Cuckchan gets cucked again

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I literally just decided to abandon 4chan for good after reading about that. Please take me in I'm a poor abused 4chan refugee

lol take off your tin foil hat!

Why do you even care? Reddit, 4chan, why do you even go there anymore?

I've been following the Vega release on warosu since July this year, and I can confirm AMD has fucked up

Fuck you, reported. You have to go >>>/back/

truly these people are worse than H iro

3 years too late, sorry bud. We are full

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Site works for me without loading those scripts, but I do see them in umatrix.


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who cares

Fuck the hell off.


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One of my other boards just told me about this. Looks like we might be getting quite the influx of refugees all across the ecosystem wwwwww

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It means is literally you

that's really gay no homo

The botnet is coming from inside the house.

trips confirm

I am left without words, so I shall post these reaction images to show my amusement.

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New domains:


They essentially make wierd xhr requests to some server, so it's most likely some shady ad-server similar to the "adglare" drama a while back. The only difference this time around is that the ad-server is most likely communicating with 4chan servers so that the server-side stylesheet isn't loaded for the user if the xhr requests are not fullfilled A.K.A. be a good goy and load everything or you'll be excluded.

Expect some more refugees, before this you could not post via VPN and had to enable non-free google capcha JS. This might be the final straw.

Can't believe they succeeded in excluding everyone but the phoneposters and dumbfucks that don't use extensions.
They basically destroyed everything but newshits.

Well I guess I'm officially here now. Hello 8ch.

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Keep walking, faggot.

Get ready there's gonna be a mass exodus real soon

cuckchan mod confirmed that there is nothing they can do on their end. This is all on that gook

Wow. Didn't see this coming.

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Maybe Zig Forums and /v/ will see 3000 unique posters again. Wouldn't that be something.

Yeah but then they'd have to deal with Mark who is a total faggot who has let /v/ degrade rapidly. and Zig Forums's mod is shady as fuck

cuckchan is beyond furious. Time will tell if they actually get Hiro to sell the site to someone else. If Hiro is smart he'll do that to avoid the blowback.

hiro is not smart if he pull something this retarded

They were beyond mad when the new ads were first introduced, but they blocked them and moved on.

They'll block these and move on too.

you can't block them

They're not even trying to hide anymore. Something's coming.

Maybe we can get him to sell the site by force

Can't wait! I'm sure they'll fit right in.

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Fuck off to meguca

I give it 3 days and everyone has forgotten about it and happily getting microphones rammed up their anus.

I stole that image fair and square.

Some more updates from their /g/:


So how long has this been going on for? People there say a few hours

Seriously though, how do anons feel about a chan running on i2p? I'm currently without a side project.

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How about fixing this shit pile first

This isn't the first time an advertisers have injected malware like payloads in. I RE'd one of them like a year ago. It had multiple methods it could use including RTC in case one failed. IIRC they were only collecting user agents, but that could have changed at any time.

port meguca to be i2p aware and you're golden

Zig Forums isn't open source. How would I fix it? Isn't that on Jim?

Jimbo is even shadier then Hiro, he's just way more subtle

I wonder if they have the balls to implement a miner in the site, just for the fun and profit.

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Honestly, that's probably the long term plan.

never change cuckchan

It's funny because most of the ones left are so desperate that they'd mine for the site voluntarily, but you know it would be snuck into the background anyway.

You'd have to be a bumbling retard to use cuckchan in the first place. They probably realize this and are trying to capitalize.

nigger I guarantee you 3/4 of Zig Forums still use cuckchan in some way as sad as that sounds

Hey guys I'm from 4chan. I'm gonna stay here now if that's ok. I hate that gook Jew

I go there now and then for /o/ because ours is fucking dead.

What features would be preferable in a new chan? Personally, I would love automatic archiving and the ability to download directly from the thread.

A /hebe/ board

Yeah, maybe on the shitty boards you browse like Zig Forums.

I see cuckchan has already arrived.

Activity is all that matters.

I just want meguca with a userbase.

no jews

Oh yeah, that's what we need. More imageboard software. No, don't make slight modifications to the ones that exist already to improve them. Start from scratch and give up before you finish the logo.

Not from cuckchan.

Does Jim keep Zig Forums closed source?

Don't forget the PTHC spam.

Before you think of the features, think about your infrastructure. Do you have enough money to support a server that people will use as a dumping grounds for meme images & WEBMs? Hiroshima & Jim may be money-hungry Jews, but without this shit no imageboard has been a net positive in income. Not even close to making ends meet even. Come up with a good plan to solve this and you'll be quite the big guy. Something that's not NNTP-chan, that is.

I want a chan without 3dpedos

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Refugee from when (((moot))) banned GoobleGock, I'll take you in cuz it's better to leave late then never. :^)

I have this covered. The server costs for cuckchan and here are overblown; you can thank abstraction hell that is modern development for that one.
"Nearly 150 patrons signed up, donating over $1000 a month, but it wasn't enough to cover his time and server costs". Fucking retards don't know what they're doing.

[citation needed]

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Same here. Decided to go back because Zig Forums got real slow and /g/ was constantly active. But after this I think I'm back for good.

Fuck gookmoot.

I would too Mr. FBI man.

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This place couldn't handle the traffic before, what makes you think it could now?

feels good

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Still goes through the Cloudflare botnet.

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The site was almost dead for months and you want another flood of people?

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So is this just more adds or literal malware or what

Open source is not enough, free software matters.

Hate to say it, but we might end up having to try to migrate to something again. How is Lynxchan looking these days?

Please forgive my foolishness, anons of 8ch who saw the truth far sooner than I. In 2014 I still saw some good in my old home. I didn't just want to become a refugee and abandon the place I had already spent so much time on and grew so used to. But now hiro has forced me to leave with his jewishness and the upcoming captcha problem, in addition to the mods being incompetent and corrupt all around rather than just on certain issues.

Aside from this post, I'll do my best to lurk and get a feel for this site before seriously posting.

this is literally the scariest thing a Zig Forums user can hear

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You are the botnet
I am the botnet
Everything is the botnet


8ch isn't the solution.
Meguca isn't the solution.
Lainchan isn't the solution.

The solution is to use all of these boards at the same time, and keep them all active, so that if one owner goes full botnet, the others are still there.

How can you enter if you're already here

This, don't put your eggs in one basket.

Make it inaccessible through mobile
~t. mobile lurker

Why did Hotwheels have to sell us out?

Federated GNU/Chan when?

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Personally I really wish meguca /g/ was more active, I love liveposting.

Heaven forbid his last few years not be spent on this place.

Wait is hotwheels dying?

When you realize that nntpchan exists.

Life expectancy of people with his condition is not all that long.

Instead he's spending it making emoji's and playing GTA San Andreas all day.