Brit/pol/ #2324: IT'S TOO BLOODY HOT Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 30 June
'Irate' Gove physically rips up customs plan after attempted civil service whitewash

Millions of Brits at risk of fatal THUNDER FEVER this weekend: ‘Stay inside’

Invasion of the Electric Ants! Fears fire-starting bugs will sweep UK after colony of a million insects is found

Magistrate, 67, who defended his family against an armed gang who stormed his £2million mansion was ARRESTED himself… and accused of racially aggravated assault

Morrissey cancels his UK and European tour as anti-racism protesters threaten to target concerts over his support for Tommy Robinson

Spain NGO ship saves 59 migrants, Italy refuses access

Preserving My Children’s Innocence Is An Act Of Preserving White Supremacy

Israeli Minister: My Conscience Won't Let Me Approve Mixed-gender Prayer at Western Wall

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Good lad

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Uruguay beat Portugal, does that mean that Portugal and Argentina will play each other 'cause they got eliminated at the same tier? I just want to watch Portugal vs Argentina ffs

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I want it to happen. I really don't think it's impossible for him to get that number, of the 15,000 odd people in there I bet you could get that amount to vote for him for bantz alone. Why not?

kek lad, you need to let it go.

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Delete this one tbh >>831641

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As in delete my thread not yours smh

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Daily reminder that dafty lady got more votes than both Joe and AMW combined

OK lad, donesmh SA OP hogging

deadlifted 120kgs at the gym

who is the best deadlifter in Zig Forums

nb, I was at 160 before I started focusing mostly on martial arts

Yer ma

Who was that again?


take the lean pill, lad


still stuck on the sweetspill


Good lad

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I got to 114 or 116 for 5 reps but then I stopped going to the gym 'cause of work and I never got back into the habit. I rly need to start up again ffs

deadlifted my self respect at the gym
if I couldn't raise it off the floor does that mean there is a lot of it?

I'd rather just be fat and die earlier

Good lad though. tbh I blame this bloody weather for me drinking throughout the week when I was meant to be cutting, it's forced my hand and left me with no choice.

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lad.. me too, smh


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those memmies you like are going to come back in style

how hot out is it over there? it's gonna be well over 30C all week here

Gerry, Gerry, Gerry! What are you doin'!?

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good lad,stay safe

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that's not deadlifts

yeah its about that here, probably not as humid though. sea breeze master race tbh

brb off to the bank to get a loan to open an """""art""""" shop on your high street

"I'm sure to win because I'm a thicc boi"

39 and very humid

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he died after this

trumps best insults

how long 'til the little'un has been abused

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I don't feel like ruining my comfy to watch this
describe what happens

Get out of the tin mine and pass us a pastie, there's a good lad ;)
a jelly tbh, but glad someone's got it good

which one's got the fanny?

yeah a giant metal bar just pushed his ribs into his lungs and heart

Did I wake up in another timeline?
Who dropped the sprog?


I love when he BTFO of that spoiled fake blonde jewish slut

proper dead lifted.
spotters were fuck all use tbh.

a *bit jelly …


Think Batten is making a mistake by getting in with the Tommy and the e-celeb crowd, but I think he's doing it for good reasons in his mind. I hope it's that anyway.

I just love my beers too much.

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post >yfw he becomes ukip leader

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a special someone we know who hates gym thots will enjoy this one.

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He's either desperate or a spy
We need a new machine


Joe is building a Citadel of Nationalism in Liverpool.

Is that six 44lb plates, or is it the memi where they are light plates but the same size?

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Does it chop her head off? If not, I ain't clicking dat shit

she took the wrong kind of neckpill

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its nice tbh. however, low paying job with not enough hours plus tfwnogf but can't have everything in life. if brit wasn't so spicy and i wansn't so paranoid I'd invite brit down for some home made pasties and cider

What's the point of spotters standing back like that? Do they think their ninja reactions will make them catch the weight in the nano-second when they see it fall?

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Kek. What's this actually from? Some terrible for tv film to teach kids not to be niggers?

wew nothing worse than squat thots tbh
everyone wants to brag about how much weight they do instead of just doing more reps, probably has some faggot lift bro bf and 'competes' with him. see fags like that at the gym all the time.

Not watching. Does she die?

oo arr

was that their first day in ANY gym?

wow this is epic can we get a million likes?

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thats my favorite, is when they use oversized memi plates

me lover (no homo)

Lads if you see a nigger murder a nigger and then refuse to give information over to the police as you'd be a bigot then you are basically a hero!

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since we're doing this

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Why do people count on spotters?
Why do they lift things that weigh more than themselves above their heads or torsos without at least working their way up the weights first?
Why do people do these things?

ta lad for the thought, enjoy those pasties and beer when we play Colombia!

If it's the latter then lel

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Spotters should spot tbh. The question is, why they choose to risk their lives to such p-poor spotters.
Not working their way up to that weight is begging for harm.

I'm down this summer tbh

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The West Can’t AFjord to Let Norway Die—And Norway Doesn’t Want To

Can the 22st homo save the Norwejews?
Let's find out!

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she would have to be big bertha tier amazon to even come close to 3 plates

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Yeah, like whether you want to break the law and illegally enter another country you have no right to be in.

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pure cringe.

ok, I'll autisticly ask people on the beach if they like ball peen hammers all summer then

what the fuck is that even supposed to be other than "one easy step to get referred to the chiropractors"?

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I love how fat cunts can just hike their pants up to their collar bone and say, 'im thicc' nowdays. in USA a thin woman is basically automatically a 6-7/10 just by virtue of being thin

beach thots > gym thots


"I'm thicc ;)))))"

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woo yeah choices

what if I say yes to liking hammers because they remind me of hillary clinton's floppy man clit and then get accidentally inducted into the britpol hall of the ancients?


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