Brit/pol/ #2339: It's Coming Home Edition

England fans storm Ikea Stratford singing ‘It’s Coming Home’ after Three Lions’ World Cup win against Sweden

Blogpost: Democracy & The European Union

Brexit News for Sunday 8 July
Tory Brexit tensions still profound despite Cabinet deal

Theresa May braces herself for bid by Tory MPs to oust her over Brexit

'It'd be a disaster for Britain!' Brexiteer MP's stern warning to May over Brexit proposal

Catholic Bishop: Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers to ‘Radically Alter the Christian and National Identity of the Peoples of Europe’

Donald Trump UK visit to put 'unquestionable pressure' on police

‘They’re going out of business’: Trump takes on New York Times, Washington Post

School bans 'flossing' dance because Fortnite moves are intimidating children on playground

Lowestoft stabbing: Police arrest 23-year-old after man dies

Essex stabbing: Man in his 20s dies - police launch murder investigation

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recommend me a podcast you poofters

first for still can't shit

Can you edit the OP to include this please, a well written and comprehensive breakdown of the EU (with graphs and figures) which explains why it's so utterly shite, written by a friend of mine who deals in law.

The Joe Rogan experience

fuck off

fuck on

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Shouldn't that be Sulis lad?


I told my mate I would shill it :^)

Muskman is GO!
Elon Musk has sent engineers from his SpaceX and Boring Company teams to assist with the rescue efforts of the boys' soccer team stuck in a cave system in Thailand

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Noncing for Experts

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Migration routes have shifted to the air
Bangladeshis and Iranians travelling to visa free countries of Libya and Serbia [ for Iranians ] and crossing land borders or jumping on NGO boats

No thanks

possibly both
going by Sulis (minerva) at least I always associated him more with healing

why are some footballers in a cave anyway

it's been going on via all channels for ages

Because it's a Google translate link you gimp
Anway, it doesn't say much more and I posted the link because people here like posting "source?" if you don't

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Time to hit the gym then bud

Nice try kike

All the while Farage reneges on his very duty to see Brexit through.

Any lads here who can in an obviously joking way get a machine gun

ez mate.

yeaaaah fuck em

Course I can lad, it's up there.

Thanks lad

This, lads, is what a shill looks like

how come you can find a false willy doctor but I can't find a dentist?

literally looks like a uncooked sausage

Spoilers, lad

Imagine having to inflate your willy to use it

fucking pussy mods its not even bad

This is what a pleb looks like lads.

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They went on a hiking trip and then all of a sudden MONSOON hit

Agreed. However it's important to keep up with their lies

Cheeky fucking goy
Fucking wew
Another woman will actually put this massive abomination in her gob. Wew

absolutely unassailable grasp on power.
grammar mistake you shitlord

You know a guy who knows a guy?

why did the hiking trip take them 4km down a tunnel?

can that slab of inert meat even get erect?

obviously not meant for

The water filled chamber after chamber and they had to keep walking crawling from one to the next

There's a balloon inside it and the pump is disguised as testicles

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Did you not see the ballsack thing?
rather than having balls, they insert a pump that you squeeze to inflate it, a fucking pump-up penis

It literally has to be inflated like a rubber dingy

God does have quite a sense of humour tbh


60% of Conservative Party members reject May's EU plan

its gross tbh
wonder how many of the ftm ones kill themselves regretting mutilating the only worth they had beyond recognition

it's too fucking funny tbh

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What song would you inflate your fake willy to lads?

Jesus Christ lads this is fucking abysmal.

If that was a real penis it would be in the 99th percentile for size. I suppose you might aswell get your money's-worth if you have a designer cock smh.

Normies keep putting their trust in the Conservative party even though people keep pointing out the numerous betrayals and keep harping back to Thatcher who wasn't even particularly conservative herself, why do they act surprised that the tories would ignore the wishes of their constituents?

Think of the possibilities!

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What if the balloon bursts?

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Get a puncture repair kit

because the alternative would sell you out quicker than a fuck trumpet or a bugger bugle or a piss didgeridoo

no shit, they know they're just perverted faggots not full scale delusional to the point of paying a doctor tens of thousands of dollarpounds to mutilate you

then the lady you were faux-rodgering flies around the room queefing out of her new jet propulsion system

What if the stitching comes loose and it flies off like an untied balloon.

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are you lads actually talking about tranny neo-dicks?

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Someone unban me for goodness sake.

Thanks lad.

Go to war and peace and buy one that is chambered for obsolete rounds like a good law abiding bwoi

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Take it to Huey and get it upgraded so you can launch it at targets

shit lad must've misclicked on the report log

smh tbh lad

oh wait no it was wristlet

Nest stage is it turns black then it falls off

Pardon me, lad.

What the fuck is wrong with you plebs?

>"wtf mods"

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Europe than improve their quality of life. Instead it has created a modern form of slave trade which
dwarfs that at the height of slavery towards the end of the 1700's.
Unsourced hysteria not impartial you are a partisan pls gib u r self

In what way is pointing out that brexit hasn't happened yet "acting like bins"?

It's a board full of authoritarian larpers and only heavy medication will mend them
I don't have enough reaction images to express disdain

It wasn't written by me as I've said multiple times.

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Sarkastic of Buttmad interviews boomer brainlet and notorious spy Gerard Ben Battenstein

tell him he broke the normie wall with the "worse than slavery" whining

Yeah he spent over two decades working his arse off for this, has been attacked, survived a few assassination attempts, is constantly harassed, same for his family, but fuck him for wanting to take a backseat after all that right.

the virgin cordial vs the chad ginger beer

Lad your 'friend' really needs to get a solid grasp of grammatical personhood

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He is a normie tbh lad, keeps sending me boomer tier memmies.

Sargon's so powerful

Well then tell him to justify it or to take it out because it's just bluster

The point is the job isn't done, and he has took a backseat at the very point that he is needed.

Your sentimentality for him is clouding the cold hard reality that he is MIA when his leadership is the only thing that would guarantee a genuine political shift.

that the fate of 60 million should ride on the back of one old man is ridiculous and surely somebody else's fault and not all his

Nah he can put whatever he wants in it tbh

Tbh he should have seen the job through to it's end. Until he had the Brexit document in his hand. MANY have and are continuing to say so and even said so at the time - right across the spectrum. Even St. Joe of Liverpool [ patron saint of Zig Forums PBUH ] said it in his recent videos
He fucked up or was maybe the ultimate spy/safety valve

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Please get him to fix the god damned grammar.

If he didn't want people to shit all over it then why did he ask plebs to read it?

I've already said before that I agree that he should be taking a stance on this, but at the same time I still do not blame the man for wanting to just go fishing.

Why is it so ridiculous to believe that this one man has the power to change so much? Is it not obvious, from the way they are shit-scared of him meeting Blimpf, that he holds such a sway in the political arena?

As I said the other day, if he doesn't announce his return to politics this week, he is no more than a coward tbh.

I think you are taking this too seriously tbh

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I don't mind him going fishing but his timing tho'..
It's like a surgeon going on a month's holiday after finishing an operation, leaving all his instruments in the patient and leaving a bunch of niggers to close the wound

that blog is pointless and wont be read by anyone with actual influence in the future of this country
just a hobby

Exactly, I think he is getting other places to publish it but it will go through their editors so the grammar should be fixed if that happens.

For are Bashar

Is every normie a pseudo-celebrity these days? They upload their whole lives on social media and are completely obsessed with likes and whatever. Like that lass on that morning show talked about how she's intimidating to lads because of her big profile on social media or something smh