Brit/pol/ #2335: Don't Melt Edition

Brexit News for Friday 6 July
May facing Cabinet revolt at Chequers after plan for 'common rulebook' revealed

Nurse arrested over Cheshire baby deaths released on bail

Poundland stops selling kitchen knives in 59 West Midlands shops amid knife crime epidemic

Japan executes seven cult leaders behind Tokyo Sarin attacks

U.S. Army discharging troops promised citizenship through service

Beijing slaps crippling tariffs on US as Trump's suicidal trade war hots up

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for him

legs are sore

Don't tell me what to do

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Got my degree results today. The first official day of NEEThood.

is that a japanese jesus

good results?

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First, but despite getting it from a good uni its a memi degree.


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Jesus Christ

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Well done mate!

nice lad, what do you mean by memi
social sciences?

they were 2 for 77p when I got mine after being outed as a dafty in public
based inflation

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Thanks lad

Thanks lad. Classics so sort of. Had fun though so it wasnt a complete waste of time, everything will end soon anyway and we're all equally fucked when it does.

yorkshire needs a purge

Prepare yourself for NEETdom or working in a Uni lad
t. unemployable classics graduate

I've been mentally prepared for a while now lad.

good lad what did you do your dissertation on?

The Decline of Pagan Temples. I had a section where I referred to women as animals and still got a 76 so I'm fairly happy about that.

Under current logic, he's black, so he's allowed to culturally appropriate the sombrero from mexicans, as his culture is inferior.

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who was better hektor or achilleus lad


jason or medea lad

Jason. But Jason is a shit hero anyway.

Folk music posting.

*flies away from your post on a chariot after murdering your family and waifu*


Hector was a good lad. Achilles was a whining faggot

aias and diomedes were good lads too tbh, everyone is scared to face hektor then they just send the BIG LAD in

er hector literally ran round the city 5 times running away from achilles

but what about Lysander


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um that wasn't actually running away because he'd already locked himself out of the city and was forced to fight tbh

More esoteric.

athena intervenes to stop hector being a pussy

there are other lads who did classics here?

NeoNazis" in Ukraine are armed by Israel

in the illiad he bottles it after going out and starts running about


>As journalist Max Blumenthal explained on The Real News in February, Biletsky has “pledged to restore the honor of the white race” and has advanced laws forbidding “race mixing.”
>According to The Telegraph, Biletsky in 2014 wrote that “the historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade for their survival.
>A crusade against the Semite-led untermenschen.”
>At a military training camp for children last year, The Guardian noticed that several Azov instructors had Nazi and other racist tattoos, including a swastika, the SS skull symbol and one that read “White Pride.”
>One Azov soldier explained to The Guardian that he fights Russia because “Putin’s a Jew.”
>Speaking to The Telegraph, another praised Adolf Hitler, said homosexuality is a “mental illness” and that the scale of the Holocaust “is a big question.”

>US aid to Nazis
>Under pressure from the Pentagon, a clause in the annually renewed defense bill banning US aid to Ukraine from going to the Azov Battalion was repeatedly stripped out.
>This went on for three straight years before Democratic lawmaker Punjabi Rohit Khanna and others pushed it through earlier this year.
>In 2014, the Israel lobby groups ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to help a previous attempt to bar US aid to neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.
>The ADL argued that “the focus should be on Russia,” while the Wiesenthal Center pointed to the fact that other far-right leaders had met at the Israeli embassy in Ukraine – as if that somehow absolved their anti-Semitic views
>Attempts by some in Congress to bar US military aid to Nazis in Ukraine may explain military aid from Israel.
>Israel’s “deepening military-technical cooperation” with Ukraine and its fascist militias is likely a way to help its partner in the White House, and is another facet of the growing Zionist-White Supremacist alliance
>Israel has historically acted as a useful route through which US presidents and the CIA can circumvent congressional restrictions on aid to various unsavory groups and governments around the world.
>In 1980s Latin America, these included the Contras, who were fighting a war against the left-wing revolutionary government of Nicaragua, as well as a host of other Latin American fascist death squads and military dictatorships.
>It also included the South African apartheid regime, which Israeli governments of both the “Zionist left” and Likudnik right armed for decades.
>As quoted in Andrew and Leslie Cockburn’s book Dangerous Liaison, one former member of the Israeli parliament, General Mattityahu Peled, put it succinctly: “In Central America, Israel is the ‘dirty work’ contractor for the US administration. Israel is acting as an accomplice and an arm of the United States.”
>Amid an alarming rise in anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism, Israel now appears to be reprising this role in eastern Europe.
More Videos

US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia - BBC Newsnight

true its kind of pathetic achilleus needs EVEN MORE divine intervention to catch hector when he already has magic armour

i did classics at sixth form tho

People who do best in life get 2:1 or 2:2 s

Donald will drone strike Sheffield during the steel wars and Magid will be gone forever

okay whoever is the cause of thebes plague i will now curse a thousand times this cant possibly backfire in any way

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By far the cruellest episode in Classical mythology.

Isn't 80~ 2:1?

That's what I was getting before I packed it in.


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no lad that's beyond a first. Why on earth would you pack it in if you were getting that?


Cause Uni is shite mate

Agreed. But if you start you might aswell finish and get something out of it. Also depends on where you go.

Couldn't be arsed finishing hated the whole experience would rather be homeless

Arachne tbh

Because I hated the professors and hated the other students even more.

I love stories of human characters overcoming divine ones, probably my favourite trope tbh.

But her arrogance was her downfall. She wasn't 'pretty good' at weaving, she challenged Minerva and was warned to stop being such a hubristic cunt about it.

Actaeon was literally just in the wrong place at the wrong time and got fucked for it.

London homophobia is rising

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What were you studying? (60% and above is a first btw)

reminder to chew mastic gum regularly for jaw gains

it is a mystery why

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BA in History

Fair enough. Fucked if you do fucked if you don't. Isn't there a lad here who got a PhD in one of the most 'employable' degrees and is still a neet?

good post

tbh minerva tricked her and she back down and she actually was as good if not better then minerva

She was still arrogant and ignored the advice of the old sage. You cannot say that was more undeserved than Actaeon lad.

yeah you are probably right i still like the arachne story though

>its him

Yes, there is. Not me

Nah it's a 70 and above.



Wouldn't surprise me as soon you start working you have to start the debt, fuck that.

Make your own money and dodge the HMRC as well as those Jock cunts at the SLC using your money to subsidise faggot middle class jock undergrads.

greek tragedy still gives me that black cathartic feeling inside where you just ponder on the plot helplessly, guess i'm feeling what those greeks did all those millenia ago

greek comedy on the other hand is fucking hilarious kek

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that one about women being allowed to do democracy and that should be required cultural learning for the entirety of europe tbh


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Footy's on at 3 Dean, don't panic



He locks himself out and then bottles it when he sees the BIG LAD running at him

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Everyone should at least read the Iliad and the Odyssey tbh

Kek tolerantman going full daftie.

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I wonder what is actually going through Batten's mind reading that.

Actually retarded

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I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou once.

I'll try, my focus is on Medieval and Early Modern Eastern Europe

the Carlyle avatar makes it so much better.

how is she only like 22

fucking hell that's stupid

Homer is so influential that you will be surprised just how pervasive he is in all western works.

kekked, but naming da jooz will get you nowhere in current politics