at least one of them will be good.

What? NO NO NO! I'm just confused about stuff that's all. I WANT to be Catholic. I want to understand a few things.

My local Catholic churches have scared off people to other prot churches. I think the ministers have not always been the best.
I have a co worker who is 70. Life long Catholic and decided to join Luther. I thought of joining and met them there. Plus her (grand?)daughter my age joined Luther too. : /

Very nice attractive girl her daughter is. I wish they would begome DD:

The Knights of Columbus does

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I was thinking of joining them. Very good organization. But also, excellent health insurance I've heard. Good if I have kids, since I'm a sperg. But I don't let that get in the way of my faith.

You have to be Catholic to join the KoC.

I said I want to be Catholic. I need to go through the process

Save up your money for your wife and children. Give to charity once they're grown. Outside of that, 10% to your chosen parish, if you can.
Also, calm down.

That and their charities help out lots of people every day. They do have life insurance, but im not sure about health insurance.

God bless you on your spiritual pilgrimage, user. When you get confirmed you are always welcome in the brotherhood. The volunteering at church is really fullfilling.

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bless you too!

I will have kids hopefully. Need to go through the process of RCIA