Brit/pol/ #2340: Political Discourse Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 8 July
Tory Brexit tensions still profound despite Cabinet deal

England fans storm Ikea Stratford singing ‘It’s Coming Home’ after Three Lions’ World Cup win against Sweden

Blogpost: Democracy & The European Union

MPs Demanding ‘No Confidence’ Vote After May’s Brexit Sell-out, Boris Calls Deal ‘A Big Turd’

Theresa May braces herself for bid by Tory MPs to oust her over Brexit

'It'd be a disaster for Britain!' Brexiteer MP's stern warning to May over Brexit proposal

Catholic Bishop: Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers to ‘Radically Alter the Christian and National Identity of the Peoples of Europe’

Donald Trump UK visit to put 'unquestionable pressure' on police

‘They’re going out of business’: Trump takes on New York Times, Washington Post

School bans 'flossing' dance because Fortnite moves are intimidating children on playground

Lowestoft stabbing: Police arrest 23-year-old after man dies

Essex stabbing: Man in his 20s dies - police launch murder investigation

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Does millennial matt have twitter anymore?

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xth for a random image from my image folder

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What the fuck is that?

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Here let me join in.

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Julia Vin

She probably has a clit like a thumb

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Random image time is it?

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Vins* actually. She's not a trap, she's Russian

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Don't you mean thumb-like clit?

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Seems it.

What's the difference.

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spoilered for good reason btw so don't complain

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oh wait didn't see the second "a" in your post tbh

Miss him a bit tbh. I hope he got his kpop idol waifu.

is this what all vaginas look like?

Just your mum's

and that's a biological woman, too

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Why'd you insult my mum, lad?

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Probably because she produced you.

Just senseless violence.

You and I might be the only cunts who do tbh

Her promiscuity is to blame for you tbh

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I see nothing has changed here.

Lads lets stop before people get hurt

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Feels like living in my local area.


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When do we start discussing politics?

porn addicts read this NOW

Would you marry a lass who votes for Jeremy Corbyn?

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It's a Sunday, politics doesn't happen on a Sunday, come back tomorrow when we learn if the Tories will get rid of May or not.

Month 9 of nofap tbh lads

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Did you impregnate yourself?

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Yeah he has a bawbagbaby now

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Would you marry a lass who votes for the Green Party? Answer carefully.

Yeah. Lassies change their minds

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Yeah and then I would kill her and burry her in the back garden.

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Press [P] to pet the good boy.

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Having trouble picturing this.


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don't think its true


forgot pic fugg

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*gives him a biscuit*

lads why is it so hot?

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divine wrath for gay pride

It's called summer.

hasnt been this hot for this long for a very long time lad.


Boris in four-letter attack on May: Foreign Secretary stuns Chequers summit with foul-mouthed outburst but Prime Minister outguns him in Brexit showdown

excuse me have you played wolfenstein he was a coughing asthmatic psychopath

that was so fucking pathetic

cause im here *makes tssss noise*

fresh morgoth on why hot weather is shit and for niggers

Saddest part is a universe set in a hypothetical axis victory is actually kind of interesting and we have all this massive millions of pounds budget to create an interesting cultural work but instead it's just muh strong women and obese women being blacked.

fugg having writing that fits the setting n sheeiit

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t. Tory Wog, who can't even polish his Sam Browne
Selling us all out to the 48%
From his Wikipedophile page
>Cleverly was born in Lewisham Hospital, southeast London, to a British father and mother from Sierra Leone. He was privately educated at Riverston School and Colfe's School, both in Lee, London. After a short stint in British Army (which was cut short due to injury and never completed his basic training)
Lel. He actually cites his Territorial Decoration in his bio like it's a fucking MC or VC and has got two other gongs no one else would wear tbh
Fucking KANG
Absolute state of this nigger
>Cleverly married Susannah Janet Temple Sparks in 2000; the couple have two sons, Freddy and Rupert. In a lighthearted interview on BBC Radio 5 Live he revealed that he had previously watched online porn, had taken illegal drugs as a student and is an atheist
He even stars in a WE WUZ wog blog

This Black Social History is design for the education of all races about Black People Contribution to world history over the past centuries, even though its well hidden from the masses so that our children dont even know the relationship between Black People and the wealth of their history in terms of what we have contributed to make this world a better place for all.
Yeah. Whatever.

Think I might join the army, fail to complete basic training, get a commission in the TA and wear some gongs
Talk about diversity quotas. Makes a fucking mockery of everything

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Wow I bet squaddies hate people like this.

Why? It just makes sense. They don't get tired or uncomfortable. They don't need chairs. They'd only be blocking up isles otherwise.

This crazy tart is hysterical.

Anyone got the 'cap of where she thought Nige not wanting to talk to her meant he was scared of her?

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Random image time

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Fucking spoiler that filth.

Is this post disgusting image day on Zig Forums ffs?

If anything the space they have is a luxury, what they should be doing is being folded up and stored on a shelf or something, or just fucking walking all the way home. They are machines, they don't get tired.
Instead of a plot about machines developing sentience they decided for a clunky out-of-place discrimination plot. Fucking ridiculous.

ive had to hide more posts in the last 3 days than the year before that

im eating ffs

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>to a British father and mother from Sierra Leone

what would possess a man to do that?

Sorry, I meant to spoiler it, mods delete please.