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The sun never sets.

Austria: Turk Immigrants Who Voted For Erdogan Should Go Home
Populist Austrian Vice Chancellor and leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) Heinz-Christian Strache has said that Turks in Austria who voted for Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should return to Turkey.

Study: 10 in 12 Rapists in Denmark of Migration Background
Ten out of every 12 rapists in Denmark are either migrants, foreigners, or come from migrant backgrounds, according to an investigation by Danish media.

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All of these nations should be made into British colonies tbh.

Alex Jones Funny Moments


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What's his name again?

chubby cheeks


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this country is already dead
it's rotting as we speak

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Hope it kicks off on the 14th and we get to see either cops or antifa get beat up and chased

what a queer.

Jesus fucking Christ. Can the Queen not revoke Sheffield's Lord Mayoralty? It's bringing the office into disrepute and then some

He and all his voters should be shot

Someone is going to end up shooting him.

When life is more crazy than a comedy sketch

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good lad

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you deserve that irn bru you sod

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I got jocked

it's a distillery, not a brewery lad

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maybe I might have remembered that if they let me drink some god damned whiskey


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Can you add vodka to water and use it as a coolant, or does it become grog and then "go off"?

>ywn fore roleplay nazi interrogatoress vs british POW with your nena gf

cooling what lad?

a cruise ship with an onboard distillery

what are romanians like lad? this one romanian thot from when I was in public school was a huge thot and ended up dating niggers and poojeets

oh except that instead of piracy I could just trade the moonshine for the fruit required to make more and as a plus not get scurvy

Every Whisky and Whiskey distillery is a brewery, because Whisky/whiskey is distilled beer.

they are alright tbh like any other foreigner I'd rather they werent here. They are all scared that they are gonna be kicked out because of brexit kek

Those aren't Romanians, those are straight up gypos, can't you hear the Indian influence.

The monarchy contains the head of world Masonry, the Duke of Kent. It will not do any good.

Anyway, she has already broken her vow to defend Protestantism here. Why would she keep less important duties, like protecting government from shame?

wait to coll the engine or something? probably better with straight vodka

stop that or I'll Jock you

all the Romanian lasses I've met have been nutters to some degree, some of the chaps are ok though

the romanian kid I knew wore shoes that looked like they were from the 50's and when he kicked me in the shin I found out they were like clogs underneath the leather
I don't know if they're comfy, but apart from that the Romanians surely make a good shoe

happy Burger Day lad

You can't Jock a Brythonic-Gaelic half-caste.

Alban ys Cymru.

leeks out of rightful jock clay

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Everything south of the Highlands is Welsh clay, you Taigish Viking rape baby.

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you can keep it tbh, and welcome to it

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This tbh

Fuck off, Saes. Cumbria and the Scottish lowlands are Welsh.

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Stop infighting, lad. No more brother wars!

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not anymore, you lost to the Angel-folk because you asked for strangers to defend you when the romans fled.

t. wicing

i like to watch videos of mennonite communities to calm me down when im upset.


just bought myself some weights lads. My arms look like I'm dying. Any good links for routines?

Did civic fencer give him a sabre?

Show us your arms, lad. Mine are turning into drumpf arms because of the sun smh

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if they were that pitiful then Wales would have been annexed long ago
fact is they learned how to fight back in the day

lift literally anything, even the empty bar on its own until you feel sick and can't lift it anymore
do it again tomorrow
and again
then start worrying about weights and reps

use a weight heavy enough but also light enough that you can do about 10-15 reps before failure

wales only survived because of the easy to defend terrain, and the Anglo-Saxons didnt need to over-extend themselves. And the welsh were annexed actually in the middle ages.

pullups & chinups and pushups with varying distances between your hands will sort you right out tbh

Remember to lift with both your legs and your back, swapping between the two. Don't want to be that lad with the huge disproportionate knees.

