I recall in the 90's pastors were saying to not play Doom and similar games because they were filled with satanic...

I recall in the 90's pastors were saying to not play Doom and similar games because they were filled with satanic imagery. That's true, but so what? The objective is to destroy demons and battle your way through the abominations of a hell planet that human pride and ignorance has created somehow.

I booted up some old school FPS games and still don't see anything wrong with them.

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Remember, the time you waste on vidya could be spent praying or volunteering.
Even St. Paul said to be constantly praying.

It's a lot easier to pick on kids and their vidya games than it is to take on the Luciferian forces that dominate the secular powers of the world. A mixture of cowardice and naivete. Boomers being boomers.

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Isn't killing demons a form of prayer? Even if they are only virtual.

It isn't.
You aren't killing demons, you are using pixels to shoot other pixels. You sit around doing nothing constructive and call it prayer? Come in man. You know better.
You want to slay real demons? Join the clergy and become an excorcist. Prayer is our weapon agianst evil. I suggest you start doing it more often.

This. Boomers killed Christianity.

The "boomers" are trying to get you to stop wasting your time so you can help them put and end to abortion. Instead of helping you sit around and do nothing.

Remember, faith without works is DEAD.

So you're saying people can't have any hobbies for fun or relaxation?
Gonna go with a big fat Nope to that chief.

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Nice strawman, but thats not what I said.

It's exactly what you said: " Instead of helping you sit around and do nothing. "

Because there are those that literally do nothing all day but play vidya. Instead going out and helping their community they do nothing. Instead of praying constantly like the Bible tells us to, they do nothing and encourage others to do nothing. Time is our biggest depreciateing asset and such a shame to waste. You can get relaxation when you sleep/get to heaven. Lukewarmness will not help you or anyone.

Also, you can relax with prayer.

There's a time for fun and a time for war, a time for chilling and a time for stressing.

1 Thessalonians
{5:16} Always rejoice.
{5:17} Pray without ceasing.

Waste of time in a fantasy land while real predators are preying on you, social conditioning of the youth to violence and idolatry, glorification of weaponry and violence as rewards for passive behavior, audio-visual corruption, promotion of anti-social behavior, grooming into media addiction, conditioning into becoming a mindless slave for hedonistic materialism (capitalism), and whatever kind of talmudic underlying messaging they were hiding in the product.

That being said; as it is with all temptations…it's always about the balance. See the truth, speak the truth, and don't fall for the deceptions. Now back to slaying Imps, user.

Tbh, I worry of Doom Eternal. Looks like their evolving the story to involve killing "angels"/their interpretation of heavenly beings rather than sticking to killing demons.

I suppose there was always a worry such as this. Investing in things that ultimately will let you down.

Nobody tell this user that demons in Christianity are fallen angels that retain much of their superhuman intelligence and strength.

Violence is the issue. However the violence in Doom is not gonna cause you to sin since it is so over the top and ridiculous. At worst the sin comes from not offering proper attention to God.

Satanic imagery can be an issue but it is not glorifying it in anyway and portrays it as evil.


Bro,posting here is a waste of time. Most of the reason why I'm here is so I know when and where the next sperg will wanna kill

I don't think you understand that passage.

Praying without ceasing is always keeping God in your mind, being thankful to Him, praising Him, asking His indulgence and forgiveness, and contemplating His will. If someone thinks they can play video games while also being holy, you can't judge them because you don't know their heart.

I agree with you, OP. I don't play video games all that much, but as long as Good is presented as Good and Evil is presented as Evil, I'm okay with any media. For instance, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Hannibal focus on evil people doing evil things, but they (as well as the people around them) suffer for it. The things they do aren't glorified and twisted into "the right thing." They are despicable people who get what's coming to them.

Contrast that with shows like Modern Family, Blackish, Lucifer, or any of the other programs that intentionally obfuscate morality and turn it on its head for the promotion of evil.

We're talking about how boomers in the 90s thought that video games were satanic, not whether or not gaming is a waste of time.

1 Corinthians

When was the last time Doom guy praised Jesus or said a prayer? In a sense the "boomers" are right. It glorifies violence instead of glorifying God. Desensitizing children to violence is very much satanic. Not even getting into bombarding their vision with pictures like pic related.

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Are you even trying? Come on man.
Can you? When was the last time you said an Our Father while focusing on shooting demons/robots/enemy ai/other players? Either your pray will be said in vain or you will not be able to focus on shooting things

And you say the Our Father constantly all through the day? I don't believe you.
This is between the lad and God and you should remove the beam from your eye.

Jesus pray my dude.
Jesus prayer all day every day.

It is still a net negative because it teaches people they can overcome sin and demons without God which is completely untrue.

You should be very discerning if you play video games. Creators are influenced by the malevolent to not only include themes that deceive you but also occult symbology and imagery trying to pass it as just cool props.

You don't even bat an eyelid when you summon an unclean spirit like ifrit in final fantasy.

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Apparently no one told you that we're talking about a video game with it's own lore and not actual Christianity. Try to pay closer attention next time.

According to the background information, doomguy is a Catholic.

Correct. It's a game. Well done.

Shut up, Boomer.

I'll pray for you, child. Maybe one day you will grow up.

Reminder that a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped designed the game (the old one).

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Is this the modern day equivalent to, "Why are you reading those books when you could be reading the Bible?" Games are entertainment, nothing more. As long as they don't encourage sinful behavior I don't see why you should avoid them. Just like other media they can even use their narrative to encourage introspection.

Prayer is important, but having hobbies that make you happy is too. Not enjoying the life God has gifted you is a sin in itself.

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Mormons will always be irrelevant.