Brit/pol/ #2321: A Lot of Daddies Edition

UK weather: First time home nations hit 30C in five years

UK nurse is first person convicted under modern slavery laws

'No other word - BETRAYAL' Nigel Farage explodes at threat Brexit date could be DELAYED

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that's not my fault, at least I oppose jewry instead of worshiping one of them because he said he wuz god n sheit

I didn't think so, but I wanted to emphasize that fact(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

you are so ignorant lad I pity you
pro tip: being of the tribe of Judah in the 1st century is not the same as being an Ashkenazi in the 21st century and actually the rejection of Jesus Christ by the Jewish priests was why they became such a damned evil people (although they were already a devilish people since the days of Jacob and the Israelites)

Good lad.

funny how quickly this was forgotten tbh

Good norn

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Good lad

Owls are considered unclean and bring blight for your sins lad, repent.

I am dying

You started it you dumb dumb, also fuck Adam Wallace he killed my dad.

Maybe you are ethnically Jewish as well, do a DNA test for us.

link lad?

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Weren't they trying to assassinate the Saudi king?

I remember him lad.

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Yeah why did he do it again?

they were evil from the beginning, they're the tribe of Abraham, prophet of judaism. jesus was basically a jew with autism that sperged out and the other jews had him put down for being a heretic

Good edition and good lad

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I'll never understand this

for the spiritual salvation of Westie, may he find God through Christ, and burn his Devil's maid outfit

(funny number aside) but I would guess a solid % aren't actually Americans/migrated in the past few years so they have no link to US history.

Fuck knows, he had 3 people in the room with him at the time of the shooting, maybe he was just a patsy.


hullo, yes. Why does God do any of the things he does in the Bible? I really don't get it. He picked the Jews as his chosen people, and he needed to incarnate as a man and get himself killed just to change his mind? He sets up a bizarre rule where people have to believe in things with no proof, or he'll punish them?
I'm joining the Gnostics if this doesn't start making sense, tbqh.
starting to think YHWH really was just some demon the Jews released on the world, and lost control of

lad what the FUCK is wrong with your retarded little brain
seriously shut the fuck up about religion until you learn your shit, dumb spic cunt

I don't think you understand lad, you sort of lose the right to accuse everything and everyone you dislike of being Jewish when you literally had a rabbi munch your foreskin off

Thanks lads

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He didnt pick the Jews as his chosen people, that is a Jewish lie which you have fallen for


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there were multiple shooters. shots were being fired from two windows with only seconds apart, how/why the fuck would he run from window to window like that? and some say shots were fired on the ground too. I think it was the Mossad

idk what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to reconcile believing a religion that comes from the middle east, and not even like arabs or something, literal jews

idk what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to reconcile circumcising your children and still believing your a chrisian

Good lad

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Kek thats a good one

You lads really need to start coming to grips with your inevitable death.

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God askes loads of people to circumscise themselves in the bible tho, he made abraham do it at age 90 (ouch)

It draws near

fatan jaayid

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aint even going to apologise for shitting in the thread with such a retarded statement as "Abraham is the prophet of Judaism"?
Stop posting, idiot.

again, you are showing your complete lack of knowledge

Got a source on the bollocks in mouth thing?

Thanks lad

Shukraan jayid

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Oh great, another literally who edition

I would never mutilate my sons. In fact my first priority would be to protect them from that. They will probably never see the inside of a hospital tbh

also jesus was circumcised, why would a god choose to be born as a jew that gets circumcised? like if you could be anybody? why not some Roman Chad? it never made a lick of sense

I never left. well I mean I x'ed out the window and came back so I guess

You tell me to believe in the Bible, but then you tell me half of it is false?

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you are so ignorant lad
1 Corinthians 7:19 - Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the commandments of God.
Romans 4:11 - And he received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which [he had yet] being uncircumcised: that he might be the father of all them that believe, though they be not circumcised; that righteousness might be imputed unto them also:

Dont make another post about religion until you have read the Bible, correcting you is getting tedious

why would you take a religion that so much as mentions circumcision seriously? and doesn't it say you need "circumcision of the soul"? that's basically christianity in a nutshell, "circumcision of the soul"

Is it Jesus' fault that your parents split up lad?

why does he ask him to circumscise himself as part of his covenant with god though?

Syrian girl on news at ten has plastic pipes for legs and sardine cans for feet.

No one's going to read the fucking Bible. I tried. It's long, and confusing, and needs an editor. People need straight answers. Maybe your religion wouldn't be dying if you didn't all insist on being so esoteric about everything


which ugly peasants will face the screenshotters' wrath this week?

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let's just ignore spicposter

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What does this post mean?

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Zig Forums's favourite Russian propagandist?

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tbh most of them are probably plants for political parties or lobbyists


I love her big lips

She's not even good at reading her script

Some report about a legless refugee in Aleppo. Another heart tugging propaganda piece from the media.

It just made me chuckle tbh.

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Give me the biblical passage where God gives the JEWS (i.e. descendants of Judah) his blessing.
I'll give you a hint though, he doesnt, he gives his blessing (in Deuteronomy 28:1-68) to the sons of Israel of which Judah (Jews) are only one tribe and did NOT recieve God's blessing which was given to Joseph (who Judas sold into slavery).

Because its pretty serious when Christ is killed by the Jews, dies for my sins, and rises again?

Sounds like ending the war as quickly as possible would be a pretty good idea then I guess

I can read the Bible just fine. You have a problem.

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What is Aleppo?

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Reminder to endure QT to strengthen your constitution


That's one BIG twig

Can you /newbrit/ twats fuckoff with your jundi babble. Shirtlifters

Christ spoke in parables to make it easy you dullard.

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what is the proof for this, though?

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Empty tomb and the boom of Christianity not enough for you?

What was that thing just on my screen?


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Alcohol is evil

Nigel was so right about the baste colonials, right lads?

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That's her.

Imagine her doing the 'can can' on her wedding night.

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Whys the swimwear so big

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What is it?

what is the proof of the empty tomb? and somebody could have just taken the body
that's like using "the boom of Islam" as an argument to support the alleged truth of Islam

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Enormous arse tbh

Clive Lewis is a shitstabber


Emmerdale now has trannies btw

wop user is like 5 different people lad, it's a collective made for creative writing.

It's a one piece but in two pieces.


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he was killed for knowing too much

are you calling Christians brainlets when we've spent the past half an hour dispelling the utter bollocks and lies you lot have been coming up with i.e. Jews are God's chosen people, Abraham was a prophet of Judah, the Christian God wants us to be circumcised etc

Kind of arguing semantics isn't it? He gave out his blessing to a particular group, and then goes through some rigmarole to redact it. That's weird to me. Why do any of that?

It's like people don't have the most basic understanding of the Gospels or something