Brit/pol/ #2338: Novichok Round Two Edition

Brexit News for Saturday 7 July
Cabinet agrees Brexit proposal that would keep Britain tied to EU rules on goods indefinitely

Amesbury poisoning: Police officer hospitalised after being 'exposed to Novichok nerve agent'

Italian mayor demands England pay 247 years' worth of royalties for using St George's flag

How The United Kingdom Became A Police State

One US soldier killed, two wounded in "insider" attack in Afghanistan

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What did you mean by this, lad?

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It's just a work of art lad

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people was a matter of life and death in the strictest sense of the phrase. Experience soon
proved how great was the temptation to imitate the religious practices of surrounding
nations, even at a time when the Israelites inhabited a land of their own. The difficulty of
resisting alien influences grew much more severe in periods of dispersion when Jews were
living in a heathen environment; and the Rabbis had to give serious attention to the problem
of how to counteract the forces of assimilation which threatened to submerge the Jewish
communities settled in countries where idol-worship was the State religion.
~ Abodah Zarah - Talmud - Introduction


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Think I might be schizo lads, how do you tell?


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Stab yourself in the eyes and testicles. If you don't scream in pain, then you are a schizo

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bread and circuses weeeeeee

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do you lads like it when the ball goes in the net

Gas the kikes and niggers.

Are you happy now?

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they get so defensive about it too

tatsuo shimabuku could do this as well, lots of hand conditioning

there were kluxers in the UK?


You've been ignored for the majority of the thread bins.

Also that statment might be true in England, but not so much in Scotland and Northern Ireland where it is highly racial.

We got fucking Croatia. Bollox

london has more people than their whole country, ez game

Croatia are a fucking good team if you hadn't noticed
Go on. Send the letter to the 22, head the traitor


Most of them aren't English.

It's not getting hotter is it?

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Going to shave my neckbeard in preparation for a return to toil next week. Not looking forward to the whole affair but I feel ready.

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It's hot

i like poo

No, it's just the hottest summer ever, world wide since 1985.

Ever heard of the All Blacks?

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You invited this shit back tbh.

I have the perfect place for you, lad. Korea's poo museum.

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Small and just below my collar bone as part of a little chain of icons


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go get it normal fag

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It's a million times better than the shit people get tattooed on themselves so I say go for it

That's not real is it?

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tbh those beta faggot should have stood up to him instead of wearing a dump hat while being a pussy


you better believe it lad

there are people in china who drink their own wee too, is that healthy? they say so

looks like some sort of gay deerboy bdsm symbol

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Won't it clash with the maids dress?

smdh, smh.

don't get it small that is normie tier, get a BIG one your back and have it be with the classic celtic face with the eyebrows since the celts venerated the head and its symbolism, black in it loses its meaning IMO also get him between two cauldrons lad and have men going into one and wolves coming out the other

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Still not westie

tbh that does sound metal

You're all westie to me.

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Is that a Korean expression of enjoyment I'm not culturally versed?

there can only be one

I think it is real kind of.

However it is a sign not of global warming, but an impending sign of a new ice age.

Umm when did everyone turn against Bins?

You can't tell with gooks.

I only know what they want when they're on fire.

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Muscovites must be pissed 'cause a Huemonkey missed a penalty shot and got 'em knocked out of the world cup

reminder that football does not matter

Russia's out?

She fucked herself, her career, her legacy, and her party.
All she had to do was sign an ACTUAL Brexit deal, and she'd have at least one positive thing on her epitaph and she'd have kept Labour out of office for a good few years, instead she decided to fuck everything up and have the country hate her.
fun fact, Downing St's security is laughable

tbf they were only kids. He was twice their age, they probably felt a bit intimidated cos he was wearing his jihadi beard. Probably thought he was going to pull a hunting knife and behead them Not as if they were kids from the hood or rednecks

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You want >>>/newbrit/ lad.

of course it matters

yes, Croatia won by penalties, 2-2 (4-3). so England vs Croatia next

Slobodan's ghost came back and got Croatia to win on penalties.

After scoring the equaliser and keeping them in
Perfidious Brazilian

don't wear edgyfag shit if you aren't going to back it up IMO


When the nation goes on the rampage, they won't know what fucking hit them and the army won't back them up this time

Wasn't it Tudman?

yeah if you've ever been to parliament square you're like "this is it?"

France winning would be the worst case scenario because it's majority niggers, literal Africans were already calling it an African team. Belgium winning would be bad too 'cause it'd be a win for globalism. England or Croatia would be good

orly? I didn't watch the whole thing, my stream was terrible, worked for 5 seconds every 5 minutes. just looked at the results

no if england wins it will be

the rest does not matter

You could take her out pretty easily, I'd go so far as to say a single daft lad who knew what he was doing could easily get in there.

He was a Bosnian Croat

Bretty much, those lads climbed the gate and all the police could do was politely tell them to stop.


Slobodan Praljak not Slobodan Milošević

Spicfag doesn't understand that lad he gets all of his understanding of the world from imageboard memmies

A MAGA hat is hardly edgyfag tbh
Not as if they were wearing swastikas
They were wristlet kids who got bullied by a wetback

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hope they grow up to be ICE agents and send his family back to be beheaded

but muh honorary aryan hurrikane o'footie

Oh okay.

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tbh. Should've fought back and gotten 10 yrs for attacking a PoC.

Proud Civigays and Trump supporters

I just fucked a girl at a wedding.
I'm so fucking proud if myself.
In the taxi home now.
Brilliant day

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Seriously spoiler that shit and it looks like necrosis.

well is it normal?

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what the fuck was that post what the fuck is wrong with you, use the spoiler function you dumb nigger

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good lad, was it the bride?

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Late night post victory Megadeth tbh lads

i did not want to see someones exploded cock and bollocks tonight lad