Brit/pol/ #2326: Blue Job Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 1 July
Tory backbenchers’ shop steward Sir Graham Brady warns ministers to unite over Brexit or risk a Corbyn government

London bloodbath warning: 'Tourism industry could suffer if stabbing epidemic continues'

Tycoon Elon Musk 'to build the world's biggest battery' in Britain as part of £400m plans to carpet a swathe of Kent marshland with almost a million solar panels

Man 67, who defended his family against an armed gang was ARRESTED himself for allegedly calling one attacker "nigger"

Theresa May refuses to say Britain will remain a 'tier one' military power amid row over defence spending

Tory MPs order Theresa May not to give in to EU’s Brussels bullies on Brexit

Our Survey. Next Tory Leader. Javid tops the poll for the first time

Salih Altun, Sali Amet and Omer Engin submitted their 19-year-old victim to a horrific hour-long ordeal before dumping her on a street in Canterbury, Kent

Israeli military sends tank, artillery reinforcements to Syria's border as (((precaution)))

Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

'Propaganda organization': White Helmets 'engage in anti-Assad activities'

Captain of the Lifeline in court on two charges tomorrow morning, ship owner vows to carry on regardless

The German leader says the bloc is "losing something" with Britain's departure as she strikes a conciliatory note on a key area

Sisterhood, song and yoni steaming: women set for UK’s first man-free festival

Antifa Attacks Prayer Group, Portland Police revoke permit, declare riot as protesters clash downtown

Patriot Prayer v Antifa in Portland thread

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Oh? How come, lad?

No where tbh

These ethnics despise us so much that they are willing to follow us anywhere around the globe.

I wish they were dumb enough to believe that the best white fanny and all the riches of the earth was in the Mariana Trench just to see thousands of wogs drown and implode during their descent

Smooth doggo

Blackpill up lads.

Well getting on in years and its what you're supposed to do.

for her

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This. You'll just have to find the place where you're most comfortable giving your last stand tbh.

But why don't you want kids?

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to avoid the ethnics just live near the coast and own a boat/ship with your friends and family
I am going to survive the race war by fishing, smuggling and providing a transport service
The English conquered England by the North Sea, the English conquered the world by the seven seas, we can survive anything in our natural habitat - the sea

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so they can conquer levangernord and take 22st's doting mummy for spoils

Escaping the collapse in a boat sounds very comfy tbqh


Oh. I thought you said you DIDN'T want kids

not the same user, took the piss and misread the question & now the joke is on me

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saxon shore
saxon pirates
anglo saxon raiders
anglo saxons

we are a sailor folk, the seas will be our earthly salvation


that's embarrassing. I hope nobody read this chain.

but I don't like fish

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you arent british if you dont like fish lad im sorry

Then how can you eat fish and chips?

*Reads it*

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I had fish and chips for supper. Mmmm.
You don't know what you're missing lad

can't wait for society to break down tbh. The only worry is I will be too old to take advantage of teh situation.

half british, half continental

with great difficulty
has to be cooked exactly right none of that burned or soggy arse business

what advantage were you going to get out of it?

im scared it will breakdown before I am ready, i dont want to be caught with my pants down

obviously the worst half of you is dominant of food tastes

It would be a lot of fun tbh
I'd definately be listening to metal as I get up to mischief :)))

how would you go about making the Zig Forums boat anyway?

the naughty nige*

im genuinely saving up my wages from when I join the RN for one
you lads could join me but I doubt you'll still be here in ~10 years time when I have enough to cover all the startup costs and a decent amount of running costs

would either buy a boat or restore an old one like vid related

we'll get a resolution and exit from this pozzed situation one way or another

Can't I just embrace the mulatto race?
There's enough chinese to get my genes out there & with asian intelligence and european creativity maybe we could make a good thing of it?

Aye, and Blair might live to see the collapse of the country, too.

