Brit/pol/ #2316: Space Force Edition

EU Withdrawal Act given Royal Assent

Brexit comes a step closer as Speaker John Bercow announces that the Queen has formally signed May’s flagship EU Withdrawal Bill into law

Snowflakes protest veterans charity screening of ‘racist’ classic British film Zulu, starring Michael Caine, in Kent

Brexit News for Tuesday 26 June
May plans to lobby EU27 leaders directly

Hot temperatures in the UK expected to last until the weekend

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sa is fag

Good lad
*goes back to writing*

Tbf, most of us do in most respects. Obviously we are all still prone to being uplifted by their charms, but for the most part, it definitely seems like pretty much everyone here hates womankind in a philosophical sense (for all that she represents in our time period).

I actually wouldn't even say this is a bad thing, or that it should be considered peculiar to our epoch. It makes sense for men (who embody the virtues which create civilisation) to hold women in contempt (for embodying the opposite) - and to act according to this stance. In fact, I would say that this attitude is the bedrock of any healthy society. Not only that, but I'd go as far as to say that women as a collective - and most women individually - will come to hold men in contempt for softening towards them and becoming sentimental (and thus, illogical). This has happened obviously - and pretty much defines contemporary life.

oh hey I didn't know Aristophanes was in the Symposium, I've seen Lusistrata live and read a few more of his plays before

Japan handles modernism better than any other nation I've seen.

for her

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Fair enough, just seems a tad overdramatic/MGTOWy tbqh
I'd say it's more they irritate/exasperate, I hate Christ's killers, I hate having to walk along Oxford St during the Christmas period, women are just dumb and it irritates.

Mumsnet Nationalism.

Bugmanism is a real and treatable disorder.


nice memi, find a single thread that's that from the last month


don't start lad, we've been down that dead end road before


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Yeah. It's still pretty depressing for the most part though. The best it can really be is 'cool' anyway.

It has a dirty dystopian/cyberpunk angle to it I guess.

that caption is definitely not associated with that photograph

nice foot though

what the fuck does that even say? can someone translate pls?

Good night lads, don't shove sticks up your arse.

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night lad

That doesn't seem real tbh hmm

lel I was just baiting tbh

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not even a futafag but this memi is great

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For Polish yummy mummies

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footfags need to unironically be gassed

fucking sick freaks

shit soles tbh

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fuck it it's nightshift in my timezone

Dobze Angielski

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top fucking kek I love yanks

I don't hate women per se. I just hate what they have become.

Narcissus in Greek mythology was represented as a man. It should be updated and changed to a woman. Not just any woman, but one who craves (you)s from instagram likes, a wardrobe full of shoes & bags.

Thought that was going to be the Indian shaving the skin of his feet with a knife tbh

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pygmalion is what modern man makes women

based scaffolders

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Gas the footfags, fetish war now


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based poles doing the jobs that LAZY white people don't want to

it'll get worse lad

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Life is brutal. Individual men who fail to recognise this, and exhibit a soft attitude towards women tend to be disrespected. When men as a collective become weak and trivial: then woman's all-consuming cuntiness wrecks everything men have created.

They are skittish and malevolent livestock at the end of the day, and the single thread of truth running through them is the unconscious acknowledgement of this, as conveyed by their behaviour when treated otherwise.

A simp is a man who affords a woman the respect that he would a man.

This is my worst one that isn't gore tbh

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they're already making all women reboots of films

gonna have mummy's burgers with local pickles soon

liking a body part is not a fetish

why isn't he screaming?

Fuck off.

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David Suchet has Jewish background, although he's now Anglican.

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your mum's my fetish


i got permbanned earlier for posting the tranny who lopped it off today but he can post THAT?

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come on now lad



Kek. This sounds hard to believe tbh. How much of a retard would a bloke have to be to do that?

Lad I got banned by Mercia for posting a webm of a qt sucking her toes during the graveyard shift, which Mercia wasn't even awake for. Nobody's going to get banned for any of thhis shit, smh.

Not saying they should be banned though.

She married a man with aspergers and found out some years into the relationship.

i got unbanned

Ever since we've had police commissioners, shit like moped gangs, wog attacks and general mayhem has become more common.

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author's words not mine, I nearly fell off my chair

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What's their role? Why do they exist?


Just another layer to the cake tbh. But it has got worse and cressida dick seems to be the worst of the lot. Not to mention the police mincing about with the homos and chasing the bad guys on twitter.

But it's not like they've changed elementally. What has happened is that men have afforded them respect which was previously reserved for other men: thus women have exhibited they're inherent cuntiness - the disdain which kept it in check having been removed.

If you respect women, then you do not respect order or civilisation.

another layer of bureaucracy to deflect accountability from central Government.

If Mercia wakes up and checks the thread there'll be bans.

Part of Big Dave's policy of making the police more representative, maybe they were the brainchild of the libs considering they exist for representation.




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isn't there a tranny there

Fucking based!

is it spy-tier?


Interesting way of looking at it lad

no, that was the day for freedom event, before Robinson got banged up


not really, they talk about the importance of voting, not of engaging in daftyism


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Isn't there a tranny here?

What author would swear? Weren't most of those women kikes (or is that a Zig Forums memi)?

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lad it's Nick Land

22st's finest work



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That Ocean's 8 film doesn't seem to be reeling them in, in my town. How's it doing where you are

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I just think that even the majority of 'red pilled' men are deluding themselves about the nature of women to save themselves a bother. The natural force of the feminine craves total domination. It isn't about 'balance', it's about agency and energy.

Just seen Gareth Southgate on ITV's World Cup programming, he said the England team reflects England well, with its diversity
Baste footie fans, half of England is black

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Burger here. My coworker said something about you Brits going into a civil revolt over Robinson. Is this true? Also, "news" seems quiet about the Brexit signing.

na fuck this i'm not starting that over again just fuck off, shit fucking console

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What is it lad?

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then put on your judenkopf, or rundvleeskopf rather

It only had a budget of $75 million and its made over a $100 million so they're calling it a massive success.