Brit/pol/ #2337: IT'S COMING HOME Edition


Brexit News for Saturday 7 July
Cabinet agrees Brexit proposal that would keep Britain tied to EU rules on goods indefinitely

Italian mayor demands England pay 247 years' worth of royalties for using St George's flag

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How much longer until civilisation collapses?

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It was rather comfy tbh and almost no efniks there

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keek tell them they'll get them when they reparations for the Roman invasion


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Lonely man here, ama.

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hweatfields 2018 edition

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time for may to step down

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Anyone going to a Pro Trump march in Londonistan on Friday??

Will the MSM push this? Should be interesting to see the reaction they get from their coreligionists.

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The mountain was mostly barren. These cunts had to show up near the end and ruin it.

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Kek people have been saying this since 2016

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Wrong there's no h in willies the h emphasis is to denote an h in the work like the difference between whales and wails.

then it's time for the elderly to step up
we should be banging on big ben's shitty bell tower

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Ignore them lard lad.

We should, but it's hot and imageboards exist


why are you lonely lad?

I hereby declare John Atkinson Grimshaw the official LOCAL artist of Zig Forums tbh.

love the fact that every day from here on out gets smaller and the nights get longer.

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I was thinking of getting a Syria flag and pro Assad sign to troll everyone

inb4 based centrist

This is a pro sovereignty board.

On my way to get this bag for my wife.

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tbh, we had a big storm here on the solstice as well which cheered me up

sad when i wanna go running and its still warm at like 9:30 tbh

if she gets bored she can play chess on it

while you're there get a cute handbag for your wifes son as well

off to pub soon

Flat Earth Debate

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Why've they made this a line puzzle? Label from Hastings is as far from it as it can be.

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it's that south park episode lol

they interviewed one on sky


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They were featured on this week's Click and they are trying to block "harassment" with A.I, included in that is even denying climate change kek

You don't at most of this sort of thing tbh, W&P and Military Odyssey is 99+% hwhite iirc

the chinese firewall won't pay for itself

Is everyone talking about it in England?

cant wait for the colab tbh

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*shoots your child then steals your water and builds a settlement on your land*

you jelly brah?

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What do you mean? Isn't this a lovely memorial?

Colour me surprised that he's one of the leaders of this. Can't understand why you'd let any see your emails.

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cam't watch this because of no tv license smh

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he got to smell Hitler?

yeah he did

big old whiff


Send her to Norway, lads


Oh I miss the good old days of dubious quotes with no source.

Dahl hated kikes lad

BBC wouldn't lie, right?

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It's not a done deal and he should have known this. You don't fight until you get a contract, you fight until it is signed
Was Nige the ultimate safety valve/spy?
..but sitting on a boat grinning like a Cheshire cat with a shark in his arms?
Is this a metaphor?

drag them into a side street and charge them more than you usually do it's pride day after all

That's a nice straight square bldg inbetween the trees and that bent one


I think this shall be my DOTBPH theme tune.


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only if the cunts pay reparations for 400 years of Roman rule and slavery over Britain

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We've never been defeated tbh lad

*crushes her*

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Can mods delete the SRS footage please?

Is that real?

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oh my god

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What a fucking fedora, dropped

just prove god exists then

i can't stop laughing

He's cruising for a bruising. Filipinos love god.

Prove he wears a fedora
protip : You can't

SA you need to find his twitter and send him shroud of turin pics then you'll be known as the man who converted him

Scousers : The Truth

Duterte has actually joked that he wouldn't of minded being the 1st to fuck a murdered and raped Australian nun in the past.

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Honestly there is no doubt in my mind that they were having a laugh and pissing on eachother during the crush.

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I have seen this happen at a couple of matches tbh

The White man has no friend: Blind Individualism is foolish


*crushes child beneath humongous mass*

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prove the roman empire existed

oof y'got me

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only in the phillipines

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Yea, it's more fun in the Philippines where they laugh at anything.

>"hurr hurr muh shroud"
>"muh pillar"

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Turkish pirates went as far as fucking Iceland to take slaves. Hate this I'm brown and morally elevated above whitey culture that is becoming so pervasive and quite a lot of our own people go along with it because they don't know any better.


whilst completely ignoring the arab slave trade still in existence

I feel like this debate has been had a thousand times and has always concluded that there is enough to say the Mystery of Golgotha was real and provided enough evidence for the Christian god.

I wasn't making fun of the shroud, bit defensive, could it be there's a bit of doubt in your own heart m'lad…

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It's impossible to prove that God exists according to the standards set by atheist. How is it possible to prove a non-scientific, supra-logical, and infinite being to atheists? The only way to prove God is too have faith. Truth is what you put subjective value in, science is no exception to that rule.

If God made man in his own image, send him a mirror and btfo of him!

got a link for the game chaps

>"hehe post shroud hehe that'll show him"

There are scores of books from apologetics, natural theologists, etc that can prove it, yet fedoras refuse to actually read any of it and just tip because mum dragged them to church every Sunday rather than letting them play xbox

We have to beat the swedecucks tbh