I'd rather die by my own design than trust someone else's, but I've never been a shipmaker. I have a rough idea. 8 n' 6 across, keeled, two winglet things for stability… somehow make it impervious to fire and run on whatever fuel I can get hold of.

you can do what you want mate

East Anglia (Suffolk and Norfolk) are still pretty good saw some nogs in my local town that weren't there before though

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Fucking foreigners

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Don't you deserve a refund if you're paying for things that you aren't receiving?

Got it free anyway because of the wait, literally can't be arsed to go back now. I'm not even worst off, there was a lad there with his daughter and they'd been there 10 mins already when I got there and they still hadn't got theres when I left.

what? no
accordion or pipes if I have to bring an instrument. I have to ask: would gypsy music be acceptable aboard the naughty nige?

his fault was trusting a chain store to serve food the way a saxon ought to be served food

learn your lesson

the absolute state

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classical or metal only

go jap before chink tbh lad and then if you have to go thai or flip


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If I wanted to ask a shipwright some questions about how stable a platform 8ft6 x 32ft would be on the open ocean, where would I go to ask these things?

like a raft?

I don't normally flag, but today's too hot to be bothered not to

100% agreed

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I was half listening to the news today, there was something on about the gov't relaxing laws on people building their own homes. Goodbye green and pleasant land.

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No lad. In-land boats have flat-bottomed hulls for greater clearance and buoyancy and tend to be very long but not so wide. If you go over waves with that kind of hull (48ft and shit) then the hull risks snapping itself in half. What I'd want is a shallow keeled boat of 8ft 6 in width and 32ft in length (the maximum I think I could get away with). But who do you ask about this kind of stuff?

What's going on in that video? Are they all trannies?

Moon people

that last one was so ugly she improved herself by moving the hair

naval architect I suppose

Asian people scare me tbh, they look weird.

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there's a lot of minging whipepo too, probably higher percentage wise

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Friendly reminder Bomber Harris did nothing wrong.

my fantastic (read: unrealistic) scenario would be me being the captain of a RN vessel and, in the event of a societal collapse, going rogue with my men and becoming a mid-21st century version of a saxon or tudor pirate

Yeah but even the more attractive ones look like ayy lmaos

Friendly reminder that Monster Energy is way more than an energy drink. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is a lifestyle in a can!


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Enjoy being hunted across international waters by anyone with a functioning navy.

not in my book

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thanks captain kill-joy just let me dream of raiding polish villages on the baltic sea, ravaging their women and plundering their ports with my crew


He's got a good point, you'd need a safe base

Your boat would just remind me of the cancer. I want one I've built myself out of twinned VW Passat engines and some two by fours

what lad?

I just want to be the 21st century Francis Drake

Is Baroquecore ok?


Good old American geography

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kek look at those panfaces

Modern navy vessels are made out of aluminium now but still run windows xp
In summary they'll be designed by the mentally handicapped, built by people who hate shipbuilding, and powered by diversity diesel

yes so long as there's not some dumb negro shouting obscenities over it

yeah but white women aren't pans.

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I reckon you could use on of the islands dotted around Britain as a port the other issues that aren't solved is fuel ( i suppose you can get that from raiding ships) and ammunition.

and how would you get fuel off other ships?


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tbh I'd avoid ship-to-ship encounters and would use britain as my base. I'd raid foreigners and bribe british seaside towns with the spoils in order to win them over to me and supply me on the cheap

any asian country loves pollution and would be glad to sell you diesel

Bloody women drivers eh?

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They are whales instead :^)

If you drink energy drinks chances are your life is a mess

Whales can lose weight, you can't unmoon a gook.

there's a conspiracy theory that those marks resemble the letter M which happens to be the first letter of the drink name

you can if you beat them hard enough

Ive been reading the first couple of issues of Wyndham-Lewis' BLAST magazine and im struck by the simularity between it and imageboard culture in both style and sentiment. We are the avant-garde lads.

Ships carry diesel and I reckon if you were very smart you'd come with a way of siphoning them of their fuel I suppose.

Still doesn't solve the ammo problem.