Brit/pol/ #2329: Transatlantic Banter Edition

Brexit News for Tuesday 3 July
Boris backs Rees-Mogg's warning to May to keep her Brexit promises

Downing Street 'bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage' during visit to Britain next week

Countess of Chester Hospital: Woman held in baby deaths probe

"If we aggregate the data then Muhammad wins checkmate bigots!"

Polish environmental group placed a tracker on the back of a stork. The migratory bird traveled to Sudan, where someone found the tracker, removed the sim card, put it in their own phone and racked up hours worth of phone calls

'Shameless' Swedish Women Reported to Police for Sexually Abusing Refugees

'Swedish Party Scolds 'Destructive Multiculturalism', Pledges Mass Deportations'

The number of Islamist extremists in Sweden has risen tenfold, the Swedish Defense College wrote in a new report on the Islamist threat commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The report was called "one of a kind" as it mapped out the jihadist environment in Sweden and its methods of influence.

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repeat post tbh

The NHS as a concept is fine and dandy, it is the fact there is too many people using it than are paying in. Too many middle management and bureaucrats as well.

Anyone who is against the NHS for ideological reasons is a pleb.

I'm against it for the fucking baby murder.

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that is a product of public pursuit of hedonism and lack of moral guidance, not because of the NHS per se.

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I bet some big brained libertarian would argue how a private system would filter out bad doctors by providing you with a choice or something

Alfie's murder wasn't abortion, lad.


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it isnt the job of the govt to provide healthcare
I would be in favour of a church-run hospital system like in the middle ages. It is the job of religious charities to provide care for the sick and infirm where the family cannot provide.


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Banning abortion would more or less make up for the amount of people the NHS kill per year.

Alfie was a memi tbh, and the problem with that case was the judaical decision to not allow the baby to go the Italy in the first place.

It was still murder.

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No lad the commies wanted to murder the baby so they could burn his body to power the cultural marxism machine in the hospital cellar

state sanctioned and enforced murder at that

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these fucking israel cucks

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who? Tommy "shilling for Israel" Robinson you mean?

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'Donald Trump must not meet Nigel Farage': Downing St accused of laying down red line ahead of UK visit

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It's like these people exist in an alternative timeline in which 600 people haven't been killed by misuse of painkillers.

are they scared of farage?

NIGEL'S TRUMPED Nigel Farage ‘banned from meeting Donald Trump when President visits Britain next week’

Downing Street 'bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage' during visit to Britain next week

full stories as the Terriblegraph is behind a (((paywall)))

It's in the OP lad.


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Just stealing back the (you)'s you stole from me in the past, bigot

Can they actually stop him making a private social visit?

fucking hell

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pretty sure they can't stop them telephoning each other

They're scared Trump will regime change them and install Nigel Al-Farage as supreme ruler of the UK

no, he's the US president he can do what he wants I would have thought. They cant arrest him kek

Of course lad, listen to Joe

nope, and he's probably more likely to do it now

have they even done anything in UKIP yet?

They can't do jack shit.
This is a fucking joke government tbh. Totalitarian is an understatement
Have to agree with Huge Grant on this one tbh

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What are they going to do, arrest the president of the US?

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The comments in the articles are good

Trump calls Nige Mr. Brexit. He obviously despises May and her government but hides it

oh fuck off

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They are opening themselves up to a lot of salt.
Grab your popcorn, you're going to enjoy the show.

what happened to our country lads

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Jews, Marxism and h'White traitors.

bigots smh

Cromwell, international finance, etc.

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Whites distrust biracial people when their racial presentation varies, study finds

That's the result of worshiping "One God".
It's the same reason America has done a 180 and is hitting new records every week.

The anger of the kvetching demons having their plans disrupted makes this even more visible.

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I share your sentiment. If you want the NHS to be efficient, decrease population.

nth for build the fires high

I admire the nips

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willing to bet every penny I own there is a racial motive behind this


full paper

what's the significance of this?

Authors confirm that there is a penalty to being a mutt.

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no one trusts a halfcaste

OUR memmies ARE TRUE

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reminder to memmie responsibly

Method for burning through a research grant.

every memi in the universe is true

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Right no more posting that golden calf image unless you want uni students congregating outside NHS units and dancing around a fire pit.

sort of already suspected this but its good to have it scientifically confirmed

I maintain the fact that Zig Forums is the zenith of OC/memitics tbh


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tbh for a place that seldom hits 100+ UID's, we punch massively above our weight

Unironically there is something about being British which makes us naturally greater at whatever we put our minds to than other nations


Always loved the idea of patron gods tbh

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1 Corinthians 12:2

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They're divine beings lad

do they even resurrect the dead though?

**glad SA isn't here, for he would, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

Your idols can do shit.

based boomers

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I just don't get this Tracy Emin art.


And post the same retarded memmies over again…..

Why yes they can, thank you for agreeing

Deano abroad.

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More English boomers than English kids.

thats because it isnt art

THIS is art

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I would think it more likely they got stolen tbh.

Most of the kids probably identify as pakis first,

Lads I saw this for sale in a church

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Eh. I'm not opposed to children's Bibles as a concept. Would prefer quaint drawn art like when I was a child though.

Weird, but I can understand why someone would come up with this idea.

I've seen this and others like it in a Christian book shop I sometimes look in.

It was so surreal tbh, I was standing next to the tombstone of Athelstan I reading a fucking bible made from minecraft screenshots.

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brit minecraft server when?

Christians are a very creative bunch tbh.

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Thou shalt not permit a sorceress to live

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