Brit/pol/ #2336: Least We're Not in a Civil War Yet Lads Edition

==Donald Trump will meet the Queen at Windsor and hold talks with the prime minister at Chequers on his two-day visit to the UK next week.–

16-Year-Old Charged with Rape and Murder of 6-Year-Old on Isle of Bute, Scotland

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First for "just good friends"

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Houthis may be losing but at least we have HouthiWave


Who knows maybe the Saudi-backed forces have overextended and are about to be btfo.

first for poo and willies


good lad

bad lad

Am I the only one who is kind of surprised that Turkey, a NATO member, is backing Islamists?

btw lads May has pretty much cancelled a proper Brexit


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Good lad

Good lad


World War 3: Turkey's Erdogan calls for 'ARMY of Islam' to ATTACK Israel on all sides

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Im sure klumpf will save us

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes I finally got the watch off, had to slide it to the skinniest part of my wrist and push hard, then get my fingernail under the latch in a great feat of dexterity

my wrist feels so free now

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First for not getting stuck upside down in a narrow cave and suffocating to death when fluid builds up in your lungs after over 24 hours when the rescuers realise you can't be freed from your prison.

Apparently so.

Sailed through this area a few times.
Authorities pretty much tell you that if you stray off course into the green area then nobody can save you from whatever might happen to your ship.
Kind of freaked me out getting messages from vessels in distress there and not being able to do anything about it.

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Fuck off spiclad

Nige is still waiting till next year when it is too late to actually change anything, you'd think after spending so long campaigning for it he might have greater conviction.

ta lad


isn't rescuing vessels in distress a major maritime rule? they're scum for abusing it

That's interesting, lad. The white region is literally al-qaeda so I'm sure they wouldn't mind taking your ship and using you as a hostage.

sounds amazing!

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But isn't the red zone the good guys? Or are the ships being attacked by the white zone fellas?

It's too late to change anything now, the remain camp is bragging that the only way we can fix it is through violence.

It's fucked ma dudes.

Some aesthetic civil war flags tbh.

The houthi one says

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It's a radical Islamic sect that beheads people for not being Muslim, they aren't the good guys, there never is in the middle east.


I knew this was coming but it still angers me that the left is happy to gloat about suppressing democratic activity while screaming about fascism returning.

Nah, the red lads are what remains of the republic of yemen, no idea what their goals are other than retaking the country with saudi help. Their PM is under house arrest in Riyadh, guess he's a saudi puppet.

what's she done?

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Depends where you are.
If I'm off the coast of Yemen/Somalia/Nigeria and I hear a distress I'm going to be pretty sceptical about responding to that. Especially if it's over VHF/HF/MF radio telegraphy and it's incorrectly formatted.
Duty to render assistance only applies so long as the master believes the integrity of his ship and crew won't be put at risk. It's why you could be a man drowning in the water, soon to freeze to death and a huge passenger ship might just sit there unable to rescue you because the sea state is too rough to launch a fast rescue craft.

Naval vessels just won't enter it. Plus you need specialist insurance if you're going to sail in a war zone. You stick to the safe corridor always.

Hopefully the EU rejects it and we end up with no deal.


That was an interesting development, I think the Saudi backed government have set up their own internet company and are making millions off it, I think it's funded by UAE.


can't read all that small text tbh

not sure what these things mean either.

Is Rees Mogg okay with all this? He was supposed to be /ourguy/ , was that just a ruse too?

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What's a worst thing to be called? narcisist or Autist?


How long have you been here?

football better be bloody coming home I swear

will you beat your wife if england lose lad?

thats bins taking the piss

good point lad

I wish I had one to beat lad

the royal navy should be dispatched to put aden back in british hands

You mean the dreaded "crashing out on WTO rules"? Which is doubleplusungood because…

as far as Brexit was concerned, he was supposed to be our guy, i thought?

apparently this brexit deal is so soft Remain campaigners are calling it a victory

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This post sounds like it could've been written by the actual AC grayling.


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Well hullo there, you nasty bunch of racists. Anything to say for yourselves now the strong, virile remainers have seized the day and destroyed your so called 'hard' brexit?

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The modern Royal Navy would just start convoying them to here.

You know if the Arabs are as incompetent as they are made out out to be it would be feasible to do so. It's a shame that pax americana is in force so we don't get to see dank map autism play out across the world again.

I should've put more effort into it really. I just don't get how it's bad but they call it crashing so that's that.

I like the idea, but what would that do for us? All this menery about le based Houthis aside, Yemen is arguable the biggest shithole country out there. They still practice literal slavery ffs.

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a base is a base though holding it would probably not make it worthwhile

np lad

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If the Uk wasn't such a shithole and we had excess capital and manpower we could send in the colonists and whip those darkies into shape.

Does Saudi Arabia have nukes? Why doesn't the US invade and turn Mecca into a Meccadonalds for the bants? Plenty of oil to liberate

aesthetic tbh, think I recognise those Mae West's from somewhere as well, though I guess they all look similar

Too many Muslims and all Muslims would unite to protect the flight recorder.

Don't some sects want to blow up the Kabaa? Kek they're so fracticious

Who do you think is training and supplying the Yemeni and Saudi armies?

Saudi Arabia is unironically one of the Wests closest allies in the region.

I get so triggered whenever I watch anything about Saudi. All these young kids with fancy cars. All boomer rich off oil. Literal boomer teens over there. Saudis in their 20s now will be resented as boomers by future generations.

This Brexit deal is the perfect opportunity to usher in the based huwhitoid ethnostate lads it's time

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why are people always asking me how long i've bin here?

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Because you sound like a newfag

I presume Saudi Arabia has an exit plan for when the oil and water dry up. Probably totally unrelated to their support of the islamisation of the west.


kek lad they're actually real photos
MV Estonia sank in the Baltic within minutes during the 90s, killing nearly 900 passengers. Two men had climbed out onto the keel of the capsized ferry and were desperately trying to signal to passing ships in the pitch black. One took out his camera and was trying to signal using the flash and inadvertently took two photos of the lad in the pic right before the ship sank and they were sucked into the water.

fuck, poor lads

I don't get it? For saying that Mogg is the hardest Brexiteer that threatened a rebellion if May doesn't deliver?

He said that just a few days ago, but today, now that everyone is saying May has finally sold us out for good, there is not a bad word from him

bit weird , no?

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lad, i think you're onto something here, that memi could be the next big one

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'I will stick to my promise to British people' Rees-Mogg sends stern threat to Theresa May

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keek literal boomers



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TOTAL CAPITULATION: May Proposes Sub-Norway Brexit Deal – Concedes on Goods, Rules, EU Court, and More

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Great, this is exactly the opposite of what I wanted.


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Daftie insurrection when?

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Nige said he'd return to politics if May betrayed Brexit. Maybe UKIP will win the next election.

will he save us?

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Kinda figured this is how it would turn out. They dithered for as long as they could before eventually cancelling it in all but name. I just hope they are not able to disguise this and that it pisses off a lot of people.

who would win?

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We must secure the existence of our Brexit and a future for Tory votes

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