Brit/pol/ #2333: Big Lads Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 5 July
David Davis warns Theresa May her 'third way' plan is unworkable

Allan: May's EU plan is not Brexit

Revealed: How Wetherspoons charges as much as £4 MORE per drink depending on where you live (and prices even vary between branches on the same STREET)

Tesco Announces Cross-Channel Alliance #DespiteBrexit

Love Island: Ellie J is unmasked as a 'supporter' of imprisoned activist Tommy Robinson… as fans call for her to be kicked off the show

Pied crow with Yorkshire accent filmed in Knaresborough


We worship the NHS like an ancient god. To save it, we must be heretics

NHS staff and patients to mark 70th birthday of health service, thousands of tea parties will take place to raise money for NHS

If the NHS is to make another 70 years the government needs to show migrants like me we are welcome


Police fear missing Novichok 'syringe' that left couple fighting for life could have been 'carried off by a child' as they admit they have no idea where it is - as authorities FINALLY evacuate homes

UK home secretary calls on Russia to explain Novichok poisoning, after nerve agent linked to two victims in Amesbury

Deadly poison stolen from safety vault in Dutch museum

Woman wearing anti-Trump T-shirt arrested after climbing up Statue of Liberty

I stopped going to the gym because of Trump. Now I can't open jars

Pub renamed Trump Arms for presidential visit

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My 7 year old daughter just asked me why in this age of low marriage/fertility rates, sexual liberation and total female equality, women are more unhappy with each passing year.
Wew lads. What should I tell her?

First for me

hullo, second best poster!

Tell her Feminists are angry dysfunctional women that were so miserable that they told other women to do things that would make them miserable too, because they hated other people being happy

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You can't say "I'm not going accept your offer because you're a X Y Z" that will you open to a lawsuit, you price the cunts out by not budging.

fair enough

i just fucking hate pakis that's all

can you sell me a house for £6k lad please

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xth for Ukrainian Dafties

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is that Azov?
are they still a jew op?

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There has been an increase in civic poofs lately

a while ago some lad said he was going to introduce his normie Tory friends to Zig Forums , it was probably some of them

Ill give you 7 and a cherry bakewell

a mystery box full of loose change

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Nah just regular Nationalists on the birthday of Bandera

And Azov got merged with the National Guard back in 2014, apparently their main backer was actually the US and not that one Yid.

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Ever watched or read Jojo, lad? New anime coming in October. here's a teaser. Supposedly there will be the full first episode up tomorrow



quality tbh

anime is for faggots

I'm so angry all the time, lads
The only time I feel better is when I masturbate to pornography

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no, i've not heard of that. Looks like they are going for a 60s psychedelia kind of vibe

what's it about?

I wish STJ was my life coach.

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I like his beard tbh

The whole series is about a bloodline and their stories. Set in the real world with magical abilities. This part in particular is set in Italy for the most part and most of the characters are mafia members.

maybe you should start working out tbh?

is it odd I enjoyed Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency more than Stardust Crusaders?

fairly standard Shounen manga, uplifted by great artstyle and concepts

go for a walk in the countryside away from the hoi polloi

will i be able to find it on kissanime ?

Approved to be flown over London by Suckadiq Khan
…unless someone hunts it down and destroys it

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Trump 'angry baby' blimp gets green light to fly over London during president's visit

Literal blimpf incoming kek
calling on SA to be there as our London scout

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Me fucking too, not only are they kiddie fiddling goat-fucking inbread murderers, they are really fucking shit at the real estate game.

That wouldn't be enough for a shitty flat in inner-city Sterling or Falkirk (£20,000 - £15,000)

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He makes technicolour bong beards look good somehow.

It's coming home tbh

No. Stardust crusaders drags tbh and it's when he started with stands. Part 7 is so far my favourite part. Part 5 is also a lot of fun, action-oriented. Can't wait to see it animated. Part 4 was also a bore, but I think that might be because I read it before watching it.

