Brit/pol/ #2342: Tory Tumble Edition

Brexit News for Monday 9 July
Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns

Woman dies following exposure to nerve agent in Amesbury

Wiltshire police have issued a statement regarding the incident at the bus stop in Salisbury, England saying "We are currently dealing with a medical incident involving a man in St Paul's Road/Fisherton Street, Salisbury"

(((Raab))) replaces Davis as PM battles Brexit crisis

Theresa May attacks Tory MP Dominic (((Raab))) over 'feminist bigots' remark

"Boris Johnson was due at Western Balkans summit by now - he hasn't turned up yet"

"I’m told he was also due at COBRA meeting - again, hasn’t turned up


A Downing Street spokesman said: “This afternoon, the Prime Minister accepted the resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. His replacement will be announced shortly. The Prime Minister thanks Boris for his work.”

Syrian state media says air defenses hit Israeli plane, thwart missile strike

Italy to block ALL ships carrying migrants after Irish Navy dumps 106 in Sicily

Full details of Donald Trump's UK visit

UK Media Pushes Anti-Trump Narrative with ‘How to Protest Visit’ Coverage

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahah she is just asking for a noose

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No deal means that we will trade under default WTO rules

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No deal is what we fucking want.

I'm sick of our government giving away our sovereignty for access to slightly cheaper goods


Oh. I confused it with no Brexit.

Time for some jap music to calm us down


After we get Brexit can we drive out the """super"""markets?

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Why'd she start off in English? To tease the audience?


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We need to instate the death penalty for anyone who buys a car made outside britain

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All shops will be allowed a maximum of four shelves.


No idea tbh, she does it with a lot of songs


English is a prestige language in Asia.

I wish I could sing in multiple languages.

No, please, please god no.

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Wolf-whistling at women could soon be a hate crime
Forces are being asked to 'consider the case' for monitoring sexist abuse

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tfw can

mind they could be in a rack by the door

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vocaroo? :)

no lad I'll get bullied and the housemates are in

Everyone would get their news orally in small tightknit communities, in fact anyone found speaking to someone that lives further than 20 miles away gets a public flogging.

you'll get bullied if you don't

smh that's not local, if you talk to anyone who doesn't live on your street it's straight to the gallows

tbh as you approach me in order to bully me, I'll move a smaller distance away, and repeat doing that so you can never reach me

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fucking pathetic

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Holy crap.

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Fresh Abbie

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But I thought they were white?

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'ate pakis
'ate foreners
'ate through balls
'ate open play
'ate wogs
'ate special needs

love var
love set pieces
love the wife
love pints
simple as

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I don't know who I dislike more.

wew banter

the wogs at least piss people off, the cucks are the lowest of the low

lmao americans are retarded

i saw those guys get two anti trump protesters to kiss their boots

It may be mid July but it sure feels like the end of May.

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They all have to be as thick as each other to be in that video at all.

Tic TOC for Paddocks brother

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t. every political collumnist in Britain

Crashing out of the EU is bad though????


Tick tock for whoever wrote that too tbh, if it happens

u jelly brah?

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what language is that lad?


影絵から抜き出たShadow 手を絆いで踊りだし、道を塞いでる

I think something like 3 million Americans are signed under the state secrets act equivalent for the U.S. and are beholden to the deep state intelligence apparatus under threat of life long imprisonment or worse. I wouldn't be surprised if you end up as a mule for drugs, guns or children eventually.

You have it on the mind lad smh
*pokes u*

smh thought so

what language do you sing in lad? maybe we could form a band/duet and fund the bowden liberation army

smh Polish mainly and a little bit of Russian, French and Spanish



Poor Eric.

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are you better at singing than me? there can only be one

Rand Paul Is Bald

smh no, I lost a lot of range after puberty. I'm decent in a group though

ah that's fine lad i'm sure you sound fine,


I'm probably the best singer here

How fluent are you in Polish? Maybe you could get us a bus of right wing qts from Poland.

naah me

*equips ten gallon*

theres only room for one in this town boys…
*cocks gun*

*cocks bigger gun*

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you wouldn't hit a seal, lad

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parent's are both fluent, I'm not that good but can still pick up on what people are saying. Helps I look like a slav so they usually don't bother with English

Hullo yes fresh Dean ok thank you

when did art die, lad

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sush we could wake the GCHQ

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Zig Forums is a work of art tbh

Fajnie. Wiedziałem, że jest nas tu więcej.

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I actually kind of like the message of that. The idea (at least as far as I understand it) is that people who design brand labels and designs on tin cans are artists too, and their work isn't really appreciated.
That said, you get to make that statement once. You don't follow it up by making the same statement 50 times, which is really the problem with modern art. "anything can be art" was clever exactly once, and then it was boring.

The guy who got the brand label already got paid as an artist, there's no deep message to it.

I like old coke bottles.

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Yeah, I'm thinking he's back.

punished nige

Two years ago I remember Nige saying if Theresa May scuppers Brexit he'll return to frontline politics. Looks like he might be keeping that promise.

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a boomer denied his brexit

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Trump coming to the UK and may getting the axe.

here's hoping

as I recall he said something about "don[ning] the khaki and going to the front lines"

Almost civic guitar lad level tbh

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keek not bad lad, you sound different to what I expected

you sound drunk

Get someone to kick you hard in the bollocks and you will discover that you can, in fact, sing in multiple languages



You sound a little bit retarded there lad ngl

for lad lel