Brit/pol/ #2328: Quick Summer's Flame Edition

Rees-Mogg: May must stick to red lines or risk revolt

'Brits voted for change!' Lord Howard LASHES BBC host with KEY message for business

UKIP’s Lord Pearson Exclusive: Tackling Radical Islam Next ‘Big One’ for Party After Brexit

Terrified fisherman is robbed by two men from another boat who stole fish worth hundreds of pounds

Girl's Norfolk beach death prompts bouncy castle ban call

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>if you look really carefully you can just make out its eyes and teeth


the fucking belgians scored in the last minute

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fucking gooks

Shouldn't it be crown and platinum record for rap sales.

Was that a fight over a woman?

How does one "get into" politics? Is it even possible for an undereducated commoner to become an MP?

Looks it. Though to be more specific it looks like the lad who was slapped down was jilted by KAAAARRINNNNNAAAAAAAAAA

Yeah I got that impression as well.

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He probably should have taken the hint, or at least learned how to fight before embarrassing himself smh

The tories have an ex-coal miner, but I think that's a shameful attempt to get some sort of northern vote.

Letting go always seemed to me to be a good skill worth investing in.




Confirmed: Cameron Told Obama to Say Brexit Britain Would Be ‘Back of the Queue’

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t. knocked down wog.

Just came back from viewing a house.
£120k, 91% hwhite area, cul de sac, low crime rate. And almost LOCAL
Just needs a lick of paint as I think it was owned by a pensioner.

saw a lovely blond thot a few streets away too ;-)

sounds comfy, maybe i should come live near you. 120k is pretty good for a house in a nice area these days

That's remarkably affordable, I wish I could find work outside this city but it's like a black hole it only sucks shit in.


I could almost afford that outright. How many bedrooms?

just in time for his sale tbh

You're going to have to accept that the nation state is over lad and there's now only economic centres and their satraps.

Did Saddam really gas the Kurds or is this a mene? It makes sense that he did because the Kurds were misbehaving and ambushing his northern oil export routes on behalf of Iran.

If you've got that sort of cash, start looking in Northumberland and County Durham. You could get a really nice property with money to spare.

you really think there might be a civil war in America, with "rockets at the white house", in two days time?

how will jones get out of this if nothing happens?

le city state trade empire memi only works in coastal areas, any sort of "chicago the great" attempt to control the midwest would just be an empire of roads that nobody stepped off of (it already is this for many people)

he has done this millions of times lad, they got me in 2013 with le boyscout jamboree super virus mene and I bought like 1k worth of shit like guns and stuff instead of saving money like a normal person

in the uk youd have bought like 2 guns and some ammo lol

Yeah its a 3 bedroom semi with garage and off road parking. Saw an old bloke (who could be my neighbour) cleaning his caravan.

The property is pretty bare and needs furniture, etc but that ain't a problem, you can always change your house, but you can't change the area.
Tbh I was impressed when I saw how white the area is.

There's still hope.
I used the crime rates stats, ons census, google street view and right move.

yeah I bought some shit guns like a beater shotgun and beater 22 and a really nice revolver

The Kurds are reoccurring arseholes for any ME state that has to deal with them tbh. Even if he didn't he should of.

Nations will remain nominally functional but they won't be states. I agree with you but if you've ever watched the Rover I'd imagine that'll be what the mid west will look like with one federal outpost staffed with two officers responsible for law and order in entire counties if not states.

yeah thats how it used to be in many areas, US Marshalls controlling the local sheriffs who essentially are the warlords

Tempting, I'd have to go on bennies until I could find toil or think of a way to make a buck though.

I had Pakis put in an offer of £210K on my house, then after three months solicitors they turn round round and drop the offer to £200K. Told them to fuck off. So now the Paki and his brother coming round again for another viewing.

Proud of those two English divers who ventured into a Thai cave to find those thirteen kids alive tbh.

What you will see is the drop off of force projection by the law. So those two guys could be killed in a raid and it could be days before anyone realises and even longer before anyone cares enough to do something.

any minecraft man in?

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He could be a wop.

lad… what a bout computers?

There's work if you don't mind the commute to newcastle. Nothing wrong with being on bennies either though tbh.

in america the state makes egyptians white against their will

what's fortnite? is it new? suddenly everyone is talking about it

What about them? Energy is going to be rationed soon.

it's a battle royale
like DayZ with children

i refuse to play it because normies love it and it looks shit

in wales… what are they doing encroaching on wales?

This, literally children too. I think everyone over 18 who plays it should be locked up for noncing tbh

No, I'm moving back to Wales from Hamspshire.

I hope it all goes well for you lad.

Don't sell to Pakis or any foreigners

money well spent though, tbh. Now you have some cool guns. Post pics?

3 bedroom at 120k is an absolute steal!

where about is this? wales?

200k is cheap for SE

Take your hand off the hammer lad, playing a game isn't enough of a reason for that sport of violence.

The estate agents keep on them on us.

maybe another time, too many spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and I am also permabanned on my best connection by basedjaimaca

It has to be done.

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Tell the estate agent you're not dealing with people who mess you around. You should use Purple Bricks, pay them a flat fee of £1500 to sell your house within 3 months
Estate agents are utter cunts

Now you just need water filters and brainforce and you're armed for any of the 6 gorillian apocalypses bearing down on America.


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Don't sell to pakis or foreigners, like he said.
Listen to this guy
It's your house, if you don't want your old neighbourhood turning into another rape gang zone, only sell to English people.

i wonder what the crime stats were before and after


The only good thing about that figure is that the percentage will increase if you move there.
Encourage all your mates to do the same, and the place will be 100%.

Post your secrets
Sometimes I wank to 3D to see if I can still get it up to real women

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Is the Isle of Bute the most isolated island in the British Isles? Or did I mistake one backwater for another?

I should sell up and become a landlord

I bucked yer ma

Sometimes I wish I was pregnant by this board's daddy so I could get a bort and get rid of it all. Also change "board" for planet in aborting

Sometimes I miss being a working class deano

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Cheers lad

In my area they buy up as many properties as possible and rent them out to all sorts of pond life. Then as soon as the area has gone to shit and the property prices in the vicinity fall, they buy them up and rinse repeat. The cancer spreads and before you know it you have a wealthy paki living in a posh area while the pond life tenants are shitting up one area and paying his mortgage.
If you sold the house to Pakis your neighbour's would never forgive you.

I'm not nearly as dafty as i pretend to be, if you saw me in the street you'd think i was a clueless normie. i'm a closet dafty

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might be shetland.

I KNEW my brother wasn't related to me!

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it's good you finally admitted it lad

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I'll say it once I'll say again.

The estate agent keeps undermining me and the others who are interested in the property by pushing these Pakis on to me.


I mean he's always been so dark and no one else in the family has the same skin tone. I mean just take a look at us.

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why use them then?

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Channel 4 Bulgarian gypos trafficking kids from their own families for prostitution in Britain

Where? How many bedrooms? I bought a house last month for close to £250K. 98% hwhite, but posh.

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I was once diagnosed with gender dysphoria and referred to a gender identity clinic. I then started reading the bible and decided to cancel all the appointments and live a normal life as a handsome man.

I'm going to drop them after Wednesday.

Lad I only LARP to fit in

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not sure if ruse or not


this is not a joke btw

its actually not kek it was the gi clinic in leeds

I think you're just like everyone here then

Always time to improve and unban Steiner lad.

doing the jobs lazy brits won't do

good lad

your not normal at all

My swarthy friend told me that Pakis are bribing estate agents.