and situps tbh

nah lad. Scared. I've got quite big arms (wrist girth, shoulder size, etc) but my biceps have atrophied to nothing over the past 6 months. My arms look like they belong on a man with a 12 BMI or some shit…

Now you have to show them, lad. That's the rules

thanks lads.

the Saxons were greedy jews with the strength of wogs, back in the day. They'd have taken Wales by force if they hadn't fought on similar terms. It'd be interesting to know how the warrior class maintained itself in Wales. In Anglesland you had the Thane and the Aerlings and shit. I thought the Welsh system would be based slightly differently

well on one hand, I wish the US stayed Anglo-Saxon, but on the other I rather like guns and free speech. you can't deny that our personal freedom is like 1000 times less shitty, it's 1984 over there

you're even quicker to sue each other than injurylawyers4u, and the result of these cases depends entirely on how much you could muster to pay to a suited jew

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The Guns and Free Speech you enjoy were given to you by the founding Fathers, all of which were Anglo-saxon.


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So what was England before we developed those beliefs?

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It's real. Shocked!!!

obviously there's tons of shit that sucks here too, but if I had the choice to live under our laws or yours, it'd be an easy one and I'm sure you'd do the same. I don't have to worry about my door being broken down for "hate speech" although sentences for other crimes can be enhanced because "muh hate" which is really bad tbqh

duh, we got a fuck ton of immigrants from everywhere. first germany, ireland, italy, etc. then it expanded to slavs, KIKES, etc., then eventually that started to include shitskins

melty molteaser pot of diversity in race creed and religion which invented fish and chips and doesn't afraid of anything except accidentally being racist

*she creams her big nose knickers

my mate who works for United Utilities tells me there is an acute water shortage due to the lack of rainfall. They have not gone public with it to avoid causing alarm to members of the public. He advises stocking up on some bottled water from the supermarkets because when the taps stop flowing people will go apeshit.

The less Anglo-Saxon the US has become, you can actually see the degradation of free speech and civil liberties. Do you think there were civil liberties in the absolute monarchy German states those migrants were coming from as opposed to the constitutional monarchy of the UK? You're such an ignorant proud mutt aren't you though.

The European argument against America isn't a legal basis. It's that culturally you're completely fucked and have no history or high art. It's not a fair accusation for a young country, but it's the one that gets leveled whenever you start getting uppity and telling us that American cars are "the best".

Shit someone should tell the papers they aren't meant to be reporting on it.

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tbh I'll fill my bathtubh if it comes down to it or drink beer in the medieval manner

politics is downstream from culture, good post

Isn't it going to rain tomorrow?

no more Norwejohn arse bandits
Have you washed it?

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They could just kick your door down because someone told the police you were a terrorist.

Currently raining now here

Has he cleaned his room yet?

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Nah going to do it before bed tbh


maybe but it's not enough to replenish

there weren't civil liberties in either, America invented those (for better or for worse)

yeah but do the normals in Britain even know your history or appreciate your art? you have just as many brainwashed leftists per capita as we do, if not more. all of these people saying English is a "state or mind based on shared values" or whatever the fuck, that is EXACTLY the same thing they say here. of course, being born pure British on British soil is a nobler heritage than that of a burgermutt, but the only real way that you're less fucked than we are is a 30% difference in demographics which is just a couple decades delay

I hope we all get out of this shit but I'm blackpilled tbh, Eastern Europe and Italy can dig their way out because their population isn't totally brainwashed, idk about the west

posting with a dirty penis not shocked but quite frankly disgusted

Lad don't imagine my penis.

lads should we buy it and start a brit-ethnostate?

Why not?


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It's hard to remember. The old way of life was a long time ago. If you asked me say, as little as a year ago what it meant to be Saxon I'd basically say "being rulecucked, celebrating diversity, eating odd locally made goods". It takes a lot of learning to see beyond it.

It's difficult to if you haven't got one lad

Have you checked him out?

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