What would god think of racism and immigration...

What would god think of racism and immigration? Like I hear some Zig Forums guys say they wanna become Christian every now and then, but weren't we all made equal in the eyes of god?

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How about you read the book and find out.

The last time all the races decided to come together and do something, they created the Tower of Babel, and God cast them asunder. God made the races, and it defies his order to mix them and jumble them. And while racemixing isn't a sin, it most certainly is a bad idea.

God would think racism is stupid. It goes against Jesus's second greatest commandment of loving Thy Neighbor
They inhabit the same earth as you and were made by the same God as you. Zig Forumsacks can kevetch all they want, but non-whites are still their neighbors.

True, true. In spite of racial differences between whites and say, blacks or Jews, they are still human, and we are called to love them as Christians. There's a divinely ordained balance to it all.

And to you I say, Amen.

I just want Rome to take responsibility for its pet Aztecs.

Racism is wrong. Illegal immigration is wrong. Love your neighbor. Doesn't matter if they are evil, stupid, violent, black, white, man, woman, slave, free, etc. But at the same time, God intends for us to observe the laws of the land insofar as they do not conflict with the moral law. Remember that Paul sent Philemon's slave back to him with the hope that Philemon would do the right thing and welcome him as a brother in Christ, but it was still very much necessary for the slave to return back in humility to subjugation.

Being equal in the eyes of God and being equal in the eyes of one another are very differeng. We are called to respect our father and mother and our closest kin in kind, this is more important than kindness to the foreigner. A good man saves up for his children up to the third generation, Judas Iscariot says give everything to the poor right now.
Regardless, the Church today (in the farthest reaching sense) is full of leftist heretics. Rightwing heretics are the least of our worries.

Remember that time God got so sick of disunited humanity all going different directions, that he changed their many languages into one so they'd all start coming together and acting the same?

That part was awesome.

No good Christian would support any racism.


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If Galatians 3:28 is saying that race/ethnos isn't a reality, then Paul was a transgender rights activist and pro-slavery.
This is the same Paul who wrote that women ought to cover their hair and shut up when in church. Paul was not a feminist, clearly, so don't try to distort him into an anti-racism activist either.

"Racism" is a concept foreign to Christianity. Peoples are biologically distinct, with varying capabilities and talents, and what modern people call "racism" is essentially just pattern recognition and in-group bias. The concept of "racism" is a tool invented by social engineers to demoralize and disarm European-descended peoples.

If someone believes they're superior to other races and discriminates against other races, what would you call this person?

What I should have said here is 'What would you call this behaviour?'

The result of the Tower of Babel was the splitting of languages so that people couldn't understand each other. So, by your logic, does that mean learning a second language is a sin?

What do you mean by racism? I don't think there's a problem in acknowledging some differences between races or opposing mass immigration, but being gratuitously hostile to people of other races, advocating your race/ethnicity is superior to all others or obsessing over racial purity (like whining about interracial marriages) are cerrainly not OK.

The Dutch are taller than the Chinese. There are tall Chinese men, there are short Dutch men. If a Dutch man believes he is taller than the Chinese, is he wrong? It depends on the man's height, doesn't it?
Discrimination is not, in and of itself, a sin. Everything we do is based on discrimination. You get out of bed because you have decided it is better to be out of bed than in bed. You stop at the red light because you are discriminating between pressing the gas pedal and the brake pedal.
In short, you haven't given me enough information to be able to call this fictitious man anything at all.

You're pretending racism doesn't exist. Go over to Zig Forums and ask them what they think of African's and how they should be treated.

South African Blacks have made it abundantly clear how South African Whites are to be treated, yet strangely, people don't call them racist. Don't you wonder why that is? Isn't it a bit strange that racism is a term applied almost exclusively to Whites?

People of every race can be racist, extreme leftists might not call them racist but that doesn't mean they're not racist.

Historically speaking, christianity has shown support for both multi-national empires, and been super fine with extremely patriotic countries.
They have condemned internationalist communism, as well as the retarded parts of nazism.

So no, you can be against immigration without being racist.
We know racism is a sin because Moses's siblings got bleached with leprosy for talking crap about Moses's Cushite wife, and had to repent for it before they got healed.


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You misinterpret so many things it's unbelievable.

Educate yourself and stop using the Bible to justify your pol crap.

And the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentacost giving the Apostles the gift of tounges was a way to unite the different races and nations to Christ's church. Hence why it is easy to learn different languages now.

realistically individual immigrants don't matter and never will, mass immigration is demonic because it destroys the diversity of nations and races that God created (remember the tower of Babel)
likewise not wanting your race to be genocided is not racist, unlike what the ((((individuals))) who run the EU would like you to believe

Make an argument, you can't just say people are wrong and then call it a day.
Controlling your borders is not "harming immigrants". If it were, Christians would be anarchists.

If God thought that then why did he make the line of Kings, including Jesus, come from Race Mixing ? (Ruth, the matriarch of the line, was from a non Israelite tribe)

Clearly God was sending the message that mixing with outsiders is a good thing.

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