Brit/pol/ #2322: Extreme Free Speech Edition

Brexit News for Friday 29 June
EU putting lives at risk over Brexit, warns May

Meet the new face of Ukip: The free speech extremists who could make Ukip dangerous again!111

Precious statue of St George left ‘looking like Tintin’

Londoner tells Khan: We don't feel safe

Revamped HMRC customs system ‘set to be ready for no-deal Brexit’‘set-be-ready-no-deal-brexit’

The Tories have made a mess of immigration. Only Labour can fix it

“Our Homeland,” a New Party, is Born in Hungary: An Interview with László Toroczkai

Russian Women Are Feminine in a Way the Globo-Homo West Has Lost - a World Cup Photo Essay

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Bad lad, wrong thread number

I was being slightly facetious tbh but if you read normie political forums, it's the same kind of stuff. UKIP voters will be immediately turned off by someone like Count Dankula and a poof like Milo. PJW's a 9/11 truther tin foil hat, the public won't go for that. I don't care how many subscribers they have on youtube. As for new members being younger, younger people are infamous for not bothering to vote at all.

shit thread, SA banned when

it just got the lop

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wew whoops

warned you about them lad

imagine actually cutting your dick off

fucking hell

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instant regret

I know, I didn't listen. Smdh.

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caught my cat 2 streets away from my home this morning, he tried to ignore me and run off.


make him pay, lad

Chinese used to do it a lot tbh, you could only become a high ranking civil servant in the Emperor's court if you had your dick lopped off.

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Shoot it in the face with an air-rifle.

Weren't they just eunuchs? That's grim but not as bad

didnt you get in bother for this?

I must have just lost a stone with this dump I took.

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Pope tries to bring diversity to Vatican with appointment of 14 new cardinals

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I how could have shot the cat with an air-rifle if I wasn't in possession of one tbf.

He's just sitting on one of the chairs in the living room, acting normal.

Bowden was prescient on this, he predicted a non white pope within another decade or so though

he's definitely guilty

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tbh having ones from nations where Christianity isn't big or is actively suppressed is probably a good thing.

Yeah I know it's not the same thing, but it's still kinda fucked up, random princes and lords would round up young boys, mutilate them and send them to the Emperor as tribute.


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The eunuchs gained so much power during the later Han dynasty that they provoked a rebellion which saw all men without facial hair (suspected to be eunuchs) hunted down and killed.

It's part of the whole pivoting of the church to the south, they already shill for migrants and will continue to be even more hostile to us demographically and lecture us on open borders theology

he was right
pope francis is from argentina

Those crazy chinks.

couldn't you just show them your balls?


*shots you in the face*

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Cats are African. They are an invader species that have ruined the native flora and fauna of Europe and these sceptred Isles. Turn him into a pair of slippers


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pokemonshir pls no for shoting

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No cardinals from parts of Africa where Christians are oppressed by Muslims. Can't upset his Globalist masters.

They'll only promote migration an sheeeeeit
but then again maybe they'll alert him to it's dangers he's a fucking heretic anyway

In the USA, the Catholic Church readily admit to supporting immigration from Latin America to boost their ranks. Francis is also warming more to Liberation theology.

What is this?

and Europeans say fuck off you mad old bat

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All the hardline Anglicans are in Africa as well. I wonder how long until they will formally break from Canterbury.

I told you lads, revive Insular Christianity and put all the incel lads in Monasteries.

No nepotism here.

Uber driver attacked by victim’s relatives

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I don't think she's a jewess

Monastic service will never be popular in modern times, especially amongst thots who have trouble closing their legs. They're not about to become nuns all of a sudden. What you want is for them to risk their lives in exchange for money, but I don't know what kind of sports women will do that involve any risk at all

make it fame instead of money and they'll gladly dismember each other in a pit

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Sharp rise in Italians in favour of loosening gun control

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old anti piracy ad, was on every tape I owned as a kid

Who said anything about choice?

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but real fame takes effort which they aren't prepared to do, and the process of creating faux-infamy is not healthy for society at all

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Did you see that one job in Italy that earned you 600 euro a month and a "free lunch voucher"?

Yeah, remember that now.

Michal is a very popular name in Israel. Name of King David's first wife I think. He betrayed her
She's definitely an Oy!

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I think you should get free stuff for working at a company. If the end product is expensive then you should get free tools and shit for making it. Some BMW employee fashioned a wagon version of one of their cars with some sheet metal and a hammer. Bosses saw it and thought it was good enough to put into production.

Perks can be profitable.

The BBC makes nothing worth watching. Nobody but pensioners cares about it any more.

Jury can’t decide on the case of the ‘Please kill me’ swordsman

Japanese Deep House


someone post the neil hamilton "trigger lefties" webm please lads

56% to drop drastically in 2021

they'll never accept them it would be electoral and economic suicide

They've been doing that for decades and the US are never going to do that

Why don't they just cut them off?

top fucking kek

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Only just seen it kek

Salvini's got some epic banter
"The NGOs will only see Italy on a postcard,"

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They won't stop coming, Spain will 'accept' them.

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some kid is gonna put these in granddads old stamp collection from the empire

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im getting old youl have to speak up

why are mummies so superior to thots lads?

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*sips Monster*

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The intro to Give me all your Lovin reminds me too much of Twin Peaks now.

who is the most likely MP to go daft lads?

tfw no weird frog thing friend

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Peter Bone

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I can see it tbh.



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ah so yer figurin' on goin out teh cal-fornie by the ol' mormon trails?



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This tbh apart from Dragon Ball

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Was Harry Thompson /ourlad/?

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