When it airs, yeah. Apparently this episode I was talking about were only for a small audience, not for us plebs. ahhhhhh

'low it fam

how could someone sabotage a thing like that

pro fap shills get out

hoi, (ói) in ancient greek means "the", so by saying "the hoi polloi" you are saying "the the people". "away from hoi polloi" would be correct.
This triggers my autism something hard lad

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Air rifle, crossbow, pair of scissors, drone

yeah I'll do it

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Well it will have to be anchored somewhere so like 10 lads could just storm the place and release it, or a lad with a good eye could shoot it down.

they aren't shit at it, they are just fucking horrible

they buy a property in an area, fill it with their utterly shit people, who drive down the rest of the house prices in the area, and then they buy up those houses on the cheap, and let them out to more of their shitty kind

That's why as soon as one paki family movies into an area, the whole neighbourhood is fucked

there's a myriad of things to get worked up about lad, don't sweat that one

t-the civics w-will rise again :[

have the news anyway

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I know
I hate the market
have heard you can get a decent sized smallholding for as low as £20k but at best that'd still be a decade+ of working and saving smh

someone smuggle in a really big pin and pop it

no thats the consensus these days

There is quite a lot of results for Jo Jo's Bizarre adventure on kissanime, going back to around 2000 I think

guns, drones etc would be out of the question. Probably kinves and scissors too.

You need to post it at around 680 posts or it will take too long to post and you'll get cucked.

t. lives on the River Avon

Jojo's been adopted in an OVA a long time ago. The newer anime started around 2014 or something. Wikipedia will tell you tbh

They might have it tethered somewhere, and that could be cut

They might be planning to parade around with it though, a bit like the inflatables in BatMan

what a horrible thing to say to someone

Since we're all Russian spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and bots, we could ask Putin for a lend of one of his S500s and blast the fucker out the sky.

a sling
that said you'd memi "deflated baby" into existence by doing so


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Society should accept dead homosexuals tbh.

My 13 month old daughter got out of her BMW convertible after getting home from a day of lectures at Cambridge university and asked me whether anybody had sequenced Jesus' DNA in order to find out what God's Y chromosome looks like. What do I tell her?

I honestly thought from the thumbnail she was holding a chocolate rice krispie square

I call them Pakis, but they were Afgans, and they were shit at the real estate game they thought houses can be bartered like fruit and veg down the Kabul Bazaar. Not knowing you should never contact the seller directly with offers.

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I wish I could make people this angry by just existing

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fuckin OK magazine tier news boy

Good taste tbh

he's like some ultimate avatar

It's a good flag tbh

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Jojo's good clean fun (It's not gay Dad! Shut up!)
Parts 2, 4, and 7 are best.

is the 2014 one the one I should watch?

It doesn't speak well for Trump. It speaks poorly for Guardian editors.

yeah but does he have a rhodie flag

I take it you prefer the Norwegian dragon flag, you filthy traitor?


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I do too. Not a huge fan of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro's a bit of a cunt, and it's too enemy of the week, with too little overarching plot.
I think it's mostly held up by the Japanese fanbase, and the fact that most Westerners were first exposed to Jojo through the SC fighting game.

nepal has the best flag because they buck the rectangular trend

more countries should ditch the (((rectangle)))
france could fly the orange gonfalon and plenty of nations could have square standards with eg double-headed eagle, lion heads etc

is he slowly adopting the fashy look?

cover me bully buddy

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apparently it started even earlier.

The animes that belong to the current Jojo are:
Phantom blood(2012)
Battle Tendency. These two parts are in the same season.
Stardust Crusaders(2014)
Diamond is unbreakable(2016)
and now, in 2018, Golden wind. Pic related

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I don't like flags that is impossible to make out from a distance,and ones that are cluttered tbh

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it's starting to sound like a lot of work smh

i'm too lazy to watch all of that

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Qing dynasty is good too

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he's becoming the new leader of the Alt Right

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yeah but playing with ball

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It took a lot of work to write out that list, lad…

Why do you have that, lad?

I prefer that one tbh


because when I went to the UN in New York. I bought 3 flags from the flag rack. I only chose the coolest.

Bhutan's flag is pretty distinctive lad

BBCAutismlad is that you?


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which country were you representing?


why are the flags rectangles anyway

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Lad have you ever thought that the older women were just like the women your age were back when they were their age?