Brit/pol/ #2332: UKIP Has A New Face And It's Beautiful Edition

Brexit: UK 'to keep more of its fish', Michael Gove says

Jaguar Land Rover boss: Brexit threatens £80bn UK investment

'It smacks of a STITCH-UP!' British MEP DISMANTLES Theresa May's Brexit fisheries plan

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IMAGINE MY good lad.

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Cod wars 2 doggerland boogaloo soon.

good lad

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Do you remember TV Offal? That was pretty funny.


Sometimes I command my 56% team to victory over voice, I shout at them what to do and sometimes get angry, but then I will have dozens of commendations and almost no reports at the end of the month when my player report card is visible. They knew my harsh leadership was necessary.

This is the outlet for my natural urge to lead and explore, in the past I'd be with Cook doing a trigonometric survey of another island added to the Empire, today I am trapped in a virtual world, unable to reach self actualisation.

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i want to rule over you

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More like waiting to kill.

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Brazil isn't all that bad.
They get to play as much sega as they want thanks to the import taxes and tectoy's doing

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tune in

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You can still work on a survey vessel.
Although nowadays they're just counting seals to add to the empire.

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I want to conquer foreign lands. I want to be Suvorov or Kutuzov.

Previously you worked to be able to surivive, now you work to afford your 2 week holiday in Ibiza

Holy shit I love these guys

Thanks lads

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Sometimes I daydream about the state of the world and it's like an Ilya Ehrenburg poem on steroids.

Feels like a World Peace sketch.

lmao this nigger is so passive aggressive, so many niggers are effeminate

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sorry lad i've never read jewish bolsheviks

True. Niggers put up a tough guy pose but it's all a front when they're not in a group.

"Kill the German" is a must read for anyone who is interested in the Eastern Front, this is the sort of propaganda the Russian lads were reading.


tbh they probably mute you

Cut me finger the other day. Most alive I've felt in years.

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Dark skinned Englishman looks shocked.

yeah very true

lmao this russian is such a mall ninja

This is a good one.

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This is what Russia needs!!!

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Kek I always get that gun owner feeling when someone brags about owning an air rifle.

Nice peashooter little man.

10 former communist good lads.

What interesting timing to be repeating this now.

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Just got extremely /comfy/ tbh

There's a new Joe video but I dunno if it was already posted or not.

I love these gopniks

yeah its kind of sad, but guns are also just a memi and even gun owners can come across as faggots

I was at a pistol range shooting my pistols and this guy walks in wearing full multicam ACUs and has a rifle bag (at a 25 yd range), he opens it and its a literal intervention from COD, all the boomers were kissing his ass about it and then he just left

I feel like these gopniks are about to rekt this wog

Oh god

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top kek

This russian is a fucking lad

Gun ranges should have the Zig Forums fashion guide pinned to the walls.

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You can't shoot that at 25 yds can you? was he just showing off then


yeah I mean you could but idk alot about scopes because I am not a richfag but you would not sight at anything less tan 100 yds


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this gay nigger literally wants to get raped by gopniks

kek the bugman negro is so annoying

Terrorwave working towards Partisan-core.

yeah he literally just walked around with it at the shop and talked about it then put it back in the bag and left and never even shot it.

Can't watch this anymore, I feel bad for the guy but the violence is O V E R W H E L M I N G L Y black on white yet they will never run this documentary on how blacks gangraped and threw a child in a rubbish bin, it's only ever used to browbeat whites into submission.

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this slavic union leader guy has the beard I want to grow as a 30 year old boomer

inb4 it was just airsoft

I think that's most people tbh, did recently buy some nice polo shirts though.


Here's a British mummy for you Steiner

That's a real man, sad to say but I wish my father was half a man as he is.

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fucking nigger

the slavic union symbol is so cool looking, best dafty symbol IMO

Switch to 80s nostalgia:

russian dafties seem very serious

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GLOBAL thanks lad

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Can see why reading about the chechen insurgency.

Why don't we have a daftie group lads? Why are we all such wimps?

secret state is too strong

Slav dafties tend to be fairly extreme tbh

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We had Combat 18 and various Loyalist groups

half of this board has been vanned for daftyism


wheras secret state in russia supports the dafties secretly

I'd forgotten about them. That was the 80s/90s though right?

was cromwell a dafty?
we all know wat tyler was a dead end roads daftie


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Cromwell was anti-British deadend and (((zionist))).

wish he was my dad or at least brother or uncle tbh

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Yeah, I don't know if C18 are still around tbh.

Yeah they were with the BNP, dunno if they were still around but they were ready to coup the government on the BNP behalf.

>have a meeting with Job Centre

If you want to meet ex-Combat 18 lads, just get on PREVENT.

Yeah I've heard.

daily reminder that the jews failed


You don't have to have children to go Dad-mode, you just need to come to terms with not being young anymore. Quite liberating if you can do it. You probably are 18 though so none of my boomer advice applies.




they died for something bigger then themselves lad

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32 yo boomer tbh


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he really is a true american