Brit/pol/ #2323: Remove Argies Edition

Meet the new face of Ukip: The free speech extremists who could make Ukip dangerous again!111

Precious statue of St George left ‘looking like Tintin’

Londoner tells Khan: We don't feel safe

Revamped HMRC customs system ‘set to be ready for no-deal Brexit’‘set-be-ready-no-deal-brexit’

The Tories have made a mess of immigration. Only Labour can fix it

“Our Homeland,” a New Party, is Born in Hungary: An Interview with László Toroczkai

Russian Women Are Feminine in a Way the Globo-Homo West Has Lost - a World Cup Photo Essay

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first for the doggoman

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and willies!

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first for niggers just shot this guy while filming it

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shame, he had good Celtic nose genetics, readily able to sniff up all the precious oxygen hovering above green and plentiful European lands

I didnt see it tbh could someone link it for my benefit?

this board should disable hyperlinks

Madness. Wogs will be removed.

Shame he'll only get jail time.

i blame the jews


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Twitter wogs are fucking weird

As if there weren't already enough reasons for spicfaggot to fuck off

horseshoe theory proved yet again

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It was a good video. Might go to r/watchpeopledie for a bit. Got the bug again.

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might have another cup of tea

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Hasnt that been shut down lad?

That wasn't even him lad

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kek lad, there's a lot of strength related yoga tbf. I don't care much for the flexibility shite. Nice seeing a few lasses' arses pointing out as well

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is this teacher actually attractive?

he's mentioned she has soft feet and a round bum

my sides

Yes, she's got a qt face with freckles and like spic poster says, she has nice feet and a nice bum
I'm a fairly big lad in height (at the least) so she's pretty dainty to me tbh

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do you think she's turned on by your size?

No idea lad, don't know if she is turned on at all tbf

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if you make a pass at her and she says no, won't that make going to the classes really awkward in future?

Execution doesn't happen until the very end, but this is out of order if you ask me.

Yes lad, but she finishes them in a few weeks

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smh, why are the boyims so shy?

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so what are you going to do?

keep flirting with her until term comes to a close, then make you move?

that felt disgusting to type out but I hope my point is made

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that's a pretty hot wojakess, ngl

i wud

Ask about going for a drink or something tbh

Are you Steiner?

That's like saying you would fuck a trap, lad

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do real women actually have thoughts and feelings like that, or do they simply operate instinctively, like leaves blown in the wind, with no self awareness, consideration, or rational thought?

I'd only fuck a trap if it had no penis, had a biologically natural vagina, no surgery, and two X chromosomes

yank cops shoot first, ask questions later


idk, their sentience is probably somewhere between man and beast


true. not as high as man, not as low as a monkey, somewhere inbetween

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He's not here, he made one post earlier in the thread. Fucking spiclad and that other yogafaggot raided the end of last thread and now we have to put up with these rubbish posts until the sun riseth.

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Pike post until sun up, purify the night shift.



Hope you aren't talking about me lad, I was the original yoga posting lad last thread

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keto is not gay

You know something lass? I am talking about you. Fuck your fucking yoga thot, and fuck you too.

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It is lad, yoga is not gay though

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rude smh

this is not very nightshift behaviour tbh

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Spiclad is purposefully imitating steiner-kun's post style. It's a smart move but rather naughty and I doubt he'll be able to keep it up.

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I posted a basset once last thread, idk what you mean other than that though


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the absolute state of white women

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I can watch videos of people getting burned alive in tanks or having their heads stomped in, but drowning videos, hardest watch there is. Never try to help a drowning person

yeah the nigger dragged him down with him, sad tbh, guy was an idiot for helping but he meant well

I didn't think it was actually this bad IRL lads…

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*blocks mummies path*

why are they so devilish lads?

Top kek.

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katerina can shoot me first then southern thot can riddle me with lead

How old's his daughter?

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People judge you by the company you keep. Don’t accept invitations from people with no class.

I used to be in contact with her, she sent me exercises to do until she stopped replying to me emails smdh


smh lad I couldn't have foreseen it

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topkek. What happened to men like this?

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I taught a pale spicc milf that didn't speak English colors and how to count to ten tbh, she had a nice bum

I think she was unironically a white mexican

alot of them got fucked over by land barons and ended up dead in alleys in carson city or sacramento with delirium tremens around the turn of the 20th century. one of the most famous gunfighters in the "wild west" died a homeless man and was only recognized after the fact and after many people had cajoled and spat on him while he lay in the street all kinds of messed up from the battles in the american civil war and indians wars as well as cattle wars

Were you paying?

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when will the mob instinct take over and the crowd just beats them to death? POGROMS

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When did the "wild west" really end? Best date I can find is somewhere around 1910. If there was a documentary about the end of the west and the influx of the plebs, I'd be infatuated by it I reckon.

I bet there were still people living like outlaws up until the 1960s in remote towns.

yeah they were calling the people from east "dudes", idk, I am kind of ignorant of that time period tbh because they only teach us about niggers in school and then I learned about le white race and all the ancient greek, western civ stuff

from frontier history–
Frederick Jackson Turner, in his 1893 essay, “The Frontier in American History,” claimed the frontier ended in 1890 and that’s a good ballpark figure. Arizona historians claim the frontier closed in 1895 when the capital city of Phoenix was linked by rail to the Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroads, the two transcontinental mainlines. Arizona, because of its rugged terrain and proximity to the Mexican border, was the last refuge of the Old West, and lasted well into the 20th century.

I think the Old West ended in 1910 when Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Carl Hayden, later a U.S. senator, loaded his posse into an automobile and chased a couple of train robbers who were riding horseback across the Arizona desert. The outlaws were captured near the Mexican border after their horses played out. It was a historical first.

I thought they were drug dealers or something, either way, it's good to say people defending their community. Tbh, it would only take a few hard lads to take care of the low level scum.

Nah, she did it for free. She said she just had a controlling personality and enjoyed it.

good books for joe tbh

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Why did spiclad leave?

american internet is really messed up rn, probably some kind of deep state thing