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effortposting should be a bannable offense past midnight tbh

*readies pike*

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Good lad

Good lad

Good lad btw

The Moors are on fire not far from here and it's looking very apocalyptic.

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High res version here, black omen tbh.

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aesthetic and portentous

Bullying Americans is too easy, of course they would join in.

Pissing Kidney Stones album cover confirmed

Nah lad its based

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Kind of enjoyed this song ty lad

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I remember hearing a story about someone's Yank friend who didn't think Scotland was a real place. She thought it was a fictional kingdom like Narnia.

Cool scope lad is that airshit

You just be devilish and say the historical name of the county you're from, like "kingdom of fife", they'd eat that shite up.

ICU are fucking great

didn't notice new threadsmh

Good lad

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Cult of the Dugong > Manatee Heretics

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>Read menu

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If she wanted it to be quintessential she'd have the menu just be

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Where's the full english so i can get 2000 calories down me?

The fucking pretend cantilever's are the worst part tbh.


Don't understand why there are so many "Irish" pubs about.
How many Irish immigrants actually exist anymore, and what specifically makes these pubs Irish in the first place? Cringe whenever I see them in London.

They were in predominantly Irish areas. Only good one is The Dublin Castle in Camden tbh.

eating pork chops from local pork

it's probably marketing "oh yeah those taigs know how to drink, I'd better hit that pub"

Had no idea about that tbh, odd.

It just dawned on me that I've only ever been to a city about 10 times in total, and most of those trips were to Gloucester and Hereford.

It was too small to be used so instead of just tearing it down we sold it off.

People like latching onto Irish culture it's seen as cooler than English because it's exotic

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The pictures of the food and interior.

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top kek

boogie time tbh

I am lad, I just picked the wrong JUST image smh. Suppose the filename's outdated now right enough


tbh. It's refreshing, and I feel his rants. He seems like a good lad, most of us are screaming into the wilderness so I don't flaw him there myself at all.
Yeah I'm not even sure what I'm on about myself at this point, keep getting distracted lately, no ill intent nor malice here either m8.
*tries to resist serious politics posting at sea mammal hours*

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It was a more innocent time tbh

It's like a Disney land version of an English pub.


That's unfortunate lad… Ever seen Tetsuo: The Iron Man? Great film but the soundtrack is exceptional

I still need to actually play a single DMC game, i've had the hd collection ps3 in the wrap for a good 3 years now.

that food looks tasty

Those chips look devoid of any flavour tbh, fish looks too clean as well.

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wow, cool OC fellow user

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Just don't play 2 whatever you do lad, it's just unbearably shit in every way tbh, there are some bosses that you can't hit with your sword because they're in the air so the only way to progress is to shoot them for literally half an hour

Of course, the chips are about the best looking bit of the whole ensemble however they look somewhat pale. Fuck knows what appears to be the 'pies'.

Is pic related worth it, lads?
£14 on Steam, and I want something to sink my time into.

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Mount and Blade Warband: Viking Conquest

Not really no.

Keep it that way lad, I've not found a single good computer game in my life except jet set willy.

Yeah I've heard about 2 from everyone in existence, funny cause I think it has the best soundtrack in the series.

paradox don't deserve any of your money lad.

lifting weights, martial arts, reading books, chasing poon, riding a motorcycle

this, they banned calling turks "kebab" on their forums because they are swedecucks. just torrent

Should probably actually play DMC4. never got around to it.

Played it years ago when it first came out.
Remember it was riddled with bugs and virtually unplayable. Has much changed?

It's really that bad?
Isn't it in the same vain as EU4/CK2?

It's those games with no depth or fun features.

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wonder where steiner is

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It did get better, playing the large scale battles with the units maxed still isn't the best, could just be my computer. In most play throughs I played as a trader

Some people at one point tried to make an online community similar to Napoleonic Wars or Native but it didn't take off and there were only about 20 of them.


fug meant to post cow vid but it was just niggers smdh

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Yeah tbh the OST's without a doubt the best part about it, but even then I didn't find any of its tracks as enjoyable as Ultraviolet from 1 or Swipe of Sword from 4

It's good tbh, the special edition's only £8 on the summer sale right now as well

Anything interesting happen in the last few days?

no but I guess resident dump gets to cuck liberals more so thats something

Gonna fucking force myself to not play like a retard and try to enjoy it tbh.

I've been converting a system over, fiberglass insulation in a loft with short sleeves was a bad combo.

yeah that does not feel good, you might want a respirator as well since if you breath that it in, its there for ever and probably causes super cancer

new mene

Yeah well I'm too far gone already. I'm still itching just thinking about it.

did you use a staple hammer to put the insulation up or was it spray in?

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na we use rockwool it's a fibre insulation that comes in rolls, they wrap it around the pipes in in the voids between joists as insulation in the loft. I have no idea if it stays put if breathed in but it was what replaced asbestos so there you are.

sounds like a recipe for itchy lungs lad

yeah I imagine everything done in europe is probalby 10x less cancer causing than american stuff tbh. its bonded to paper correct? do you have to staple it in?

We also have fitted foam tubes that comes in preformed lengths and pipes sizes.

I already have the standard edition in my Steam account. I'll probably just play that unless the SE is a major improvement.

Na it's literally matted wool so it comes as a rope you can actually pull it apart like thick candyfloss almost. But year you can staple if your putting it stud wall but you just unroll the stuff between the joists in the loft for insulation.






now thats an e-celeb that I have not heard of in a long time

Is this El Goblino's final form?

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The Green Cross Code Man?



must better tbh
these are the people who should become kings of the redneck empire

He was a big guy