Brit/pol/ #2315: Sparrow Edition

EU Withdrawal Act given Royal Assent

Brexit comes a step closer as Speaker John Bercow announces that the Queen has formally signed May’s flagship EU Withdrawal Bill into law

Snowflakes protest veterans charity screening of ‘racist’ classic British film Zulu, starring Michael Caine, in Kent

Brexit News for Tuesday 26 June
May plans to lobby EU27 leaders directly

Hot temperatures in the UK expected to last until the weekend

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How do we stop Cambodia interfering in the Albanian elections?

I'll shove that fucking h up your arse.

nth for any lads here who play naval action

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The only VN I've ever actually enjoyed was Katawa Shoujo tbh

Rin > everyone else

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kek come get me

Bloons Tower Defense

nos canisters tower defense

Sargon is a fucking retard too, repeating alt-right jokes and words. And calling people niggers

How is he anything but a liability? Sargon actually said he WANTS to go on TV. Can't wait

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blind gf > hurr2deep4me gf

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is it possible for a men to get wet?
I am most pleased by this

tbh I find it hard to consider losing family members to this nonsense
I just can't understand how you can let it happen
utilize whatever emotional manipulation you have at your disposal and save them for christs sake

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Comfy documentary about the Finno-Soviet war. The Finns put up an unbelievable fight considering the circumstances.

It's called an erection lad.

He genuinely thinks he's just going to sit down and explain why they're wrong about him and change their minds

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so which one of you is going to put a ring on it

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I see
I think ive been awake for too long

not until she converts to fundamental baptism


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Blind girls really don't put much effort into their appearance tbh plus they always walk into walls

The sister has a jock boyfriend for Glasgow she's well beyond saving. She was in literal tears when I revealed how much of a bigoted reactionary I was, I wasn't even being aggressive.

She's more riddled with diseases than an African swamp.

Because he's an idiot.

Get one, lad.

never played that game but I think I'd rather have a retarded waifu than a blind one

Have you given any other VNs a go? Because I can rate a few tbh

>"a-user would you mind brushing my hair before the party?…."

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you could shit your pants and get mummy to change your diapers together

christ the absolute state of it

I want a .44 magnum like the one in Taxi Driver tbh.

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But why, lad? Is your dick like mine?

Best bit was I was only talking about why I think women will always make unfit leaders. I didn't even bother stepping into how women ran Sparta into the ground.

Hell no lad I just like the film and I think the revolver looks pretty cool.

Wonder what he's doing nowadays

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Is that a young Vic Reeves?

Legal, but rare and expensive.

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Wait, really?

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did he join the monastery?

The barrel is over 6" so yeah.

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I don't know. He talked about it near Christmas then deleted the videos.

Only if you have the coat hangar attachment

.44 mag is an obsolete calibre and the barrel is long enough.

Yeah pretty much tbh, you would have to pick their clothes as well, most are reliant on a helper and can't live on their own.

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Sounds like a waste to me, lad. Don't you want to dress in tweed and hunt instead?

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Give us a source for that mate because all I can find is:
>c) Revolvers, single-shot pistols and self-loading pistols which are chambered for, and will accept, popular center-fire cartridges of the type .25, .32, .38, .380, .44, .450, .455 and .476 inch, or their metric equivalents including 6.35, 7.62, 7.63, 7.65 , 8 and 9mm, unless otherwise specified

cuck and wesson is not what it used to be
tbh get a ruger blackhawk hunter in .44 mag


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I just assumed it was because you have to hand load it. But I guess not.

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chop their legs off


Obsolete caliber in British law refers to ammunition which is no longer manufactured, just so you know for future reference.

Granted you need a section 1 for that, no license needed for this though

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yeah I want an army 60 tbh, those types of pistols look really fun

xdddddd ebin

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You could probably get it down via air rifle tbh

You sure love posting pictures of abortions lad.

If I understand correctly, you can legally own any of these "obsolete ammo" antiques without a licence, but you need one if you actually want to use them with live ammo?

or a well-placed slingshot

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just use a wrist rocket with some marbles

You deserve a ban for being a yank tbh

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Nah it'll be too high to pierce it, it would need repeated shots as well to get it to deflate.


you would need one in order to posses the live ammo.

Is this the state of modern Zig Forums?

Air rifle wouldn't have the range for a .22 to take it down.
Could go old-school.

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why not post that interview whilst you're at it

.22lr is good enough for Mossad to bump people off tbh

You have been visited by the Salvini of Secure Borders. No more illegals and gypsies will reach your country, but only if you answer to this thread with "Grazie Ministro"

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There are some things which are beyond jokes lad.

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15+1 is plenty even for .22lr.

you have a forest on your property?>>825278

lad you know how much blowback operated .22lr jams?


Nah, just a few trees. Some birch and pine trees, but they are taking down a cherry tree and another planted tree smh


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I've only jammed a .22 once out of 500 rounds.

Inflated Tony Blair.

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She enjoyed the sounds.

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the article doesn't once say 'rape' despite it clearly being rape, really ticks the tocker

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Based Montana.


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She's the mentaloid who always gives her viewers sob stories about her family hating her for voting trump isn't she?