Brit/pol/ #2325: Dafty Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 1 July
Tory backbenchers’ shop steward Sir Graham Brady warns ministers to unite over Brexit or risk a Corbyn government

Antifa Attacks Prayer Group, Portland Police revoke permit, declare riot as protesters clash downtown

Patriot Prayer v Antifa in Portland thread

London bloodbath warning: 'Tourism industry could suffer if stabbing epidemic continues'

Theresa May refuses to say Britain will remain a 'tier one' military power amid row over defence spending

Tory MPs order Theresa May not to give in to EU’s Brussels bullies on Brexit

Man 67, who defended his family against an armed gang was ARRESTED himself for allegedly calling one attacker "nigger"

Israeli military sends tank, artillery reinforcements to Syria's border as (((precaution)))

Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

Sisterhood, song and yoni steaming: women set for UK’s first man-free festival

Captain of the Lifeline in court on two charges tomorrow morning, ship owner vows to carry on regardless

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The more violence, the more Khan is embarrassed tbh.

This is pitiful tbh
>"d-don't pay attention to it, just ignore it"

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Why would be Khan be embarrassed? He just fixed the Wikipedia gender contribution gap, world peace is right around the corner under our Grand Emperor Khan.

Rightfully so, this is strictly an improvement only board lad, hwhat have you done for the hwhite race today?

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Bins are a sign of authoritarian patriarchy.

recent research doesn't rule out vaccinations (or its usual euphemism "high viral load") as being at least a contributing factor to the development of autism. The "Cell Danger Response" causal theory relies on "dysfunction […] caused by abnormal persistence of the cell danger response (CDR)" and "[researchers] do not believe CDR is the cause of ASD, but rather a fundamental driver that combines with other factors, such as genetics or environmental toxins." Which, if vaccinations are not ruled out, could be at least part of the "environmental toxins" contributing to ASD.
that seems to pan out with the apparent effectiveness of the river blindness drug to alleviate symptoms of autism. The drug is theorised to work by lowering the cell danger response, which somehow effects the brain and contributes to the symptoms of autism.

there's paper I read while I was at uni (can't find the DOI, 2014 I think) that found higher rates of a particular immunodeficiency allele in children with autism, which seems to at least line with up with the above idea.

end effort-post my nephew has autism, so the genetics of it worry me


SKIRTING THE ISSUE Girls face ban on skirts as schools opt for gender neutral uniforms to cater for transgender pupils

Good post lad.


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Give it a couple of years and all uniforms will be replaced with boiler suits.

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Chicks know right they can wear pants

Thots patrolled by traps

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they've lost the ability to connect A to B

keek lad

I bet the Bradford schools had to introduce those rule changes because of all the sexual harassment.

The recent shooting has been gold.

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Tycoon Elon Musk 'to build the world's biggest battery' in Britain as part of £400m plans to carpet a swathe of Kent marshland with almost a million solar panels

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

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marshland is valuable countryside reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

that's going to fuck the wildlife

umm akshulee it's great because then we have renewable energy and we are saving the planet :))))

we could plop a few nuclear plants here and there and be fucking done with it instead of this ridiculous destruction of the countryside

BBC SO DIVERSE Two per cent of BBC staff are transgender — four times the average in the UK
>The Beeb's diversity chief Tunde Ogungbesan said more than 400 employees had transitioned or were looking to do so

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You couldn't make it up.

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Tom Dupre (the GI co leader) was ambushed by antifa and beaten up.

I wish I could get a chance torture these antifa scum to death. They're subhuman filth.

Was a comfy walk tbh.

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looks lovely lad

That's the least believable bit about your cover story.

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they tried to slip it in, cheeky

smh bigot

they ambushed a single guy with a large group of people.

They are not better than niggers, in a fair fight they get their shit handed to them.
the lad needs to fucking lift else what else would you expect

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It's nice how antifa do so much damage to their public perception, though.

exponential population growth demands more and more energy

nice. Is that your mrs and kids in the first one?

wankers tbh
Met plenty in London, they're mostly trustfund kiddies and/or drug addicted wastrels living in communal squats

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I wish to god I get a chance to meet an antifa and have fun kicking his head to he bleeds from his ears.


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It's my mum, my niece and the son of the people taking care of my niece smh. The government took her away smh. Hopefully she returns home soon

fucking wew

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taken away for what?

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shame I live in a tiny village and cant jump these cunts

doesnt matter how big you are if you're jumped by ten people with weapons youll lose.

One lads from the German branch had to be put in a coma after being hit by a rock during a protest back in 2016

t-that doesn't look like Wales


well yeah but improving yourself to improve your chances doesn't hurt

Parents being naughty and retarded. Drugs.

Nic pic, lad. What are those things sticking up out of the ground?

It's in the middle of Wales, lad. Not many people live here.

Woodhenge tbh

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*sad slide whistle*

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keek which paper?

TV transmitters pumping out BBC propaganda

Don't you fucking know what trees are?


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George the Poet searched by police after gig
George the Poet says police strip-searched him for no reason after a gig.

kek remember him on QT?

Money please

no trees in Wales lad, they were destroyed to make pitprops

What is it with niggers and their sucker punches

Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times


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Always makes me laugh when they try to be verbose but they don't understand the words they use.

I love write ins tbh, anyone got the "the war wasn't that bad, I got to ride a motorcycle and shot 5 Germans" one?

They've always been like it, slavs do it too.

I remember this one

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Have ordered some 12.5 kg dumbbells and a rowing machine to get swole

which make rowing machine lad?

So do I :^)

it's fake lad.

JTX, I buy everything from Amazon.

tbh lads

Why not a canoe, lad?

never had any experience with them, my team used concept 2's

Rapper DOWN!
Drake's fren Smoke Dawg smoked

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I used to watch him tbh. Just an interesting character.

haha, made me search lad, no canoe machines.

Well I don't know anything but there's no complaints about it so far.

What about a kayak, lad? I am thinking of the real things

kek….Jews kvetching after a Belgian model posed nude in front of the wanking wall

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lad a rower will get you much fitter than a kayak

how come?


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uses pretty much your whole body, instead of just upper body, and it can be as intensive as fuark t. national level rower as a kid

rowing on a river is far comfier tbf

lad canoes or kayaks at least uses your lower body

Rowing machine nationals?

no, on the river, usually sculling in singles or quads

tbh winter training was excessively uncomfy

but her clit is bigger than your knob..


>"close the borders but qt's can still come in"

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imagine if you bought bitcoins in 2010 and could afford a big home with a boathouse on the shores of lake windermere

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does it count as civic if you're already a nigger?

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cool, lad. I still want one on the water. And it does use your legs smh


The vikang immigration policy

>"it's not our fault that we raped!"

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This is just the kind of civic boomer that must be crushed

Naah the vikang policy is the reverse, ship your qt's off to arabs.