Brit/pol/ #2317: Crashing This Union With No Survivors Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 27 June
European Union (Withdrawal) Act on the statute book after receiving Royal Assent

Italian Interior Minister Salvini - 'Within a Year, We'll See if a United Europe Still Exists'

Italy's deputy PM Salvini called for 'mass cleansing, street by street, quarter by quarter', newly resurfaced footage reveals

Italy should IGNORE migrant SOS calls from the Mediterranean, says hardline interior minister as hundreds remain stranded at sea

'An unthinkable scenario' John Lewis boss issues 'no-deal' Brexit warning

Brexiteer BACKLASH: Boris plotting to bring Theresa May DOWN if she backs soft Brexit

Grenfell inquiry: Firefighter 'did not consider evacuation'

Families separated at Mexico border under Trump's 'zero tolerance' policy to be reunited, judge rules

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You lads got any good NHS horror stories? Got a thread on twatter talking about them right now.

Hey it was okay for the Belgians, why not the Swedes?

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Yeah my daughter's birth

Where's Arthur when you need him smh

shirt's drying outside as I type for tomorrow


Apparently the yank left is having a massive mental breakdown and attacking senators and shit

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Went to A&E when I was a kid with appendicitis. Ended up waiting roughly 4 hours in A&E, clutching my abdomen and writhing in pain. Only when the pain got so bad that I passed out did the doctors notice and take me in.



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If it was the NHS you probably came home with a headless black bay. Sorry lad


Killed half my family, got away scot free

useless cunts

Are people with tattoos in the line for the chambers when we take over?

what would we do without them

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I had a friend who got sick of the african nurse jamming the needle in and missing their veins entirely to the point where they just grabbed the needle off them and put the needle in themselves

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Absolutely xtra-satanic


*checks them*

It's part of the reason why I don't really go to the doctor any more if I can help it

Yea, politics literally turning ethnic and the beeb is reporting it like it's great news.

Is there going to be a """based""" pro Trump march in Londonistan next month?
Anyone going?

Maybe you need tighter shorts lad.

Good one

And a transexual too, very diverse.

Tbh I was thinking of going in a Lobster costume and holding a Syrian flag…


They harvested my baby cousin's organs, including sexual organs, when he died soon after birth, without my aunt or uncle's permission.

Warren Buffett. "In just the past 18 months, Buffett has hosted three Israel-bond dinners, where he helped raise almost $300 million for Israel."

Whitey, especially the lefty ones are being replaced all over, of course the yids don't care, they will continue to bribe the wogs like they did whitey

Taking my balloon

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they harvest foetal penises and labia skin for collagen so I cant' see why they wouldnt
its another way hospitals make money

Asians by and large have unattractive faces tbh


Jim looks like and is a hairy pedo sex tourist remember he's not top shelf himself

free speech for me but not for thee

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Give me a paper bag and I'm good to go

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I was there when he finger banged her live on a stream.

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There isn't a wew.png large enough for this

It's not a joke. The hospital eventually gave them back and my aunt and uncle buried them alongside him. It's what made them go private for their next two children.

There's pictures of him?

That was probably the only stream I missed and I've regretted it ever since

It was really cringy. She kept shouting AYYLMAO and talking about sucking dick.
Then it went really quiet and you could just her moaning/shuffling. Genuinely found it hard to listen to.

Thanks for reminding me why I stopped watching those streams.

why the fuck would they stream this

yeah taken from his filipino sex dungeon

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didn't he forget to disconnect from the stream/turn off his mic?

where the fuck is she getting this from

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Tacitus, apparently

It was one of the first "drunk" streams, so they were all just getting arseholed talking about shit.

I don't understand people who like the killstreams tbh. It's just hours of irrelevant z tier e-celebs screaming at eachother and causing drama.

its in the name really
do you not know of Tacitus the only trustworthy chronicler of the Julio-Claudian dynasty?

Why is everyone a larper

I like trees and nature and stuff but come on now

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I've heard the thing about counting nights rather than days before but I thought that was a generic European thing. For example in Welsh a week is eight-nights.

She thinks we're in the fucking Elder Scrolls

lel, she's just conjuring up nonsense from nothing, I doubt that source is accurate.

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Isn't it common to everyone?
The bible literally mentions "40 days and 40 nights".

someone should remind her in German groves the krauts hung the severed arms of criminals, deserters and foreigners on those trees
apparently the border regions were full of them

Genuine image of Germanic Pagan tribes.

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I dated a girl at uni who wore a mjolnir and used to press her hands against trees to "hear their spirits" she was batshit and a leftie and a harry potter nut and so i dumped her

so baste

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Good 'ol IRC.

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You might be right, I don't know much about it. But there was a legit difference in our sense of time back then, tbf it's probably the invention of the light bulb that's most at fault.

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my sides, good lad
Some of the shit these people come out with makes you double-take, it's so side-splittingly stupid. This second one reads like Oblivion dialogue, you're half-expecting them to talk about the high elves when reading through it.

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Number 10 to fly flag of St George for all future England games

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larpers are a bit silly tbh

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My fucking sides

They sound like Todd wrote them into existence himself.

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Every time I read it I can only hear this, makes me giggle like an idiot.

Judeo-Christian heritage

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The swimming pool one slays me tbh


Stop posting ThisIsREngland, Mr 'European Pagan' who does not eat animals smfh

niggers trying to justify their presence here is hilarious

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It's missing the lads who've other ancestry from the isles, really ticks the tocker.
>"umm he has 1/64th welsh ancestry he's not English xddddd"

Ought to have a full team with all Brythonic names. Might have to make it now I've thought about it.

right lads i'm gonna go bask in the sun, enjoy your midday shitposting

Leftist hippies ruin everything.

Most of them are
none of them practice anything according to the archeology
hell with how many fags there are in them most modern "pagans" would have been ritually dismembered/burned alive by the people they're trying to emulate

the third ones from an avengers movie ffs

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this tbh and try to explain that to them and it's like talking to cattle.

fugging brexit

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This tbh, they're a pain in the arse for everyone


Nice. I'm a big fan of Westmalle Dubbel personally.

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Will be nice to get some trappist beer without the shipping cost from Europe.