Brit/pol/ #2341: EVERY SINGLE TIME Edition

Brexit News for Monday 9 July
Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

(((Raab))) replaces Davis as PM battles Brexit crisis

The reins of Brexit have been handed to those who never wanted to leave

Boris in four-letter attack on May: Foreign Secretary stuns Chequers summit with foul-mouthed outburst but Prime Minister outguns him in Brexit showdown

This was the weekend that the Brexit dream died

Full details of Donald Trump's UK visit

UK Media Pushes Anti-Trump Narrative with ‘How to Protest Visit’ Coverage

Woman dies following exposure to nerve agent in Amesbury

Hero SAS dog saves the lives of six elite soldiers in Syria by ripping out jihadi's throat while taking down three terrorists who ambushed British patrol

Government faces High Court challenge over 'disastrous' badger cull, in landmark case

Chicago police launch investigation after Adolf Hitler speech from a 1935 Nazi propaganda film is transmitted on radios across the city

Why Merkel Must Go

Boys forced to rape their mothers and soldiers eating men ALIVE in DR Congo – a new UN report reveals the horrors of war

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Cheers Nige

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*coffee finishes brewing*

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Is coffee lad also supperlad?

Instead you have building companies demolished them for more housing, absolutely vile

feels bad man
I just want all the nasty people to go away so I can live among thousands of acres of England's green and pleasant land with just a few friends and family

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I don't know who's worse in that scenario, Brazilian men or Russian women.


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who needs meadows when you can build disgusting new housing estates in their place tbh

The absolute fucking state of Oxford University.

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hope tommy dies in jail now. thats how bad the optics of a fat man in a wig holding a "hang pedo grooming scum" sign is

I want to boot him in his trout

snout tbh


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Now go lift and become Chad.

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"We have hirelings in the camp, the court and the University"

Dad has a few wildflower meadows.
As far as I know, the main cause of their destruction is modern farming rather then urbanisation. There's no reason to keep a meadow of flowers when you could be growing crops.

trying lad

pic related lad inspires me tbh

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‘Rouze up O Young Men of the New Age! set your foreheads against the ignorant Hirelings! we have Hirelings in the Camp. the Court. & the University: who would if they could, for ever depress Mental & prolong Corporeal War’


It's that nigga from dr who

The more I watch the Brexit debacle, the more I realise that local daftyism really is the only way we're going to get anything done.

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his example is so touching, he must keep going when he feels like absolute shit

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What's up with him?

People respond to extreme bastard violence tbh

Epidermylis Bullosa.

Only LARPing can save us now

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That is so unbearably sad


They're an amusing bunch.

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Everyone is pinning their hopes on the mendacious and obese Turko-Russo-Yanko-Slob to resign in order to force May out
He's disappeared again

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That's the wrong way to go about it.

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top fucking lel

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Reminder Boris was a steadfast Remainer until 4 months before the referendum

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Practical advice tbh.

He'd be a comfy president he seems like a wholesome guy, afraid of how pro-Israel he might be though.

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I would honestly prefer him to Drumpf's constant clown act tbh.

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He should come to London as well as drumpf

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It's because of the Great Debate they had before the referendum.

Ethiopia and Eritrea declare war over

Boris is heading a conference on crime in the Baltics…his ideas to fight crime? One of them is for them to join the EU

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He's manipulated too easily I think.


they're in the eu already tho

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I know. I should have written stay. My bad

AIPAC is where presidential candidates get on their knees and beg for jews money and votes, I don't think you can take it as an example of their actual policy since it's campaign rhetoric. It's not a good sign though, I think Pence would be very pro-Israel if he was ever President even more than Trump tbh.

Funny how the post-Imperial govt. got rid of the Christian symbolism on their flag and replaced it with a pentangle.

Morocco has the same symbol, explicitly because it's from occultist traditions about Solomon (and Ethiopia also claims its heritage from Solomon).

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Syrian state media says air defenses hit Israeli plane, thwart missile strike

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Two non-countries who most people forget even exist let alone once had a war decide to end the war everyone forgot happened.

Wait nvm that speech is after the election fug

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ffs lads

>60 minutes in, the supporting actor pulls out a pack of Polaroid photos of his gf getting gangbanged by 4 black guys

Fucking hell it serves me right thinking I could enjoy anything anymore.

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Forgot Eritrea even existed tbh

Fucking hell it's every movie these days. Reminds me of that sci-fi one with women, black women rocket scientists and stuff, there are multiple blacked scenes out of nowhere.

Cor blimey, that came out of nowhere.

Jesus christ

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its everywhere
I dunno how normies dont see it
the race mixing propaganda is strong

We'll have to stick to movies made pre 1980

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Wasn't there a film recently about a plane crash or something which also had this shit.

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Totally blindsided me. I make a point of avoiding this shit, so they ambush me with it


Yeah, it was the one about some white woman and Idris Elba getting stranded on an island and something something muh dik.

Ah yeah, that was extremely painful

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Yeah they make a big deal about how much she loves her husband and then falls for muh noble savage big dik or something.
Fucking endless.

LLl US politicians are approached by AIPAC within 6 months of the start of their campaign. If the refuse to sign The Pledge, they stand an extremely good chance of losing as their opponent will then receive campaign funding




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should i vote for UKIP lads?

even if they're literally who I could never not vote or vote for the tories or labour

Sometimes it really hits me realising how absolutely merciless the propaganda is tbh.

Can they not just make a decent scary film that isn't chocked to the brim with political commentary.

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Aye you could protest vote them. They have some theoretically good policies like slashing the maximum date for abortion and legalising handguns.

I don't think there are any elections at this time of the year though

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They can't make fucking anything without socio-political commentary these days.

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Burn it all

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say it aint so

Just watch any soap opera, it's fucking abysmal.
They all have the exact same forced crap so no matter which one you watch, you cannot escape it.


Korean feminists are insane. I remember last year a right wing South Korean website doxxed some korean feminist who was bragging about raping young australian boys and justifying it as women cant be rapists.

They are just whole-heartedly embracing their role as the propagandists they have always been.

To steal a quote from twitter, you didn't have to obsess about politics when you could take for granted that there was still a future.

Please tell me it flopped

Hitchens has a funny section on this in his book.
He spends literally an entire chapter moaning about them.

Emmerdale has a tranny now.

Yeah badly iirc, even the Guardian gave it a shit review.

God bless the Syrian Govt forces