Brit/pol/ #2327: Summer Edition

Brexit News for Monday 2 July
Rees-Mogg: May must stick to red lines or risk revolt

'Brits voted for change!' Lord Howard LASHES BBC host with KEY message for business

UKIP’s Lord Pearson Exclusive: Tackling Radical Islam Next ‘Big One’ for Party After Brexit

Terrified fisherman is robbed by two men from another boat who stole fish worth hundreds of pounds

Girl's Norfolk beach death prompts bouncy castle ban call

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Good lad, it's 2 fuccin hawt


tfw browsing brit/pol/ shirtless because it's so fucking hot

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that pic aint hot enough

*Eats Westie alive for all eternity*

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It's the 7th circle tbh, as cold as it gets, wouldn't mind going there rn

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Temperatures top 29C for the EIGHTH day running today and sweltering conditions will last for another MONTH with no rain in sight

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Makes you almost forgive the third world for being so shitty when they have to deal with this heat and worse 24/7.

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Bit of a dick move God considering I tried to live a good life.

Your fedora is a little tight lad.

What porn? Porn already gets banned so what the fuck are you on about.

oof wow yes we all think we are perfect indeed we do we are so much better than everyone else
I know it's overused these days but are you actually underage? You're acting like you've just taken babby's-first-enlightenment.

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post results lads

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something can be pornographic without having full on nudity

thats literally how that guy with the green ID acts lol

im not an atheist you t h i c k o if you can't handle five posts on a filipino frottage forum after 2000 years of theological development without just insulting me that's sad

there are none righteous no not one

This fedora is bitter because he goes online and meets a lot of top lads who are Christians.

what are you then? agnostic?

I believe there's a God who created life on earth.

cool, are you comfortable with the idea of miracles then?

Purgatory tbh

Post links, moderation bans it as it is but things do slip through the cracks.

Green ID doesn't identify someone, your current ID is sortof green.

oof you got me there lad
What should I do instead then? Try to reason for the umpteenth bloody time? brb off to piss into the wind whilst I'm at this whole pointless tasks stage.

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I wonder if people here really believe with the same fervor as a 10th century peasant, tbh it's clear reading people even from the late 19th century that their Christian faith is starting to lack and they're trying to justify it with secular reasons like "The Christian way of life can hold society together" or looking for personal religious experiences with God to bolster their faith.

You don't have to reply to every post, maybe just let people discuss theology without being a dickhead? Thanks.

Tbf the reigning Monarch is the head of the army so they could probably choose anyone of them as their champion.


yeah this is reasonable theological discussion>>833740 it's totally not shit-flinging

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wew hope you brought your raincoat lad

"I saw the ressurection lol"

fucking magnets, how do they work?

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Purgatory, but in reality it doesn't exist and I suggest everyone here abandons this popish idea.

tbh it is a papist memi

Not being able to believe in supernatural events or doubting the sources is probably the number one reason people no longer believe in God alongside things that are perceived to contradict with Christian doctrine like the advent of darwinism therefore I think it's an important thing to discuss. I also want to be a Christian I'm open to being converted so no I don't think it's 'shit flinging'.

That post was meant to highlight the fact that it's ridiculous to say I've seen any personal proof myself (I've never had a personal relationship with God), so all I have to go on are other people's word.

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This is because I said I wanted to go there earlier

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you're not that open to being converted though lad
Yesterday you said I had a good point when I told you how it is illogical to assume the apostles were lying about seeing the resurrected Christ when they died for that testimony. Well where have you gone with that line of thinking? It should be enough to settle your mind that there was indeed more than likely a miraculous resurrection. Yet here you are today seeming not to have taken that on board.

Mocking the sources from the time isn't "shit-flinging"?

I don't know anything about the apostles though or the veracity of the historiography surrounding them.

What are these letters?

here's some more basic reasoning


unlucky lad

Maybe you can recommend me a book on them?


Yes because ancient sources make shit up all the time? Do you think there were 1,000,000,000 persians at Thermopylae?

Tbf lad spending eternity being punished in a cold place sounds a lot comfier than spending it in a really hot place so I'm with you on that one.


The reason I'm treating you like a fedora is because you're acting like one.

So Islam is real?

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thats an exaggeration. What you are doing is thinking along the lines of "there cant have been 1,000,000 persians at thermopalye therefore the battle never happened"

Fair point it's pretty black and white someone being dead or alive.

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Fairly sure it exists, yes.

islam was started by a warlord who forced conversions on the end of the sword and indulged in material conquests
Christianity was founded by the words of peaceful apostles giving witness to the events pertaining to Jesus Christ, and spread despite constant persecution for hundreds of years by earthly authorities
TRIBUTES were paid last night to Peter Firmin, the creator of TV classic The Clangers, who has died aged 89
Please don't let him be a nonce

passive aggressive viking

It's just there are similar martyrs in many religions tbh.

Also the time we killed thousands of the saxons and thousands of the balts and thousands of the jerusalemite civilians

The apostles were numerous and were basically the followers of Jesus Christ. They wrote varied accounts of the things which passed in that time, and cross reference each other. 4 different gospels by Mathew Mark Luke and John each tell the same story but from different perspectives with various separate details. Sort of like how you get many witness statements to a crime but they all tell the same story but from different points of view.


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They had it coming for being constant dicks, oh and people die in wars, I know it's a shocker.


Fug better repent

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Fedoras are stuck in the last decade if not a last century.

The bible is a secondary source lads. It's a compilation of accounts written 70 years after the events happened and has clear bias due to it's religious nature smh

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He's so obtuse. I've just started the Book of Proverbs and he keeps reminding me of all the passages about wisdom and understanding coming from the fear of the Lord.

You laugh but Darwinism was a big shock to the Church even though they dealt with that theologically in like 200AD lol


the letters of the bible are primary sources

I mean it's not like the Saxons, Balts or Mohamedans were babies, it's just a bit of a warlike thing to do considering that the Baltic crusades especially could be seen as very offensive, certainly weren't defensive, and involved forced conversion against pain of death.


Let's list what we've had so far.

"why aren't you taking this discussion seriously despite it being a repeat of all the same tired bollocks that has already been dealt with before"

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the Holy Bible

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worst thread we've had since devilishposting was a thing

Maybe people ask those questions because they're common questions people have about Christianity who weren't raised in a Christian upbringing.

It's too hot.

just because you perceive Darwinism to contradict doesn't mean other people also do so.

Kek I wrote true tbh, I answered as honestly as possible

Being a cunt over it doesn't shine in your favour lad.

Got burned in 20 minutes in the sun and now I have to apply aftersun like a massive twat.

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Change the record lads.

pedophiles deserve to be drowned in the sea tbh

westie started it tbh i told him to stop chatting shit about repentance if he's not Christian and now he's trying his best at a theological discussion

I think On the Origin of Species probably had a large effect on the growth of Atheism, don't you think?

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What lad don't like like 2007-2009 YouTube comment tier religious discussions?

Does the Bible support the death penalty? I can only assume so since Europe had it for centuries.

Just read the fucking thing, it's free.

I have 3 bibles it's just too hard getting through the old testament

This user is right. Just read it. I suggest starting with the Gospels (Mark first, then Luke, Matthew, and finish with John). Followed by the Acts of Apostles, then Paul's letters and the rest of the New Testament.



Romans 13:3: For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:

4: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

5: Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. "

start with the new testament

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