Brit/pol/ #2318: Hiraeth Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 27 June
European Union (Withdrawal) Act on the statute book after receiving Royal Assent

Britain’s first Trappist beer launched

10 Downing Street to fly England flag for FIFA World Cup games

'World's fattest hedgehog' placed on diet and exercise regime

Poll of military veterans shows 80% suffer from health issues, charity head talks to RT

‘Feral’ knife attacks where victims stabbed multiple times driving up London murder rate, police warn

Brexiteer BACKLASH: Boris plotting to bring Theresa May DOWN if she backs soft Brexit

'An unthinkable scenario' John Lewis boss issues 'no-deal' Brexit warning

Grenfell inquiry: Firefighter 'did not consider evacuation'

Merkel's HELL: German stocks slide as Trump’s war HAMMERS Deutsche Bank, BMW & Volkswagen

Families separated at Mexico border under Trump's 'zero tolerance' policy to be reunited, judge rules

Meet the Leader of the #SwoleLeft

Greek gay pride marchers abused and thrown into sea

Facebook, Google 'manipulate' users to share data despite EU law

Italian Interior Minister Salvini - 'Within a Year, We'll See if a United Europe Still Exists'

Italy's deputy PM Salvini called for 'mass cleansing, street by street, quarter by quarter', newly resurfaced footage reveals

Italy should IGNORE migrant SOS calls from the Mediterranean, says hardline interior minister as hundreds remain stranded at sea

Aquarius migrants in Spain throw away towels and clothes donated by the Red Cross

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Fuck me. He's got bigger traps than Brighton.

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Grooming gang kebab shop in Manchester has recovery truck rammed through the front of it

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ˡ ᵃ ᵈ ˢ

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Don't post pictures of my general area without my permission again or I will see you in court



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Secret, lad. Will tell you in a few months


We're gradually fighting back. Blood soon!

The Thirst

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Attempted child abduction near Richmond park, London

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lad it's cellulose, when it falls through the atmosphere and lands on Earth it's cellulite

based working lads


*teleports behind your VPN*

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This woman is dangerously overweight and it will only get worse.

brazil 1
Serb Murderers 0

albanians out

90 bullets
Sounds very precise

Flying St. George flag over Downing St. is divisive and it should only be "the Union Jack"

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Lad. It's my Tony Blair joke

The fucks can't even kidnap right. Too bad, would have liked to have seen what that bloke with the axe would have done then.


Not even close to what is needed. Irving did this work 40 years ago. I doubt Hitchens can even read German.

>tfw secretly like trump

Nige praising Blair's lying skills. Where's Helmer to defend him?

tbf Blair has a talent for lying

Fucking Google.

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He said specifically that it could give political capital to Sinn Féin and the SNP.

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kosovo je srbija, himara je greece, durazzo je italia. send the squip-gypsies to turkey

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Yeah but who cares?

I wonder what our iq would be if pakis were factored out

1488 points higher

Is this implying that london is less inbred than the rest of england or is it just a stupid choice of graphic?

Well, he's not wrong didn't hear that bit so don't know how much you're paraphrasing


Fair argument tbh.

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At least 5 point increase.

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Two men charged with murder after reported burglary

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The state of it all.

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You know what you have to do.

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keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I can't wait for him to represent himself and UKIP on TV. he actually says he'd love to do this

why would they think that this is a good look

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White Brits set to become minority in Birmingham, report reveals

At this point, the army won't be enough. We're going to need help from the animal kingdom.

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Welp time to go dafty

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would tbh

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Sargon, I'm assuming? Christ this might become a reality.

Not intelligent enough to know lad.

Rather chew on Diane Abbots thighs


Yeah, Sargon. Can't wait for somebody to ask him about any of the weird statements he's made online. Unlike his streams by himself they won't let him escape it by him just chuckling either.


fresh Joe for those that havent seen it

Dante Must Die difficulty Question Time with Sargon when?

so apart from London how many other cities have whites as a minority right now?

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the mental gymnastics are pretty insane tbh, dropped

I'm going to need some leathers and a ford falcon

*Starts a patreon account*

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tbh there are other reasons to dislike them

With openly insincere motives though

nazi's btfo

That pic's not real, but it's funny

Those faggots aren't any good for UKIP tbqh

This, all that matters is their patreons.


This has got to be white peoples fault somehow.

It's a shop?

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yes it is

Super duper diverse

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Nah lad, he'll just spam them irl with interracial cuck pornography to own them epic style.

Good lad.


the niggerisation of the white working class is interesting tbh
and so on

It's not. Compare his beards in this pic. You can also see his eyes being different. Hairline too

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I don't see any harm at all tbh, only a big thing in the mind of people who frequent the internet, otherwise nobody really cares or understands

The UKIP vote is mainly old farts who have no idea about this stuff, meanwhile the ecelebs bring some much needed youth to the party.

I'm just confused why it took them this long, they basically spew the same kosher shit as UKIP anyway.

You think they're joining in good faith?

Actually now you put them side by side it's pretty obvious

thinking about the UK in 20 years time

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tbh it's a distraction from the real point which is he fucked a trap

Saviour of URIP

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Bringing in youth is pointless if said youth is to follow eceleb speaking points rather that UKIP policy, I reckon it's going to start damaging UKIP policy in order to cater to this eceleb following.

lad they are lining up for him. I have no idea why, but trannies love Sargon.

Mad Bro

Bah, beat me to it. I'd almost forgot about it tbh, was too surreal.

Mad Lad

masculine father figure

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Literally who?



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You fucking boybutt expert

They're not interested as long as the state props them up while petty crime give them the extra pocket money.

The challenge with these people is that they are used to be being rulled over with an iron fist and for good reason. The softy softy approach with these lot just opens a pandoras box in a generation or two.

That paki who got wrestled to the floor aiming to stab an MP in London a while back is a wake up call for the tosser in westminster. A part of me wish he did succeed just so they understand what they have allowed our towns & cities to have become

No other cities but you can almost guarantee that there are plenty of subdivisions which are homogenously paki. Its not just the demographics, due to our electoral system and asian voting blocks they often have defacto control over what might still be a 70% white area.

Vid related makes my blood boil

No, Joe is right, like usual. This move only helps delegitimise UKIP as a serious political party in the eyes of the public.

every time

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