Brit/pol/ #2320: IIINGEEERLUUUUUUND Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 28 June
Britain 'heading for worst possible Brexit' says May's former aide

New population stats : 400,000 in 1 year, 59% due to migration

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I was just beeing myself tbh. There was no malicious intent on my part.

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It makes me fucking sick that our society is so left wing, that a diehard degenerate lefty disagreeing with one aspect of leftism on the grounds that it threatens leftism in toto, is considered a fucking nazi.

Literally how can anyone deny how fucked we are? How can there even be lolbergs in existence when our civilisation and race are actually dying? To me libertarianism is a semi-masculine facade painted over the same effeminate worldview that gives leftism proper its fuel. These bollockless gimps think that if they use the hollow macho language of 'freedom' and 'liberties' that they can make shekels and hide their pathetic natures. Sadly, they are right, for now. Having said that, the lolbergs are never going to achieve anything beyond delaying the true right rising. This will happen regardless - as a consequence of material circumstance.


Good mods

Good lad

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So why do people dislike Spiclad? What does he do?


'Predator' rapist admits to sex attacks in west Hull cemetery
>When the rape charge was put to him, Al-Noor, through his interpreter, said: "Guilty. Yes, I did that. Why not?"

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I've only ask what he has done and why people dislike him. Although I've always been against bans so I am just being consistent


90s Japanese House music from Soichi Terada, composer for Ape Escape.

He's just an obnoxious retard shilling a religion he doesn't even believe in

*keeps hidden while mods bark*

Is the rest of pol still aware of this place?


Hope not.


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Thanks, lad.aside from footfag, wog women, pretend paganism I don't see the big problem tbh.

Ban Evasion idno, are the bans reasonable?




It's spics v wogs lads

I thought kick-off was at 7pm lad?

His posts can be split into three categories
All the while not seeming to have any opinions of his own apart from what he reads on badly sourced Zig Forums infographics, dragging the level of discourse in any discussion down to Zig Forums's level while simultaneously making fun of them to fit in, having a very sheltered, ignorant view of the UK/British affairs and shite banter

Essentially he's a condensation of most of the things /britpol/ and Zig Forums were created to get away from

no that's non-country vs. partial wogs

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He seems like a ruseposter tbh, being the worst of everything.

tbf the entirety of the WC could be summarised as spics v wogs

Top fucking keek. That's hilarious. Like a golem

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you haven't seen his thirstposting it's abhorrent

true tbh

Christ lads, MW is so fucking fat now

Many such cases!

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I guess not being here all day doesn't really let me see what he does that bothers people. Then again my threshold for what he should be able to do is probably higher than most others here.

I can't tell if this is a joke or not

But lad how will we keep updated on important things like how much he sweats in his drivers seat?

Woah get you mister tough guy

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Yeah naah


You've taken the lads' night shift away, lad? smh. Even I can enjoy the end of the night shifts in the weekends.

I have plenty of tolerance for shitposting so long as it's amusing

It's too hot

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might buy it again on vinyl

But that's subjective, lad.

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The nightshit breeds and multiplies, you don't leave cancer untreated.

I have one on in the winter as well because it helps me sleep


Oh wow oh wow oh wow

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thanks todd


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I use yer mas fanny flaps for a cool breeze



Can't wait to buy Fallout 76 tbh

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I hope Todd gets cancer and has to spend an eternity in hell with Steve Jobs.

Good lad

Fine, weed analogy instead


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remember to buy all the editions of skyrim first before pre ordering!


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Cultural appropriation

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Babatude charged with sexual assault of 11 year old
Oh no! Babatubde! What have you done!

There's a very good reason why I want Belgium to win ;)

>No qt foreign world cup gf

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What? Capitalised as well. Is this some lame attempt by the left to counter 'soy boy'?

Because you find the girls attractive? That doesn't make sense to me, lad

You need to be killed tbh


Didn't they lose the battle of madrid kek

Is Zig Forums ran by under 21s or something?

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It's getting a bit sad now

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Stupid old cunt
Migrant issue could be ‘make-or-break’ for EU, Merkel warns

England gets an easier route if they lose this evening

IRC was cancer for the same reason Bongo Bongo Land is tbh

Get with the times, grandpa

It's a regular commie chant.

I know, but wanting the easier route is lame

He's pissed black bloc off jej

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Whoever wins out of England and Belgium gets to play Brazil in the next knock out round.
Essentially we should be playing to lose because we're both trough anyway so this match doesn't matter.
My guess is that both teams will throw their pleb players in the pitch and keep our best players resting.
Conclusion: A very boring match.

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Who are we playing if we draw?

oh dear how sad nevermind

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Wish I had the money to go around sinking them.

Footies on


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Zig Forums sbs when?
I can swim and hold my breath underwater
We'll scuttle them in the ports at night



Kane is swapped for Vardy tbh